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    • I use TB for my Fastmail.com account however I have found that some housekeeping tasks must be done on the website

    • Many thanks to  WCHS and PKCano

      I am now running ver 21H1 build 19043.1165 on 2 Laptops.

      It seems to have taken a long time to install the CU after a short install time for the SSU. Had me worried after ~15min of no mvmnt but then Bam! And it was done!



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    • Jun and Aug patch are not compatible and July is marked as Defer . I am very confused about what was actually installed today. win 10 pro ver 21H1 build 19043.928 is what winver gives me.

      I downloaded the ISO yesterday (as instructed)


      How do I get a newer build installed?

      Sorry for the confusion. Very sorry


    • I would like to know what the bld number would be if patched up thru aug  and why the patch for Aug (as found in master patch list) will not install on my current bld.


    • I installed 21H1 today using the ISO while disconnected from inet. Installed version win 10 pro ver 21H1 build 19043.928 Upon reconnect I get notification that I need updates- kb5005565 CU as well as malicious removal tool and KB4023057 (which I will not install). Update history only shows 7 updates installed as of June of this year for 20H2 and under uninstall shows 4 all installed in April. I have been installing every month and was up to date as far as Aug w/ 20H2

      From the master patch list I tried to install August patch KB5005033 for 64bit 21h1- using stand alone installer. Get message it is not the correct patch for me?  (2times)

      I’m guessing the KB5005565 CU is for September which is why I tried to install the kb5005033 CU. Based on the history of installed patches it seems I am not up to date thru Aug.

      Any help here please? What build should I be showing?

      Thank you


    • Hello,

      Simply mount the image from within windows explorer- it will appear as the next drive letter available. Then just peruse the image as a disk and choose and copy what you want to a different drive. I was quite surprised at how easy it was….it’s best if you know where the files you want are located! A multi gig or Tera drive image can be tedious search!



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      Your first fix worked like a charm! I thought I had UN hidden files awhile ago but not from within explorer…that’s what I get for thinkin’ !

      Thank you very much!


    • in reply to: Apple plans to break its end-to-end encryption #2387485

      OscarCP said”To be free of those other intrusive searches of ones’ emails you have mentioned, the remedy is to stay away from the Cloud as much as possible,”

      My thoughts exactly. I mistakenly thought IPhones were included.


    • in reply to: How to copy Profile to Rollback FF #2387481

      When I installed FF 88, I had it use a custom destination directory. Not sure if this relevant.

      But, no app data dir is visible in win explorer…so I cannot drill down to the profile dir. The only way I could get the screen shot showing the path was from within FF.  And I notice profiles from both installed FF versions(88 and 90.02) are located in that location. Strangely enough, on a different laptop with same win bld and  one version FF (90.02) I can drill down with no issues.

      Any further thoughts?

      Also, considering I have no issues with the other system as far as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are concerned, I’m thinking there may be something other than Firefox interfering with the video players. I have no other issues w/ any video playback.

      Thank you very much for your time and valuable info provided!


      edit: Have applied PKano fix so will get to your methodology re: profile insert. Will let you know how it goes, likely tomorrow.

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      So not using icloud would get around this?  It seems a bit nonsensical to even waste time developing this database and including it in future IOS releases. Maybe this is a case of “it’s the thought that counts.”  There must be a better way.

    • Sorry I neglected to mention IPhone. Thanks for the information!

    • 🙁  the hardware IS yours but the software is NOT.

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    • FWIW, I manually install all updates as suggested on the master patch list. Do not trust wu to offer all I need or offer MORE than I need!

    • So you are saying when scanning system for virus the software ‘reports’ what is scanned to someone?

    • I have not enables icloud as yet but was  considering using it for the keychain(wallet for passwords?) Will enabling the cloud for this also mean my photos or other files would also be sent to the cloud?

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