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    • First, I want to say Woody your books are fantastic but, I am not going to make any friends here today. I got caught up in all this obsession with updates destroying the world etc about 3 years ago here on the site for about a year. It took alot of time to keep up with it all and then I decided it wasn’t worth it and thought you know I have had Computer’s for 15 years and not once can I recall a problem with an update and all the other obsessions on this site at least that I am aware of. In other words no problems except maybe one that I made. So, here is my statement . You’re all like a bunch of old ladies sitting around a table drinking tea playing Bridge and ****ing all day.



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      Noel. Sometimes I’m a little slow grasping things that all u guru’s understand. U use the word ” update ” ? By ” update ” are u saying the ” update ” is that u installed or downloaded the Creators version ? Also, u are speaking about a lot of bloatware etc and u have listed Processes that u are ” running ” almost all scvhost.exe and u have ur screenshot there. Alot to look at there. My question is is this the list of the processes u have gotten rid of? Confused as it says ” what u are running” ? So, what is the list of what u have gotten rid of??? A little unclear here Noel. Just an average guy lol.Thanks drdoo2 / Pat

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      To PKCano. Thought u may be interested? I’m sure u will know the answer but, I also hope this hasn’t created another problem for me? I don’t think so. As u might remember on 3/16/17 I used Canadian Techs solution to get my sisters win 7 Check For Updates working again and we got about 20 updates that day 3/16. I had the wrong idea in my head I was suppose to get some 180 plus updates and wrote in to the forum and got a few replies and Woody said to just keep running the Update Checker until no more updates came in and I was done. That was early on the day of 3/17. I went back over to sis’s house and ran it like Woody said and only got one more update. So, I left her house late afternoon on 3/17. After getting ur message here to write down what KB’s we got I called my sis on 3/19 and asked her to write down the KB numbers of the 21 updates we got on 3/16, as she was coming over here that day. So, she looked at her installed updates and says ” Well, there is a whole lot more than 21 updates here”. I said ” what” ? What do u mean. She said again there is a ” whole bunch of them” Anyhow, 55 more Updates came in after 3/17 when I left her. Sis said she never saw her PC configuring anything and it never asked for a restart. All 55 were dated as installed on 3/16/17 except a .net framework KB3210136 4.6.1 came in on 3/18 but it had already installed on 3/16 and KB3172605 came in on 3/18 which of course u know was installed to get things working again which was strange. Here is an amateur guess as to why the 55 came in after the initial 20 updates on 3/16 and were all dated as installed on 3/16 and not later when they came in on say 3/17,18 or 19. I am guessing these 55 updates were part of the cumulative updates that installed on 3/16 and that is why they are dated as such. Somehow, they snuck themselves in, between 3/17 and and 3/19 showed as installed updates. I’m guessing they didn’t need a restart because they were under the cumulatives that came in on 3/16??? I randomly picked out two of the updates and looked them up on their Microsoft page and one was from Dec 2016 and I don’t remember the month of the other but, I think it was before Sept of 2016??? Most were under Security and Windows Updates. There may have been some for Office 2010 that she has. I didnt spend much time trying to figure this out. I don’t need another headache lol. They are there now, the PC is working fine so, that’s that. I’m sure u have an answer for all this if u understand what I wrote lol. Thanks Pat.

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      Gone To Plaid. Thanks. With the help of everyone I have started to understand that. I kept looking for updates from each sepparate month from Sept 2016 till this Marches updates. Pat

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      PH. That is what I thought she meant but, was a little unclear on that. Just for my own mind and curiousity. Can u clear me up on what I thought I was reading about this Update problem when it first came out and comments and solutions started coming out that I thought people wrote into woodys and were saying they got or were maybe expecting to get or maybe some of the knowledgeable people were saying they should be getting some 180 plus updates coming in from say Sept of last year till whatever month they used the solutions and got the Check updates to start working again. Did I read or misunderstand this??? I promise this will be my last question. Thanks all for the help. I am clear on everything except this last question. Thanks everyone. Glad it is over and sis will be too. lol

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      Ok PK Thanks.To everyone I guess what was confusing me is that I was looking for the 180 or so updates to show up after I got the Update Checker to finally work. I believe I read that before the forum started or misread it lol??
      Woody? Now this is my sisters win 7 PC not mine. I have 1607 Anniversary and I am in group A. My sister doesn’t care one bit about maintenance or anything like so many people lol. I only go to her house to do her maintenance every so often. She is not even going to make the effort to turn Automatic Update on or off according to ur Defcon etc. So, seeing she is not following ur site I assume I should have her just leave Automatic updates on and let her get what she gets??? I at one time for about a year when i had 8.1 follow ur Defcon advice but, just took too much time so, I just get what I get also. To be honest. I have had Vista, win 8.1 and now 1607 and I don’t ever recall having an Update mess up my PC although it is possible I suppose I didn’t know something was messed up but, I don’t really how u wouldn’t notice that? I still follow ur site everyday and have many of ur books. Ur fantastic and all the other top Gurus here like PC, Ch and Kirsty, Canadian Tech etc. Thanks to all. Have learned a trememdous amount of knowledge from all. Pat

