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      My mistake not getting back to this…the issue resolved itself. No other issues noted.


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      Updated to Firefox ESR 102.7 yesterday…login field for reddit no longer there. Any one else seeing issues like this ?


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      Sigh….yes I did..

      Thanks  for pointing this out for me..

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      Lots of great information here. I also have the HP5550 all in one..but I do not print more than 5 pages in 3 months!

      Who ever thought computers would alleviate the paper pile!!!

      Thanks everyone.

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      This is not available from this link.

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      Bleepingcomputer.com is another resource for trouble shooting.

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      Oh to be 20’s again!! Thanks for sharing! These groups were so tight!!
      This old percussionist thanks you

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      Expiration dates take into consideration the manufacture dates, the delay built in to shipping(esp. if by USPS) the temperature extremes they are exposed to and storage conditions at final destination. Medical Lab test reagents are sensitive to these environmental conditions. FDA is a gov’t agency with little consideration for conditions after they gave their ‘approval’  The manufacturers  do usually  err on the side of caution but I wouldn’t use them past the suggested date. I have seen entire lots of  commercial Lab tests thrown out-thousands of individual tests in some cases (esp HIV tests)

      Perhaps when ordering these kits think of them as dairy products..<grin>

      Sorry for the mess you may be facing and I hope it all turns out well.

      (I do not think the “..end of our democracy and further decline..”as expounded by tv pundits is at hand due to expiration dates on covid tests.)

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      just…over the top

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      Sorry I misunderstood your question. My experience was an update to IOS 15.5 from 15.4. I made backup of 15.4 using Itunes on my laptop prior to update. After a couple of days  it appeared that battery usage had degraded with no change in daily use. I assumed I could use my backup to restore to 15.4.  Did not work. After 3 attempts I tried to restore from Icloud but same result I called apple and after a long discussion, and several more  attempts(He connected to my phone and we went thru it together) was told “Oh!you cannot restore to IOS 15.4 after updating to IOS 15.5)

      The update did change many settings ( not all) but enough so I had to check and change…also found many pics deleted, notes, reminders gone…appointments in calendar also gone.

      Backup and Restore do not have the same connotation as in MS world. Go figure! 🙂

      I hope you are able to accomplish what you intend to do.

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      Not sure if this applies but Apple support told me I cannot restore an older IOS backup to replace newer version. They were right.

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      What is this?

      Looked at website but did not see the above…

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      Edit: found the way to use this site. Sorry

      My experience (FF 91.90 esr)


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      Thank you for the advice re: Battery life. This topic will likely become even more pertinent when EV’s become more mainstream!


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      losing  <G>

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