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      If you are concerned about ransomware leaving time bombs then you need a more robust backup system.
      My preference is for a NAS with snapshots, such as FreeNAS. If you make snapshots once per day and keep them for 6 months you will be able to roll back to a version of the files before they were encrypted, even if the encryption happened weeks ago. This gives you backup without having to take the system offline.

      cheers, Paul

      AFTER READING JUST A LITTLE ABOUT FREENAS, iT APPEARS TO BE overkill for the home user w/ 1 – 3 systems running windows.

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      Without a single doubt, based on 3567 Windows 7 computer months of usage, the paranoia over “updating” is vastly overstated. That’s how many months of usage have occurred on my clients’ Windows 7 computers without one Microsoft update. NOT ONE INSTANCE OF ANY ISSUE OF ANY KIND. NOT ONE!!!!. In fact those computers run better than they ever did before. My support workload is off by 90% because they just work day in day out without a problem.

      Has ANYONE heard of an attack by spectre or meltdown? I suspect the hysteria this created has bricked many a machine either by OEM code, MS patch, or hardware patches(INTEL, AMD) I disabled the code using Steve Gibsons utility and find much faster response!

      Fake news!!

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      Wow…if my pc took that long, I would start a fire behind the glacier that’s keeping me from getting to the bottom of the issue!
      My sister has a Dell celeron system from walmart with win 10 home…it is S__L_O-W start up also about 10 minutes before it settles down I poked around the services running, disabled microsoft store processes and gained her a few minutes but not nearly enough. She uses defender
      I use Bitdefender with no real lag issues, but my hardware is a year newer than yours. Good luck! I’m going to suggest my sister get a Chrome book she doesnt do anything that requires more than that and there is no private info on the drive.

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      Sorry ..I forgot to log in before sending the post AND I forgot to attach the .png file.

      why would I have such a discrepancy compared to original post?

      win10 pro ver 1809  build 17763.678

      curiosity is  bane of my existence!


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    • M$ft and win10 have taken the joy out of computing. I too am more of an enthusiast(back to comm 64 and Tandy 100 ) I need to point out that you mention m4ft taking from “rightful owners”….we have NEVER been OWNERS- license holders ONLY. That little bit of info in the legalese burned me for the last 30 odd yrs. Pirating software looked oh so inviting….

      Now m$ft is making it impossible. Linux here we come!!! or (shudder) Apple


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      what about the “cheap” Windows 10 product keys sold on the Mysoftwarekeys web site?
      are these legit? sometimes Majorgeeks links to it

      I purchased “key” for upate from home to pro…got a key for complete Pro version.

      pcdstination.com     $58.

      Reads permanent retail on 2 laptops.

      For what its worth….



      [Edit: Link removed. Please follow the site rules: Software of dubious origin or from inappropriate distributors, key-gens, or similar, are unacceptable]


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      what about the “cheap” Windows 10 product keys sold on the Mysoftwarekeys web site?
      are these legit? sometimes Majorgeeks links to it

      I purchased “key” for upate from home to pro…got a key for complete Pro version.

      pcdstination.com     $58.

      Reads permanent retail on 2 laptops.

      For what its worth….


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      Eventually everyone will be onboard just turning off hyperthreading. Only a few have been honest enough to know this is the only real solution. Of course in some Uefi you can’t turn it off. I find in some newer HP laptops there is no option to adjust any CPU features. Personally I want to see real world attacks before getting to concerned. Most of these exploits are too complicated for hackers to consider at least for personal  pc or work stations.

      agree. I have seen steve gibson utility that removes the disables those patches. He contends the danger is minimal…..has ANYONE seen or heard of an attack?

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    • Considering the massive headache win10 has become, I would consider searching for reliable (?) tech support business in your Mom’s area. Also, if you do not know who has access, I would advise nothing personal on the PC…period. This sounds to me like a hack/id theft just waiting to happen. I used to help family long distance back in the mid to late 90’s but that was with someone on the phone(Dad, Sister etc) who had the same OS I did and we could work in tandem. THIS site is a godsend for those who have a modicum of experience with pc’s thank you woody! BUT I would not trust M$ft update to be on auto pilot EVER. I’m assuming your Mother wouldn’t be too savvy…if I am assuming too much, apologies.

