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      Hey Susan.

      Completely agree. I had a situation once where a bad installer messed up Windows. Reinstalled but, had lots of programs that I didn’t have installers for. Since that experience, I always copy the installer, after seeing that it is a good one, on a separate HDD. All of my installers and licenses are on that external HDD.

      Since 2017 I have a MSI GT73vr Titan. It came with a 256 GB Nvme. About two years ago, I opted to upgrade the Nvme to a 1GB Samsung.

      I have cloned the original Nvme with Reflect to the 1GB and kept the original as a back up if something went sideways. It’s a matter of a few minutes to simply exchange the SSDs. I also keep it up to date with new programs and Windows updates. I know, you might think this is a hassle but, it could/will save me lots of time if I do have to reinstall.

      This , I think , is simplest way to get you back up and running in no time.

      You can now scrub the bad drive and do a clone.

      Just the way I do it.

    • Hey Joe!

      Appreciate your response but, my question was not Why but, Can I?

      And as Alex has mentioned, I too am weary of MS. It’s not the disk space. have lots of space on this NvME.

      As for Viper, I have been aware and reading him since he became Viper. I have also found that , every time we upgrade to a new version, it changes some of his recommendations so, lots of work compared to W7 or Vista or XP.

      So, if you could help in me removing this new addition, I would be very grateful.

      Thanks again for your input. appreciate it.


    • Thanks again for this info Woody.

      Now, simple question.

      Can we get rid of IT.

      Windows 10 uses so much more resources (especially CPU) that it does at times interfere with gaming. I still use W7 for gaming but, sometimes, I try it on my W10 machine and go back to 7 every time. My w10 machine is recent and with 1909 installed. It is a stable platform but, at 130 processes compared to 62 on my w7 machine, I Really don’t like it.

      Sorry for the rant. My initial question still stands though, if anyone can answer it please.



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      Hey All.

      New to the comments but, have been watching Woody grow ever since this site was up so, Many Years. Look forward every day to see what’s what.

      I was happy with W7 on my Eurocom until it died on me last March. Am now on a MSI 73GTVR 7RE Titan with W10 which started as 1607 and am now on 1703.

      I was playing a game last week and all of a sudden the game stopped and all programs,including STEAM shut down. Then , I see this small window in the middle of the screen telling me that, “in order to install security patches, I have to upgrade to the latest version of Windows”. I new darn well that they {MS} were trying to install the Specter patch and to upgrade to 1709 so, like the other poster said earlier, I too, shut down the notebook and restarted it but, now, I had a .exe icon on my desktop. Right clicked on it so see the folder location which was on root C. I immediately deleted that folder and the icon on the desktop.

      Sorry for the long intro but, I thought it relevant.

      Now, I use wudiagcab to control which updates are installed every month. So far, that worked well until last week when MS installed the latest patches even though Windows Update is disabled And I also use the latest version of Shutup10.

      So, I fooled around with processes and found that when I disabled Windows Event Log, I have a very quite PC. No more updates trying to install. If I enable the same service, everything comes back to normal and the updates work again.

      Yes, there are draw backs to this like, no Network icon on the Taskbar but, you are still connected to the net and no updates show in the Update History or in the Installed Updates. Also, if you happen to have EMET installed, it will not start. By re-enabling Windows Event Log, everything comes back and I can install the updates when they are deemed to not destroy my/your PC.

      Defender will update on a daily basis and keep it’s scanning schedule. There might be other side effects to this option but, as far as MY PC is concerned I don’t have any other ones.All my programs work with the exception of EMET.  Also, no more interruptions from MS and no more stuttering or loss of frame rates in games when Windows intrudes on my play time. As far as that “Game Mode” is concerned well, it doesn’t work and I did the “Active Hours” thing but, as you know, MS doesn’t seem to care about that either.

      You might want to evaluate this option on your PC to see if you get the same results.I, for one , will keep this process disabled until it’s time to update.

      What a piece of trash this is.


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