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      Drats, I spoke too soon.  After many, many cold boots, the laptop suddenly had 2 BSODs in a row.

      I do like the idea of reseating all cards and cables since I never get a BSOD once the system is running.

      Any other ideas?

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      Thank you all for your help.  To answer all questions:

      (1) I am using Malwarebytes free

      (2) Advanced System Settings is set correctly to create minidump files although they never do get created.  Also looked in c:\windows and there is no dump file.

      (3) I found the problem!!!  In the August Microsoft updates, there was an update for “Hp Inc”. that was installed.  This update installed without my knowledge the HP JumpStart program which included an exe “BridgeCommunication.exe” in 2 different folders.  I noticed this new exe listed twice in Task Manager after the August updates; have never seen it before.  After much cursing because of file permissions, I was able to move the 2 exes so that they will never again be executed.  Voila!!!  I have now booted more than 35 times with no BSOD.  I really hate this practice of installing new stuff on MY machine without my knowledge.  Finding and fixing this problem took about 5 hours.

      (4) I removed HP Support Assistant from the laptop.  I do not trust HP to properly place new software on my machine.  Not sure if this was the best idea, but that is what I will do for now.  Can always reinstall and have the Support Assistant tell me if there are new updates and then at that time decide whether to install them.  I realize that user Imacri recommended that I use HP Support Assistant so that proper drivers are installed.  In the future I will be careful of using this tool.  Don’t want this type of problem to happen again.

      (5) In the future I will use WuMgr for Microsoft updates so that I can screen the updates and decide which ones to install.

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      I get a very intermittent BSOD which only happens at startup within the 30 seconds on starting the laptop. When I restart the laptop after the BSOD, everything is fine. The BSOD problem started after I installed the August Windows 10 updates. So I installed the Sept Windows updates to see if that fixes the problem – it did not!!

      Unfortunately Windows never creates a BSOD dump file – event viewer displays an error that dump file could not be created – so I have been unable to determine the source of the BSOD.  Note that I checked Advanced System Settings to ensure that MiniDumps should be created.  The settings are correct but dumps are not created.

      Any suggestions?


      See this URL for the Speccy system details:

      My system:
      Windows 10 Home version 22H2; Sept updates have been installed
      HP BIOS is up to date
      Laptop HP 17-BY1053DX [purchased Nov 2019], 256GB SSD, Intel Core i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz, 8GB Micron 3200MHz memory

      What I have done to try to discover the problem:
      Use Windows Device Manager to ensure all drivers up to date
      Ran all HP diagnostics several times over several days – all passed
      Ran memory test using Memtest86
      Scanned entire machine several times over several days – nothing found: Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Windows Defender
      Ran “DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth”
      Ran “sfc /scannow”
      Ran “chkdsk /f” on the SSD – nothing found
      Ran CrystalDiskInfo which reported no problems; SMART info was ok

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    • Has BT ever worked on that computer?
      Is there a “wireless” switch on the machine that is turned off?

      cheers, Paul

      Unfortunately I have never tested the laptop BT until now.  I should have tested this when the laptop was under warranty but I didn’t.

      I checked all “wireless switches” – no problem there.

      I am beginning to think that this is a hardware problem.  What else could it be???

    • Try:

      Use the Windows 10 Troubleshooter

      If all else fails, you can also try the Windows Troubleshooter on Windows 10 and see if it can resolve your Bluetooth issues. It checks your Bluetooth radio and device settings step-by-step, and identifies any issues.

      If it detects an issue, it will inform you, and either ask you whether you’d like to fix it or direct you on how you can fix the problem yourself.

      To run Windows Troubleshooter, right-click the Start menu and select “Settings.”

      From there, go to Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Bluetooth, and then click “Run the Troubleshooter.” Windows will automatically begin working through your Bluetooth status and configuration. If it finds a problem, it’ll direct you to fix it.

      How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Issues on Windows [10]

      I ran the troubleshooter which indicated that it fixed something although there were no details.  However, still CANNOT pair with any device.

      I am really mystified as to what can be wrong.

      I have a wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard.  Could this be interfering with the bluetooth signal?

    • Turn off bluetooth and turn it back on again.

      Did it ever work?

      I wish it was that simple.  I did that several times; even rebooted.  No change.

      Could this be a hardware error with the Realtek Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter?

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      I encountered a similar issue a while back to find that the bluetooth speaker needed unpaired from the smartphone first, before the pairing with the PC. It should show up on the laptop bluetooth search once unpaired from the smartphone..

      I made sure that neither the speaker nor the phone were paired with anything.  Still not able to pair with the laptop.


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      Yes, both phone & speaker are in pairing mode.

      I did this ==> “You need to add a device / make visible on both the laptop and phone at the same time ”

      Could the Bluetooth device on the laptop be out of date?  I tried updating drivers but all were up to date.


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      Someone on another forum suggested I disable fast startup.  That might be the answer since the intermittent blue screen ONLY happens immediately on startup.  Perhaps in this case the problem is that some software is starting too soon and dependencies between software is causing the problem?  I’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.


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      Damn!!!! I had updated the HP BIOS but the very intermittent blue screen happened again. The screen says it is collecting information, but I don’t think it does. No minidump is created and the laptop immediately reboots within a few seconds.

      I looked at Windows event viewer and this is the only error that was listed at the time of the blue screen. Don’t know what this means but don’t think this is the problem.  Or is it?

      “SCEP Certificate enrollment initialization for WORKGROUP\BELLA$ via https://INTC-KeyId-17a00575d05e58e38…lates/Aik/scep failed:
      Method: GET(78ms)
      Stage: GetCACaps
      The server name or address could not be resolved 0x80072ee7 (WinHttp: 12007 ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)”

      Remember that I had run all hardware diagnostics more than once and never found a problem.

      Any suggestions of what to try next?

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      process finished after 50 minutes

      BIOS update should take no more than ~5-10 minutes.
      I have updated BIOS on various laptops/OS for years. Never took more than 5-10 minutes.
      What sort of BIOS is this.

      What type of BIOS?  All I know is that it is the HP laptop BIOS.  The old one was 3 years old.

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      I discovered that I had never updated the laptop BIOS in the 3 years I have had the machine.  I updated the BIOS yesterday and will see what happens over the next month.

      I must say that updating BIOS is a nerve racking adventure since I do not have a decent understanding of the process.  Much relief when the process finished after 50 minutes and I was able to boot with no problems.

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      EnergySaver:  Thank you for the info on minidumps. I discovered that my laptop was not configured to create a minidump so I used the article you listed to change the configuration. There is nothing out of the ordinary on my laptop. I only use Microsoft Defender and occasionally run Malwarebytes. I do not do game.


      cyberSAR:  I will open the laptop (if I can figure out how  🙂  ) and check the fan. Note that I use CoreTemp to check processor temps and they are fine.

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      Thank you for the info.  Based on info on this website, I did NOT install the Dec Windows 10 updates so this info does not apply to me.  But thanks anyway.


    • Oh well….  Guess what?  This was my fault.  I checked the registry and found that I had set the version number at 21H1.  I forgot that I had done this.    My apology for submitting this question when all along turned out to be my fault.

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