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      CH. Thank u. I have followed Woodys post # 102232 dated March 18 I believe u are refering to. She had KB3020369 already installed early in 2016. I am confused by some of the posts by Woody about KB3177467. I have read by him that if u have KB3020369 then u don’t need to install KB3177467. But, in his post up above he shows the link for KB7467 like I should install that also??? Also, I did install the KB3172605 and I also did clear the Update History Cache like u said by stopping Windows update and bits and after re started them and then Checked for updates and the Update checker then worked and got about 20 of the March 2017 updates installed successfully. I ran again like woody said and got one more from Dec 2016 and ran again and got nothing new. She has no hidden updates. She is group A as she has no interest in taking care of updates so I set her to Automatic as she has always been. Also, per woody the ” Step 2. Make sure “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates” in Windows Update is checked.” That has always been checked. Kirsty suggested that by shutting off the Bits that windows update will fail and woody said ” That is correct” but, I guess it didn’t fail as March updates installed. I apologize to Woody, Kirsty or anyone if I am misinterpreting instructions. I followed Canadian Techs method to the letter in his first solution. I didn’t do his second solution he has posted. In a way I did though by deleting the Update history although I didn’t use all the commands he listed for system 32. Just the two for stopping windows update and Bits as I said earlier. They were both turned back on after going thru that process. What I am confused about CH is that I only recieved the March 2017 updates. About 20 of them. From what I have been reading for some 6 months was that some said they got some 180 to 220 updates after doing some of these different procedures from Woody and Canadian Tech???? Or did I read wrong??? So, I guess what u are saying CH and PK Cano are saying that by getting the March 2017 updates it has updated everything from Sept of 2016 to the present March updates and I am done. What am I still confused about here or have wrong??? Thanks for everyones help and sorry I am having trouble with this. Thank u Pat

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      PK. It might be a couple of days till I get them at my sister’s house as she doesn’t know how to take a screenshot and send them to me. Get back to u soon. Thanks. Pat

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      Woody. Thanks for ur reply. I did this over the phone with sis. Yesterday, while at her PC KB3020369 had already been installed last year. She doesn’t have KB3177467. I installed the update KB3172605. The way I have read several instructions it says u need to have KB3020369 installed or KB3177467. The ” or ” to me meant that if KB0369 is installed u don’t need to install KB7467 then. But, I looked at the Microsoft link for KB3177467 and it says that this KB replaces KB3020369???? That to me sounds like it should be installed not the ” and or ” KB3020369 if it is already installed??? Is this driving anyone else crazy. I just followed ur Method u gave to me Woody and we got on more update for Dec 2016 for several .net frameworks and that was it. Installed it and ran Check for updates again and got nothing??? Kirsty gave me a list of all the updates I am missing from Sept 2016 till March 2017. Should I download them manually??? Then PKCano wrote me and it sounds to me like the March updates we got include all the updates from Oct 2016 as he says it is cumulative. I feel like a confused d*mba*s over this. There are so many people with different versions of how this should be done??? I’m lost. Not a quitter but, am ready to do that. Thanks Pat

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      PK. ” Be aware: after October 2016, the Security Monthly Quality ROLLUP for Win7 is cumulative. That means the one for March contains all the ones from Nov, Dec, Jan, so you won’t see but the latest one”. Are u saying that now that I have the March updates instaled that I already have Nov, Dec and Jan included in those updates I got for March??? There is just so much info on this subject it gets a bit confusing for us Average Users. Sorry. Pat If that is true then my sister is only missing her Sept. updates and with what Kirsty showed me where to find the list of all the updates from July to March I didn’t see any updates listed for Feb 2017?

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      Thanks Woody and Kristy. Just a question I was wondering. If and when I start getting the updates sis is missing from Sept of 2016 to March 2017 will they come in as the dates when they went out as updates. In other words for example will an update say from Sept of 2016 be listed as the date it was issued in Sept of 2016 or will it list as the date it was installed in. In other words probably this March. Hope I’m clear on my question. thanks Pat

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      Still not sure how to use this forum lol. I wrote about a week ago. Used Canadian Techs Solution number one trying to fix my sisters Win 7 Home Sp1, 64 bit desktop with the no updates and check updates not working. Like I said before she had not got an update since 9/12/16 to March 12th 2017 from the normal way we all get updates from Microsoft nor did her Check For Updates work to find updates. She is a group A member. The instructions are simple actually and I followed them correctly I believe but, all said and done I got updates and the Check for Updates works now but I only got this Marches appx. 20 updates installed. Not anything from 9/12 /16 to this March? Why??? Don’t know. I haven’t done his Solution 2 but, I did use part of his 8 commands for System 32 that I believe says they are for deleting the Update History which I did later with just two commands I got from Youtube. Stopping Windows Update and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Ran the update checker again and all i got was that a failed .net framework that had failed the day before installed? I can go on and on trying to explain this. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks all. Pat

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      Thanks Brian. Yea, I guess I didn’t make myself clear enough in the explanation of sis’s problem. I got it now. Just didn’t know if there was any info more current than Canadian Tech’s solution. I am all set now. Yea, all those guys are a pleasure to read from. I’m glad we have them and appreciate their involvement to help us ” Dummies for Windows ” lol.

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      Thank u PK. I enjoy ur postings on the forum. Learned alot from several of u gurus. Pat

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      I don’t think I got the point of my problem on sisters win7. She is one of the people when u click on Check for Updates it just runs forever and doesn’t find u any updates. Also, she hasn’t received any updates in the normal fashion we all get from Microsoft. What I am kind of asking is this site that Canadian Tech posted his solution still the one to use for this problem or has something new come out or added to Canadian Techs articles. He has two of them. One that explains how to fix the problem and another of how to fix if the first solution doesn’t work at these posts.



      Thanks for everyones help.

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