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      The Microsoft download page has three options:

      Windows 11 Installation Assistant,

      Create Windows 11 Installation Media, and

      Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).

      I am already running a Windows 11 machine; if I wanted to do an “in-place” Windows repair that leaves my apps and data alone, which of the downloads should I choose?

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      Running a “trial” Windows 11 PC here, and would like to run with WuMgr. I’ve searched around, but can’t find any mention of how the “regular” Windows update option(s) should be set, i.e. paused, resumed – and any other settings which might affect the proper operation of WuMgr. Thanks in advance –

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      On the (currently latest) Patch list dated 8/23/22, the Windows 11 patch KB5016629 is marked as “safe to install”.  I note that a Google search for said KB5016629 brings up issues; failure to install, freezing/reboot loops; it was also noted that Microsoft was aware of an issue with the XPS viewer.


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      I use Legacy Family Tree genealogy software; it only runs on Windows or on a Mac with emulator software. Having many windows open on two large monitors is a big help with correlating data.

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      I couldn’t agree with you more.   Back in the XP days, I was eager to install updates on the day they came out.  A fine example of “the good old days” indeed.  I seem to remember reading that M$ eliminated their QA section somewhere along the line – which caused my update approach to change.   I’ve been paying close attention to Woody’s Defcon status for a long time now!


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      About those hard drive magnets: they can wipe the info on the magnetic stripe on credit cards, ID badges and hotel room “keys” very effectively at a longer range than one might expect. Not so much of a problem with the “chip” credit cards, but still…

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      Question answered: I installed the MS December 2021 updates on both my PCs today – and now the “network printing” is working again!  Successful printing from one PC to the other PC’s printer.

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      Thanks, but – I also have never had printing problems with 8.1 – with the printer(s) connected directly to the PCs via USB.   My question is regarding NETWORK printing problems where one PC can print on the other PC’s printer over LAN, one PC being the client and the other PC the print server.   Do you have a printer setup like that – and is it still working?  This stopped working for me when the MS printing issues started late last year.   It is not a critical issue – but it’s something that was working, and now it’s still not working (I haven’t done the MS December updates yet).

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      Happy New Year to everyone!   Let’s hope it’s a healthier one [sigh…]

      Does anyone know if the Windows 8.1 NETWORK printing problems were resolved with the Microsoft December updates?


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      Should a “bad” message somehow get by the (my web host-supplied) mailspamprotection.com filter, my Norton 360 spam filter will have a look, plus my MS Outlook is configured to display messages in text only, thereby showing the full link addresses by default. Even if the web link in an E-mail appears safe and I click on it, the Norton 360 firewall will then provide additional protection and allow access to the site – or not. In case of a worst-case scenario, OS disc backups are made about every 2-3 days or so.

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      A “home user” here with a desktop and a laptop PC, both running Windows 8.1 64-bit. The desktop has an Epson XP-6000 printer/scanner attached via USB, and the laptop has an Epson XP-6100 printer/scanner attached via its USB. The two computers communicate to each other over a local Ethernet network via a router.
      Before installing the MS September KB5005613 cumulative update for Windows 8.1 today, I was able to print on each computer not only to its own USB-connected printer, but also to the “other” computer on the network on ITS printer.
      Noting the advice “I haven’t seen printing problems with directly attached printers…” in this thread – but not sure if my setup qualified as a print client/server situation, I went ahead with installing the September update(s). Sure enough… I can no longer print on the “remote” computer via the local network.
      However, the Epson Status Monitors work fine as before the MS update, showing the status/ink levels of both printers from either PC. And both printers show up in the Control Panel > Devices and Printers window. When trying to “print a test page” on the “remote” computer, I get “Test page failed to print…”. Printing from applications to the networked printer also fails. Printing on the local USB-connected printer works fine in all cases.
      Also: ‘printmanagement.msc’ tells me I have ‘Type 3’ printer drivers on both machines for the Epson printer/scanners.
      Don’t know where to go from here. This is not a critical situation for me, but I get the impression that Microsoft is handing the solution resolution to the users…

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      Since the update to Adobe Acrobat/Reader was mentioned: I ran into a problem similar to what is reported at: https://community.adobe.com/t5/acrobat-discussions/adobe-acrobat-and-reader-september-update-2021-007-20091-botched/m-p/12387606 . To quote:
      “The issue is that after applying the 2021.007.20091 updates for Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Reader DC each time you attempt to launch the application from the shortcuts (Start Menu, or Desktop) the application performs an install/configuration before it launches. If you open a .PDF file directly it will open in Acrobat or Reader without performing the install.”

      Adobe replies: “This issue has already been escalated and reported to engineering team.”

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      Noticed the same delays on two Win 8.1 machines here; seemed like it took a total of about five reboots for things to return to normal after a login.

      I might also note that both Microsoft and Belarc Advisor – both for the first time – seemed to think I had Office 2007  on both machines here – which I do NOT have installed. I can’t figure out what might have triggered that.   (I did not download/install those from WU.)

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      Yes, but that advise was posted over two weeks ago…

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      Also voted “no problems” because I have Windows 8.1 set to not check for updates – until given the green light from AskWoody/Susan. Related: the Master Patch list still shows “Defer” for the March 2021 Windows 8.1 updates – but it shows the sheet updated as of 3/26; hence, it looks like I missed the March updates completely.

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