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    • I am in Group B with both a 32 bit Windows 7 desktop and a 64 bit Windows 8.1 laptop. Currently I haven’t patched anything since January. I skipped February and later since I absolutely rely on 2 factor authentication and read that February’s patches screwed that up and that March’s did not fix that. I know most people do use that so it might not be reported on much and maybe it got lost or forgotten about in the large amount of traffic here now. Does anyone know if it is safe for me to patch (security only) so that I will still be able to use my 2 factor authentication?

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      Susan, I am currently Windows 7/8.1 Group B. Both are patched through January with no problems so far. I held off February’s patches due to the reported issue with two factor authentication. I currently use a military common access card (CAC) from home. In the past I have had many problems getting the CAC card to work so I didn’t want to mess with this. I was reading in some posts that this was not fixed in the security only patches and that you have to get the rollups (which I wont do). Is this true? If so could you let us know if and when this is ever fixed in the security only patches. I am also holding off on March’s patches at your advice. Since I have not had much issue with January’s I will wait and see and leave them for now.

      Another question, I haven’t been able to find the answer to and maybe you might know:

      KB3127916 for Office 2013 – documentation shows nothing on what it is for. I found from a good source that it is for Contactpicker.dll but I have no idea what it is doing for it.

      KB3191872 for office 2013 – This update deletes or hides the From Microsoft Azure Marketplace option from the Power Pivot ribbon, because the Microsoft Azure Marketplace service is no longer exists.


      What seems strange to me is that it is something like 64 MB and contains changes to 14 .dll files. For something so simple is deleting or hiding Azure, it seems like it is an excessively large file with many changes. Is something else there? I wouldn’t be surprised if MS sneaked something else there now a days and only telling you about one thing in it seemingly benign.

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      Thank Kirsty! Seems benign. Apparently it is a .dll for your contacts in Office Outlook. http://www.processlibrary.com/en/directory/files/contactpicker/4675/ Hope there is no spyware from microsoft, but I don’t use outlook very much on this laptop so I guess I will install it. Wish MS would document something on this. Is it that they don’t want us to know or are they just being lazy?

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      Thanks Elly! Like you I am Windows 7 (Ultimate) Group B. I also have a laptop I just bought when my old one quit. I got an new old stock Windows 8.1 (Group B) Dell in order to avoid Windows 10 for a few more years. I bought 2 licenses for Office 2013 and installed one on the windows 7 desktop and the second on the windows 8.1 laptop. For some reason the windows 7 ended up click to run (at the time I didn’t know what that was) and the one on Windows 8.1 was MSI. I have no idea how that happened. Actually, I first installed it on the Window 7 laptop that quit, (which was click to run) but reinstalled on the windows 8.1 (MSI) when I got it. I never created a microsoft account when installing the click to run. I only got a microsoft account when I got the Dell 8.2 laptop because it forced me to create one when I started it up for the first time. I later figured out how to start it under local control without signing in to the MS account. I still have to figure out how to delete the MS account entirely.

      Anyways it looks like I might have to do a clean install to get rid of click to run? I wonder if you can install MSI but not put in a key code then delete the click to run as it allows you to try it for a period before putting in a code. I like the MSI because I like local control, and I don’t want the cloud or an account. I like my privacy.

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      Thanks Kirsty, that helps. I wonder if anyone knows what KB3127916 does? Maybe the Patch Lady?

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    • The good news is that older Windows versions such as 8.1 and earlier are not affected

      Quoted from the article. So I guess in this case Windows 10 is not necessarily the most secure window os ever.

      Edit to remove HTML from cut/paste

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    • in reply to: MS re-re-..release (again) of KB 2952664 and KB 2976978 #154531

      Thanks, I finally got around to doing this. I had to fumble with it a little, but I got it done. I have little experience with registry edit (but at least I knew that was what you were referring to). First I didn’t know what HKLM was but figured out that it was short for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE after looking at the available choices for a bit. It was straight forward through packages but there were two packages for KB2976978. I opened both and opened owners for both and only one had the value of 0x20080 so I figured it had to be that one. Then I did not know how to take control of the key and it did not allow me to assign full control to myself. I did finally find out how to take control with help from this site:


      I was then able to refresh the installed updates and “uninstall appeared” No problems uninstalling it now. Thank you!

      By the way I replied to an old post because I thought most likely you would get notification that it was responded to. My experience from other forums I use (mostly vehicle specific for vehicle maintenance) is that most people don’t like to repeat answers to issues if you can search for them first.

