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    • Win10 pro -checked for updates 30apr but nothing installed, no other signs of forced…..

      feature update 2/20

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      On the ISOs I have, if you right-click, choose Properties, and on the “Details” tab is shows the Win10 version. That should work if your copies are legitimate.


      from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

      Sorry about the long delay in response. Chemo scrambles one’s brain sometimes.

      Is there way to determine from setup.exe properties when mounting the ISO? Is setup w/ this info in root directory or another location?

      Thank you.



    • way back when HDD were spinning at 56oorpm or even 7200 rpm, the manufacturers would guarantee a million hrs use( almost) Curiously, the first warranties were for more years than HDD’s had been an idea let alone in existence. Made me smile when I would hear someone tout their new fangled 100mb monster drives w/ stacker that would never fill up nor wear out!

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      The following website may be helpful: https://www.maketecheasier.com/bypass-google-recaptcha-images/ I have not tried all the recommendations, #3. Use ReCAPTCHA Bypass Bots, looks interesting, if you use Firefox, or possibly FF derivatives like Waterfox (?) – maybe this ‘Add-on’ might be useful, but I have not tried it: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/buster-captcha-solver/

      Buster captcha does not work with NordVPN!


    • Noticed my PC checked for updates on 10 apr- didnt do anything…yay!!!

      Here we are chewing our nails and checking what microsoft has screwed up on our systems now and some think it’s a good idea to let M$oft in charge of antivitus/malware / security? Not me!!!

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      Is this asking to use the USB as Virtual Memory?

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      I also have tremor issues….you might try adjusting the mouse POINTER speed. Look in control panel for mouse settings.

      If your tech shop(?) doesn’t know how to set up a LAN without directions, perhaps a new tech guy would be wise. …


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      Around the middle of Feb I was looking to upgrade from win10 home to win10 pro,

      went to PCDestination.com and purchased a key for $55.00 Turned out to be for the full install version and worked just fine. Microsft help desk was very helpful(?) . Found out thru them the key was one that had been sold as a batch key but the company that bought the license didnt use up their quota so this company bought them and sells them cheep. Perfectly legal.


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      Nordvpn DNS servers do not leak whereas Nordvpn when servers set to Cloudfare DO INDEED leak.

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      Well, on one it does not(1803), but on the other it does(1809)! I did look at the details section on the one that does not so, I assumed the other was the same! Guess I shouldn’t assume.
      BTW, adding “IF YOUR COPIES ARE LEGITIMATE” is rather insulting. They both came from M$ website.

    • This is a great resource —any chance of an update? Firefox ver 65.02  currently.

      Thank you

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      Seems like Pro install would have reset them…..?

      Only if you do a clean install. And I wouldn’t use the same Micrisoft ID.

      Thanks. I did not do a clean install so… Also, I do not believe I have a Microsoft ID…don’t really want one! 🙂

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      Start > Settings > Date & time

      Do you have

      Set time automatically “On”

      Set time zone automatically “On”

      Adjust for daylight savings time automatically “On”

      And is the time zone correct?

      If so, what is your time zone?

      Hi Woody! I have been chastised for not replying to your ?’s so I think I’ll clear it up now. I DID respond but was anonymous because I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in. Apologies. YES to 1st3 of your ?’s and my time zone is US eastern. I went to control panel ( instead of pc sttings) and changed the server to USNO. All is well. This is the first time I’ve ever had to tell the OS to change time. I appreciate all the answers from the folks and apologize again for the anonoymous posting…sometimes life gets in the way of things and it’s taken me a bit of time to get back to you and to notice the irritation I caused SOMEONE. Once again Thank you!!

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      I also get these “organization” messages … and I have used several 3rd party utilities. Thanks for clearing that up!
      DefenderControl,EdgeBlock,SysinternalsSuite,privacy Dashboard,DiskMon,tweakpowerport

      Perhaps a couple more…some of these are redundant but as I downloaded them while using 1803 home and am now using 1809 Pro, some(all?) of the settings are in gpedit.

      I haven’t paid any mind to which settings are organization since recent upgrade to Pro…my mistake.
      Seems like Pro install would have reset them…..?

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      I have a problem with the setting Set time zone automatically "On" This may work well for Windows 10 used as a phone, but not so well for desktop installations. The other settings can be set on “auto”, although I could argue that the time synchronisation can be optimised further, but the default installation should be “good enough” in most situations.

      win10 used as a phone? Huh? I use a laptop, which is bad enuff w/ win10 but never a phone. Android is a massive headache and apple is just stupidly expensive. I use my cell maybe 10 min a month MAX.

      Think I’ll go back to paper snail mail, watch w/ no battery and paper checks!!! Well, mebbe not but sometime I yearn for the good ole days!!

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