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    • So, wanted to thank you guys for keeping  the 2000003 topic going, i’ve followed it for years and have purchased the newest computers that can run 8.1 in the past based on this topic/made serious decisions as to computers going forward – (and yes, I get to deal with the stupidity of MS attempting to disable Kaby Lake and  Intel HD Graphics- fortunately I was able to tweak them back and retain full functionality. I intend to stay with 8.1 to the ned (I do have a copy of 10 that  I almost never use that i am setting up for some gaming only and I won’t put anything else there, but it can’t touch me as it’s on a separate partition on my computer and 8.1 is locked down FDE style via Veracrypt and has most of the space so 10 is “locked in a corner”

      I am currently bringing up my daily driver to up to date- and currently am up to Sept 2019’s updates and counting. (Manually downloaded all updates, am installing them one by one- I don’t care what it takes to bring this computer up to speed though i wish this was automated… or there was a program that let you select updates and add only those ones.)

      I’ve done stuff like disabled scheduled tasks, etc as pointed out in other topics – As I start to get past the end of 2019 and into 2020. I see comments that Group B isn’t worth it anymore -but this makes no sense and I’m thinking that is referencing Windows 7?

      I’m not seeing anything in 8.1 that’s a security update that contains telemetry that you can’t tweak – so Group B lives on for now – Seems to me, for 8.1, Group B is still chugging…?

      Anyway, after going back and forth about this, I don’t understand the IE patches?
      Am I okay just manually grabbing them all then applying them in? I don’t use IE, but will grab the patches anyway….(or maybe uninstall them all later)
      (I’ll as a fun project look into gutting IE of as much telemetry as possible, I’ll spin it up in a Virtual Box…)

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)