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    • in reply to: MS re-re-..release (again) of KB 2952664 and KB 2976978 #147445

      Anyone remember what version the KB2976978 that is baked into the latest Windows 8.1 ISO (sometimes known as U3) is? if we are on v22 now? Also KB2976978 can be removed, it isn’t really baked in, you just have to mark it as removable.

      I am in Group B for privacy reasons. My Windows 7 laptop just died and since 2020 is getting closer and I keep laptops for about 6 years or so, I bought a new dell with windows 8.1 installed rather than getting windows 7 and updating it in 2020 to windows 8.

      Anyways, when I looked at the list of installed updated I found KB2976978. I would like to remove this spyware but can’t even in command prompt. You mentioned that you can remove it it by marking it it as removable. How do you do that?

      I also found this board that MadMaxmx claims he removed it (on page 2 5th post from bottom) but he didn’t describe how he did it. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-update/i-cannot-uninstall-windows-update-kb2976978/ce005f1a-7deb-4147-88be-0d153d5d73ab?auth=1 Anyone have any ideas?

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    • Thanks! I did figure out it was a click to run (only by turning off auto updates and window asked if I would allow click to run to make changes). So Since I turned off auto updated within office, will office updates now show through windows update when I run that or do I just have to turn office auto updates back on when I get the all clear from you and turn back off after it updates?

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    • Something very strange with my desktop and laptop computers. I installed Office 2013 Professional Plus a couple of months ago. Last month and this month I have checked for updates and I never get an office update to show up on either computer. When I had Office 2007 I did. I also get the quality and security updates for Windows 7 and IE11. I am in group B and only install security updates. I also wait until defcon 3 or better to download and install updates.

      Any idea what is going on here?

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    • I don’t expect my Win 10 machine to last much beyond 2023.

      I still have and use quite often a computer that I bought with Vista (when it first came out I think I bought it in 2007 or 08) I then upgraded it to XP and later W7 which it is currently on. All I did is upgrade the chip and memory to the max that the mother board allows and it does everything I ever need it to with no problems (I guess I am one of the few who still does things like that) I will likely have it until 2023 (if I downgrade to 8.1 to keep the security updates) and maybe beyond with Linux.

      Point is that unless you need the fastest new technology for things like gaming, computers can last a long time now that the technology such as RAM and processor speed has come to a saturation point of sorts for normal things such as internet browsing and office work. There is no need to keep upgrading hardware. However, without some sort of planned obsolescence, the OEM’s and Microsoft doesn’t make as much money so they need to find a way to force you to buy something new by stop supporting a chipset because:

      it MAY mean that device will not be able to properly run a future Windows 10 feature update

      Then again it may not. Let the owner of the computer decide if it is ok…. o wait, MS won’t let them refuse an update in W10 if it doesn’t work properly.

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    • because Microsoft’s been planning on dumping older versions of Win10 every 18 months.

      Sounds like they are only going to 2023 because these computers originally had W8.1 on them. I betcha that after 2023 MS will not be doing that with W10 (or whatever may exist after end of support in 2025).

      This may be a strategy requiring you to buy new computers more often (as it used to be in the older windows days) every time a chip set is no longer supported. Then MS gets to sell a new copy of W10 to the OEM.

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    • in reply to: Windows 7 Family supported to Oct 2021? #125282

      Anyone heard of this or know the registry fix?

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    • UPDATE:Security patches for Microsoft Office are now available. Considering last month’s fiasco, it’s probably an excellent idea to let the lemmings (er…Guinea Pigs) jump off the cliff first. Unless you desperately need patches to fix patches to fix patches….
      Office 2007 (5)

      Does anyone know if this fixed the outlook 2007 issue with last month’s patch?

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    • Sessah, I haven’t heard of EMET before but am interested. I am not a novice but somewhat of a self taught intermediate. I found the download link from microsoft for EMET: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=50766

      Is all you have to do is download it? You make it sound like a novice can’t handle it, if that’s all you have to do. Let me know as I would like to have it on my computers.

      It also says that microsoft will stop supporting it on July 31st, 2018. https://mspoweruser.com/microsoft-extends-emet-end-life-date-18-months/ After that date I wonder if it is still ok to keep installed?

      One interesting thing is that in your article it shows that the only difference between W7 and W10 (both with EMET is the fonts are more secure in W10. It seems that was only due to an update in v5.5 and only addressed W10 (I suppose they could have made it for W7 if they wanted but did not do it).

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