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      Technology no longer serves the user because it is not what the user wants and is of poor quality. Cars no longer have real bumpers yet we have needless technology that replaces good driving skills!

      Computers used to provide an excellent tool assisting man do perform his tasks ;now we are slaves to computers due to the constant barrage of poor software and too many options that are useless.

      What happened to KISS…keep it simple stupid!

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    • Updating windows 7 (group b) for security only and net security only is causing more problems that result in users spending hours trying to figure out or fixing the patches! I dislike spending more time on windows operating system than I use the computer for!

      My android tablet proves to be more enjoyable and much easier to manage.

      I have always enjoyed keeping my computer efficient, safe and enjoyable.

      my question: looks like installing 4056897 and 4055269 results in more problems than fixing any security issues, am I correct?

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      Windows is an inferior product that does not respond to customer needs or concerns. I will never use windows software again! Updates that cause errors and the persistent privacy concerns are not for me.

      Android is becoming worse as well….it is all about money.. Too bad companies don’t realize that this will result in loss of customers. Just like Sears is gone!

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