      BEST of LUCK if you go thru with this.

      PS. Of you do use a remote program to access her PC, what happens when you make a change and have to reboot? Can she follow thru with any exchanges that require input? Just random thoughts on issues I used to have with long distance tech support….

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      Now that Microsoft has decided to make the Start menu a separate process, give users a choice of what that process is. I would like to see a full implementation of the Windows 7 Start menu as an option. Many Windows 10 holdouts have very extensive and deeply hierarchical Start menus in Windows 7 for good reason. Yes, Windows 10 has Search, but searching capability does no good if you can’t remember the name of that seldom-used program that you suddenly need. With a comprehensive Windows 7 Start menu, it’s easy to browse and quickly find the desired program. I want to be able to accurately import my complete Windows 7 Start menu into Windows 10. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to recreate my entire Windows 7 Start menu in Windows 10 from scratch. Instead of making the Windows 10 Start menu better, Microsoft’s recent accidental release of a new and different Start menu shows that they’ve found a way to make the Windows 10 Start menu even worse. (I admit that I would like a desktop with no icons, since if I used icons for my shortcuts, I would need a screen a half kilometer wide).

      try http://www.classicshell.net

      win7 start menu!

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      Have you put a query to Bitdefender?

      As noted  in the above post, I sent two queries to Bitdefender.  The term they used in the first reply actually was “visual glitch”  instead of “cosmetic”.  Hopefully the second report I sent will get soeone to look into it more deeply.

      Thanks for this update. I have been using BD 2019 for a year almost – the tech support is incompetent BUT very polite in their email replies. I have been having an issue w/ autofill .using wallet pw app. They cannot fix it but continue to thank me for being patient. My subscription is up in a couple of weeks. I was actually going to get BD antivirus, not total security 2019 ( btw ts only means u can use it on 5 machines and includes android and mac versions, not that the ‘total’ security is any better) As it appears m$ft won’t play nice, I’ll just keep looking.



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      Ransomware that includes rootkits, or any malware that corrupts firmware, is growing for sure.

      In the few cases I have worked where the BIOS appeared to be corrupted by malware, an offline flash of either a BIOS upgrade, or reflashing the same version of the BIOS via a clean USB BIOS image overwrote the problem in the firmware. (Most newer mainboards support flashing from a USB drive.)

      On top of that I recommend clearing all partitions from the hard drive (some malware creates a hidden partition – but tools like GParted can see and erase them) then repartitioning, reformatting, and either complete a clean install or restore a safe known clean image from Macrium or your favorite imaging utility.

      Be aware that some server and high end workstation hardware also has other firmware systems like remote management (Dell and HP), or Intel management that may also need to be flashed in the event of a rootkit like infection.

      So far (knock on wood) I have never seen an infection that could not be cleared from firmware with studious application of safe restoration methods.

      I am a simple no LAN, home bound user so there would be no network implications. I have multiple images on 2 external SSD’s. I used to do daily backups on magnetic tape daily when I worked for a living so redundancy is a habit. I am just not too informed re: ransomware. I use Bitdefender  2019 as AV. I do NOT backup or image anything on the pc I am using…ever. Nor do I leave the external SSD’s connected.

      Note: This thread is purely hypothetical (at this point!)

      Are you suggesting that in the case of an attack it would behoove me to  airgap the pc, flash the BIOS (handy USB BIOS flash), then repartition and format the ssdrive, all prior to restoring my latest image via WinPE platform? I would have thought restoring the macrium image would have taken care of the partitioning/format at least…I understand the BIOS would not be part of the restore procedure. I get the procedures you are describing and they are indeed a complete wash,rinse repeat!

      Would a supervisor password on the UEFI/BIOS protect from attacks?

      Thanks for the replies!



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      m$ft is certainly making a case for linux….

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      I make all my backup images on external devices(ssd) that are only connected when I am using backup or restore. Seems backing up to the same device you are ‘backing up’ (imaging) would sort of defeat the purpose! I am mostly interested in general answers, especially with regard to BIOS or other locations that may be hidden by the malware. Thanks to all for your replies!


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      This looks like win10 Home     whats your winver show?

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