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    • As an experiment I’ve used Macrium to “restore” (move actually), Win10 from one PC to a completely different PC.
      It booted, complained a bit, loaded new drivers, and then mostly ran OK. It was not activated. I think you can move a version you legally own, but you are probably (certainly) going to have to call MS.

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      If you are going to use Ventoy you have to download the iso  for those also. Same one’s will work for Yumi.

      I have found that you really don’t NEED individual PC Macrium bootables. I’m all Intel, but I can boot any of my Intel PC from the same boot disk and it works.

      In an odd twist  on that theme, I have an Acer/Intel desktop. When I make a boot disk, from the Acer, and test it, EVERY TIME, the resolution comes up completely wrong. It is so bad I can’t get to the lower controls. Functionally it will not work.
      Frustrated I tried a number of  backup CD’s from other PC’s and found one (only one) that DOES work. I have no idea why.

      I don’t think you can cross platforms successfully – Intel >AMD .
      But, I haven’t tried it.


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      That ‘information’ on long term data retention issues is something I had gotten out of discussion forums and accepted without further research. It seemed plausible.

      I did a Google search on [long term data storage ssd vs hdd]. Lots of hits, most in websites that do a large amount of tech research and testing. It appears a SSD/NVME may be more subject to data loss associated with a sudden power loss while working. This does NOT appear to be true if powered off and disconnected. There would not seem to be a problem with data degrading due to not being “powered up and refreshed” periodically.

      If anything I came away thinking that SSD/NVME may be a more reliable way to store data long term.

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      YUMI is a great suggestion. A possible issue might be long term data integrity? I have seen a number of references to SSD/NVME losing data if the media is not attached and “live/refreshed” for a good while. How much of a problem is this? Is there a time frame if so – weeks/months/many months/year+?
      Does the same limitation apply to flash drives?

      FWIW, I’ve used boot CD multi-tools in the past [Ultimate Boot CD]. I’ve also learned the hard way that a written CD doesn’t necessarily last forever either. There seems to be a rather complex relationship of brand/quality of the CD and the brand/quality of the writer that affects the longevity of the CD.

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      Not a big deal. Why not update it?
      Likely it’ll work. I’ve used rescue media from different computers and those worked.
      OTOH, I have an Acer/Intel that will NOT make a usable RM for it no matter what I do. It’ll boot, and I “think” the required functions are there but the screen size is completely wrong so I can’t get to the controls.
      I found a RM from a completely different Intel PC that works properly.
      Go figure.

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      Most of the mess is the fault of the health insurance business. They will do ANYTHING for the business, and don’t really care about your health. IMO, avoid advantage plans, get Medigap, but even those are confusing.


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      I upgraded a test bed PC to 22H2. Went quickly so must be more of a ‘patch’ than a full upgrade. No problems…..but, this is a pretty ‘bare’ PC and sees little use. There could be lots of gremlins in the works I don’t know about.

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      This should do you:

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    • I stayed on 1909 because on Pro you could defer updates…..easily….for 365 days. Later versions removed that option. I can use [gpedit], but frankly I NEED to have a ‘recipe’ of exactly what to do in front of me. It’s not user friendly.

      Somewhere I saw a Registry Edit that allowed the recent 35 day deferral to be increased to much longer. Can’t find that again. Anyone have a link?

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      Procedures discussed are the same for all USB drives. OTOH, not all drives are the same quality. Familiar brand names is not a guarantee. Quality and speed can range from abysmal to outstanding. Some good USB2 are faster than poor USB3. You ‘usually/mostly’ get what you pay for.
      So….you may be having a problem with a bad device if the [formatting] procedures don’t fix things.

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      I’ve used Mint in their various forms for several years now. They are probably the most like Windows and easiest to adapt to. Hardware support seems to be pretty good. Like most Linux distros, if you have a serious issue with a hardware driver you may find yourself struggling to find a driver and install it. Linux ‘tinkering’ is completely unlike Windows and I find it very confusing.

      Tried Zorin 15 something like a year ago. Different look which was OK. Not bad to use but seemed more incomplete. After a couple months I uninstalled it. Thought Mint was still more acceptable to me, but then I had been using it for a good while.
      When Zorin 16 came around I tried it again. The new look and changes made it much more acceptable. IMO, a Mint version appropriate to your hardware, or Z16 would both be worth a trial. If both work, pick the one that suits your preference.

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      Using CrystalDiskMark yesterday, on a HP 128MB x702W USB 3.o, and a newly booted PC I got: Read 200Mb/s, Write 144Mb/s.
      After the PC had been on a good while:
      Sequential Read : 58.912 MB/s
      Sequential Write : 10.326 MB/s

      That kind of drop is ‘typical’. I’ve found the same thing with an SSD in a cassette. Transfers VERY well when newly booted. Can slow down to laptop HD levels later.


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      I think the suggestion:


      Scroll down to find the following key:


      is simply brilliant. Appears to work great. Pushed out to 70 days on a Windows Home 21H1 PC.
      Is this a newly found tweak, or one I’ve simply missed?

    • Been using Windows since the beginning, so pretty used to that. Have periodically tried Linux over the years. Initially it was VERY frustrating because the look and feel of the OS was considerably different. The big stumbling block was hardware drivers. Loading drivers in Windows is not hard. Loading them in Linux IF you can find them is something I still find hugely daunting. It’s a mess. I spent days trying to find and load a wifi driver. I did finally get it working. I still really don’t have a clue how that particular install worked and the others did not. You are SOL if the video driver does not work, which used to be unfortunately not uncommon. I have not had that problem in years….thankfully.

      It is way more likely to work on install than it used to. I’m another Mint fan (GUI more Windows-like), over Ubuntu. The newest version of Zorin (16) is significantly better than 15 and I generally like it. Some Linux newbies may like it better than other distros.

      If Linux works properly during install, and you can find the apps you require + live with them, then I think it’s a very reasonable option. They make it pretty easy to try out.

      Note – I would NOT, repeat NOT, dual boot a distro with Windows to try it out. Do it on a test bed, or minimally make a Windows image you can go back to first. Most often there is an option to boot off a DVD or flash drive and not touch the Windows installation. You get a ‘taste’ of it that way, but really can’t get down to work, which I think necessary if you REALLY want to try it out.
      Getting a dual boot off your main PC looks like a nightmare. My main PC is dual-boot with Mint. 2x it’s ‘broken’, leaving me ONLY with the option to boot into Linux. It took me DAYS to figure out how to get Windows back. Mucking about at that level is beyond my pay-grade, and I think most people just looking for a working option for regular use.

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      When a software product moves to the state that you need a dual 18-wheel truck to go to the grocery store to buy milk, I make every effort to dump it. Norton went a LONG time ago.

      I hate business that try to be everything to everyone all the time, let alone something that is completely stupid at it’s core. Crypto/Bit is just another made up financial fantasy giving greedy people another way to gamble.


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