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      Stop indexing?

      Not a sarcastic remark. Seriously, stop indexing. I have, on win 10 and was pleasantly surprised at the increase in response time.

    • in reply to: What has happened to Ask Woody? #2432266

      I understand what you are saying.

      What exactly is Ask Woody if not THE go to place to get answers?

      It is actually in the name. Similarly, Google for the masses is the go to search engine for anything and everything.

    • in reply to: What has happened to Ask Woody? #2431932

      If a thorough search of the web is done, then the answer will be found. Then why continue to seek the answer at AskWoody? When I first found AW, I received many answers to my burning question of the moment….no need to search further. Sometimes the answers were straightforward sometimes not. Many times links to the answer were shared and added to the accumulated knowledge. Sometimes answers were short tempered and snarky…ie ” Did you search first??!!”

      Seems to be saying don’t ask here if you haven’t exhausted the internet search engines.


    • in reply to: The EVILS of Windows Patching #2428503

      So what software are YOU using to voice your disdain of MS? Windows perhaps? Written by who…oh MS

      Thou dost protest too much

    • in reply to: IOS 15.3.1 airplane mode issue #2427644

      Prior to update I used AP mode to turn off WiFi

      edit: I used ‘settings’ to toggle on / off

    • in reply to: be prepared for random changes #2426443

      yes siree Bob!!

    • in reply to: Set Up a Home Network for File Sharing #2426255

      USB via sneakernet is much more user friendly but Thanks for the info!

    • in reply to: NotesMan — It’s the simple things #2422775

      But what if I do not want my notes in the cloud? As with cloud backups, what do you do if you lose Inet connectivity? I suppose I am stuck in the time when PC’s were functional stand alone devices

      Notesman works for me


    • So after we have generated unbreakable 10 place alphanumeric-special character  passwords for 20 or thirty logins, now we are encouraged to provide a second layer of security….

      Question: do we really need that 10 place “unbreakable” letter-word-spec character initial password? couldn’t it now be shorter and perhaps a bit less convoluted considering even if someone was able to hack it, they are unlikely to have the second layer as well?

      Just abstract thoughts after a long time home bound with nothing else to do….;-)

    • in reply to: Info-Base – Map your brain #2422563

      Sadly, the copy n paste method didn’t bring the nifty illustrations along…


    • in reply to: Info-Base – Map your brain #2420914

      Thank you for the work you put into showing us how to use your great freeware finds!
      Is there any way to extract these sometimes lengthy walk thru’s from the newsletters?

    • in reply to: What password does Microsoft want? #2401421

      Do you have a live.com email account? Perhaps the password for that…?

    • Considering we don’t trust MS to patch out of the gate, why would we ever trust MS with our security?

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    • in reply to: iOS/iPadOS and WatchOS Updates #2397355

      I have seen many complaints about IOS 15, primarily on Reddit, so have not upgraded yet. Any idea when apple will work out the bugs in this build? I have a Iphone 11 on last iteration of IOS 14…

    • in reply to: iOS/iPadOS and WatchOS Updates #2392573

      So glad I haven’t upgraded to IOS15!!! More info on subreddit r/ios15.

      Horror stories abound!

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