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      Most of the Plus content is not linked.  I would attach the page to show you but there does not appear to be a means to attach a screen capture.  The top right of the page after I log in says:

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      I understand.  I am a plus member.  If I decide to write about a topic and find content only available to AskWoody Plus members, I provide the link to the plus content and explain that you have to be a plus member of AskWoody to read it.  This provides credit to the author and perhaps some motivation for readers to become paid (i.e., Plus) members of AskWoody.com.

      Some of the Plus member Newsletters are linked in the 2022 Archives.  Since the 19.24.0 (i.e., Plus) Newsletter containing the full article written by Deanna McElveen is not linked, the citation for content is “AskWoody Plus – 19.24.0 – 2022-06-13 – Pocket Radio Player — a world of radio stations”  This citation would be for content that I cannot access as an AskWoody.com Plus member.


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      There is a link to the Free Newsletter which contains only a summary of the 10-12 page FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT article.  The Plus newsletter is not linked in the Newsletter list.  I am interested in linking to the article content which provides instructions and recommendations for using the Pocket Radio Player.  I don’t know if this article has been published elsewhere.  An internet search found only AskWoody.

      BTW:  I edit a newsletter for the Fredericksburg PC Users Group in Virginia.

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      Where can I find the article “Pocket Radio Player — a world of radio stations” online so that I can share a link to the content?  There is no link to the plus Newsletter (19.24.0, 2022-06-13)  “Plus Newsletter” is not valid.



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      Fred, I enjoyed your article.  It made me think about situations I have encountered in 30+ years of computer troubleshooting and repair.  Since the dark ages of Windows (98?), windows has created backups of the registry files automatically.  In an effort to save disk space(?) Windows stopped automatically backing up the system registry.  The backups were stored in the RegBack folder.  If you browse to the \Windows\System32\config\RegBack folder in Windows Explorer, you will find that since Windows 10, version 1803, each file is 0 kb in size.

      The automatic registry backup behavior can be re-enabled.  Configure the following registry entry, and then restart the computer:

      • Path: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Configuration Manager\EnablePeriodicBackup
      • Type: REG_DWORD
      • Value: 1

      Windows backs up the registry to the RegBack folder when the computer restarts, and creates a RegIdleBackup task to manage subsequent backups. Windows stores the task information in the Scheduled Task Library, in the Microsoft\Windows\Registry folder.

      Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/deployment/system-registry-no-backed-up-regback-folder

      In the past, I have restored a corrupt system that Windows could not repair automatically by locating the backups of the Components, SAM, Security, Software, System, and NTUser files; changing the file extensions from .bak or .old, and replacing the current versions with the backups.



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      I had this problem with a new Dell Laptop after a Windows 10 Update.  It was a work computer so I can’t say what Windows 10 build was installed on the system or what updates were being installed by system administrators.  However, they simply removed all the power saving features (since I typically have the system plugged into a wall outlet) and I have yet to experience issues.  In your case, I suspect your system may have received an update before going to sleep and when you tried to wake it up, the system refused to cooperate.

      Your system may have experienced something similar.  If you don’t want to remove power saving features from your system, consider changing active hours (i.e., the times when Windows thinks you are inactive and it’s OK to install updates).




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