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      Have you happened to update an Nvidia graphics driver as of recently?  Version 466.77 is known to cause system crashes, and a friend of mine personally had the driver causing DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION errors as well.  I’d recommend rolling the driver back if you did update to it.

    • I am using the settings recommended by the AKB article on Windows 10 update settings, including the group policy settings PKCano has, I think I’m mirroring his own settings.  I don’t get automatic Defender updates likely due to the group policy settings, but I do get a popup alerting me that “Your PC needs some updates” and it’s usually a new definition update or engine update for Defender.

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      Running a practically brand new machine that I just got the parts for earlier this month, an x570 board with a Ryzen 5 on it, Win10 Pro 1903, also getting this message, granted I don’t want to do the leap to 2004 either, but I find it strange.

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      Can confirm that my Microsoft Security Essentials is also failing.  I was about to panic and do a full reinstall of the program, but something possessed me to look here.


      Definition version is 1.289.1521.0 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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      I’m the anon above, it’s a bit concerning seeing as you mentioned Netgear, seeing as my replacement for the dead Belkin is a Netgear, and I don’t think I’ll be able to make heads or tails of either TelNet or SSH, just from Googling what they are.  I’m the most tech savvy of my immediate family with a grandfather who is even moreso (primarily self taught), but I don’t think he’d understand those either.  I may be in a bit of a spot in this case.

    • Would it be a good idea to install KB4099467 as well to mitigate the possible BSOD on logging out issue?  I assume it’d be best to install it last if so?

    • What order should Windows 7 Group B install these updates?  That is if it’s safe to, seeing as the Master Patch List still advises holding off installing the security-only update.  I’m pretty certain the NIC script goes first, but I see fixes for BSODs and such.  Considering I already have the Total Meltdown fix installed, I don’t think I’ll have to reinstall it since Windows Update, from what I read on here, should be smart enough to not overwrite it.


      I also apologize if this is a double post, had a connection error trying to send this.

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      Yeah that could have been it, wasn’t certain as to why I suddenly got those updates but that could very well have been it.  One of the more recent games I’ve installed may have installed a .NET package that needed updates or something.

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      Lost track of my post, sorry about that.  I installed the fixes and everything seems to be smooth sailing.

    • Group B with the January and Feburary security-only patches and Total Meltdown fix installed, I think I’m going temporary Group W until -something- sensible happens with these fixes, just going to be more paranoid with my NoScript and uBlock and keep my AV updated.

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    • Is it recommended to uninstall the Meltdown fixes at this stage then?  This whole mess has me confused.  Group B so I only installed the AMD-centric Meltdown update.

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    • I’m hoping by 2020 things are a little smoother with Windows 10 since I think I’ll be railroaded into upgrading to it, considering as a gamer all of my things likely will not work on Linux.  I do have a friend or two on Windows 10 and they haven’t really complained so I’ll likely just have to pinch my nose and get help on here when that time comes, if it does.  Never know if Windows 7 suddenly gets the XP treatment or something with an extended extended support.

    • Bit the bullet and performed the update with KB4073578 as suggested by @mrbrian in #165156 ; it went quickly and with no noticable slowdown upon reboot and login.  Entire process took around or less than 5 minutes taking actual WUSA install time and the reboot installation with Windows Update itself registering a successful installation.  You have my gratitude for all the work you have done with this everyone.


      Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1

      AMD FX-8320 3.50 GHz

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (for complete specs sake)

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    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Lots of caveats, but it’s time to get patched #165211

      In a sane world, I would think Microsoft would push out an Intel-specific patch and an AMD-specific patch at this stage seeing the major issues that can arise from the AMD machines, or just release an AMD-specific patch with all the relative fixes.  Something like “Security Update for Windows 7 on AMD” maybe.  But I think that’s asking for much with MS’s recent track record.

    • Alright, thanks.  And yeah ever since the GWX debacle, when I first discovered the site, I’ve been doing security only.  Running Windows 7 as well, was in a rush so I left out some details earlier lol.  I saw MrBrian’s post about using KB4073578 as the latest security patch, but I’m still uncertain so I may hold off until more info pops up on here for us AMD users.

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