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      It depends on the nature of the trip–if purely vacation, phone plus good camera (phone doesn’t cut it in the backcountry, both for lack of mechanical zoom lens and battery needs over week plus). If some work is involved and no wilderness, drop the camera and add a surface laptop plus multi-way power socket (can defuse tense situation in airports with limited power capabilities)

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      Both, in their place. Laptops are good for commuting and travel whereas a tower is much better for price/performance and maintenance. So we usually end up with a few laptops around and more towers, which with occasional upgrades last much longer than the laptops.

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      Never on laptops or desktops, always on phone and Kindle. I also try to do as little as possible on the phone given the error rate one gets in touching things including the tiny keyboard. The goofs by Microsoft on this parallel their other interface goofs (the 2007 revision to Office comes instantly to mind). I attribute it to most of their ideas coming from bright young engineers with little to no experience in the usages their designs are suppose to improve. In the early days of assembly lines and other human-machine interfaces, the intelligent designers did time-motion studies to figure out what would work best and most efficiently. Windows 11 interface design is just the latest in the Microsoft approach to never having heard/considered that.

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      When I tried the fake email address a week or two ago, it stopped with an invalid email address message and didn’t give the next option. Maybe there was something unique about my fake email, but I couldn’t bypass it and so went on with the Microsoft account, which was also needed to activate Office 2021. After all of that, I added local administrative and regular user accounts, stripped the administrative rights from the Microsoft one, and logged out of it. Unless I have to activate something depending on it sometime in the future, it will just remain an inactive account. Not sure if that keeps any snooping away, but it seems like a reasonable path. I considered deleting the Microsoft account, but wasn’t sure that would affect the Office activation.

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      Thanks, that is what I was planning, though I’m a bit leery about deleting the MS account. I have no real objection to logging out of it and not logging into it again unless needed, assuming that doesn’t screw up the local account function. I’ll update with what I find out.

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      Others might have run into this too but in trying this approach on a new Windows 11 Home laptop, I could find no technique (unplugging as above, alt f4, etc.) that would bypass the Microsoft account. It would detect the dropped internet and stick waiting on it to come back. It appears that Microsoft has been actively closing these loopholes. I’m hoping I can disable the Microsoft account after establishing my other accounts on the laptop. I’ve upgraded it to 11 Pro, so maybe that will make it more flexible? Will have to see.

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      Installed December updates without problems on four Windows 10 21H2 computers, two of which had the duplicated hidparse.sys file in the Windows\System32 directory and two that didn’t. That file was last updated with the November updates and didn’t change for December. Afterwards was able to apply the 22H2 feature update to all computers without incident-much less involved than the monthly update as has been the case recently with feature releases.
      It’s not obvious from a hardware/software view what leads to the duplicated hidparse.sys file. Three of the four computers were Dell desktops and a laptop, and the fourth was a Surface laptop. The Surface laptop and one of the desktops were the ones without the duplication. I had previously reinstalled 21H2 (not replacing apps and data files) on the desktop last summer to resolve update problems stemming from some corrupted files-maybe that knocked out whatever was doing the duplication? I have two more Dell desktops to update and will see what holds for them, but clearly, the reported December update problems are not driven solely by the presence of that file in the System32 folder, and previous monthly updates appear to have been updating it.

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      Successful installation of KB5012170 on 4 Windows 10 21H2 machines, mostly Dell with legacy boots, but a Surface LT 2 with UEFI boot also had no problem. No Bitlocker activation on any of them; all booting from SSDs if that could make a difference. Caution might be indicated with some configurations, but many are not likely to notice anything given this mix.

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      Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind when I next run Support Assistant. It has its quirks, but it has been working OK throughout the lifetime of these machines, so it it stops, voila.

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      Neither of the process tools could give a clue what was initiating the permission task, so I finally tried letting it go ahead on the least essential of my machines. The notion that something was misconfigured seems to have been correct-some of the Dell support routines started eating the clock after the install finished, suggesting that one of them had initiated the installation. Based on much experience with various Dell support routines and the error entries in the event log, being misconfigured seems to be almost the norm, but since there are usually alternate ways of achieving an end, I usually just leave them to stumble around.

      Thanks for all the suggestions and insights!

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      Thanks! Will try these suggestions the next time it shows up.

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      Like many in this forum, I’m more than a bit cautious about allowing Microsoft to make changes to my system for no obvious reason, so I’ll agree the request likely isn’t malware, but I’m still lacking any incentive to allow it, especially when it doesn’t appear to be synchronized with an update that I’ve permitted. I’d like to know what it’s going to do for my system; I’m sure it probably does something for Microsoft, which is not necessarily something I want to facilitate.

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      No, I don’t. All these computes have McAfee LiveSafe running along with Malwarebytes, so I don’t believe most of the Windows Defender options like that are even available.

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      Yes, a note in the blog would be quite helpful. I do go and look at the patch list when I see something appear that is puzzling on my own machines, but an update notice might save a step or two. I’m one that has feet in both home and business machines, so the differences between them that you highlight are also quite helpful. Thanks!

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      Thanks for this version, which is much easier to use than the earlier ones you’ve mentioned. For vendor software, we can add IBM SPSS 26 for Windows to the list with vulnerabilities (three instances). There’s no obvious web exposure for this software on my machines, so I’ll wait for the next version unless a patch somehow appears before.

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