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      I too read and enjoy all of your columns.  But I must be a REAL dinosaur because this program seems to me to create a whole lot of unnecessary work! I have a shortcut on my Bookmarks bar to the sites I use frequently and I think I can hit the Amazon shortcut and type books in the Amazon search just about as quickly as I can set up a secondary program to do that for me!!

      I HAVE installed many of your recommendations and please keep up the great work!!

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      I am still using Windows 10. I have used Classic Menu, now Open Shell for many years and multiple versions of Windows and it works with Windows 11. I cannot imagine wanting to go through all those “options” when I can install Open Shell and have my familiar menu back!

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      Please tell me how this program (RemindMe) differs from using the Google Calendar with its reminder features?? I have always had difficulty keeping up with conflicting schedules. (I used to have a whiteboard on the door to the garage with the kid’s schedules on it so that I knew as I walked out the door what was coming up!!)

      I have used and loved Google Calendar since it first appeared. I had a husband with medical and memory issues at that time and it was invaluable for keeping us straight on doctor appointments!! And especially for allowing me to make appointments while we were in the doctor’s office without creating a conflict!! And since you can make multiple calendars and share them or not, it is easy to keep up with the whole family!

      So, I am having a hard time figuring out why I would want another program to enter reminders into when they are already on my calendar??

      Many thanks!! LOVE your column

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      Your recommendations for someone who “may be targeted” make sense.  But how about including a recommendation for the “average” user who is NOT a target???

      Ex:  I am 77 years old. I have an iPhone 11.  I do not do banking or anything financial-related on my phone.  I use it 99% for phone calls, texting, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and occasional Google searches.  I have an iPhone ONLY because I wear hearing aids and the MFI (made for iPhone) connection is still much more reliable than Android low energy.

      I am about to upgrade to iOS 16 because I think the hearing aid connection issues have been worked out, but I HOPE I do not need a new PHONE for several more years!!

      I have been reading this newsletter in its many forms since it was Langa List and have always enjoyed it and found the information valuable.  Thanks so much for all you do.

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      I did check and was told there was not enough interest in the iOS version to continue to support it.  It is saved in my iPhone Apps and will continue to work until there is a change in iOS that prevents it from working.  I will pray that Auracast will be available in all hearing aids and phones by then and I will transition back to Android!!!

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      I have used a simple, small encrypted file program, Secret! by LinkeSoft for well over 25 years.  This is a “shareware” program with an extremely reasonable one time price. This program creates an encrypted file on your computer and/or your phone (2 separate programs that sync).  You remember ONE password for the file and can save all your passwords.  Since the desktop and phone versions can be manually sync’d I am never without my passwords.  I back this up to both a USB drive and iDrive cloud backup and it is super simple to restore or move to a new computer.

      I just checked the website and notice they are only showing the Windows and Android versions although I have had the iOS version on my phone ever since I started wearing hearing aids that only connect to iOS – – maybe 10 years.  I have contacted them to ask about this.


      I assume from your article, that NoCrappyPasswords does not work/sync to iPhone, so I would have to have a different solution when using my phone??

    • This article is exactly why I purchased the Eufy Video Doorbell!!  I live in a Senior Living Apartment now, but enjoyed my Eufy for about 3 years and found it lived up to everything they promised and with NO monthly fees!  I recommend it highly!

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      Some do and that is wonderful.  I just worry about those we leave behind if we “force” 2 factor on everyone.  Make it available, recommend it, but leave room for those who cannot.


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      Again, you are way past the technology level of your average 80+ year old senior.  And since many of them ONLY use the computer for email to family and friends – – WHY is secondary authentication such an issue??

      I do understand that most younger people do banking and such on their computer, but there are a whole lot of people who email family and friends and MAYBE check grandkid’s facebook – – and that is ALL

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      Would someone please come up with an “authentication” system for seniors!  Many do not use smart phones and/or have difficulty SEEING things on a small screen.  I do not want to have to go dig out my cell phone to log into something!!!! Even gmail wants me to set up a secondary authentication system – – all of which seem to require my PHONE!!!


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      2 factor authentication may be a good thing for businesses that need security.  But as a 76 year old long time computer user who does NOT always have my cell phone handy (it is my PHONE, NOT my COMPUTER) I find it extremely annoying when it is FORCED upon me!

      I use my phone ONLY as a phone/communication device.  I have NO banking or financial apps on it.  That is what my “computer” is for.  Sending me a verification code in email is annoying, but OK since I am obviously on the computer.  But PLEASE do not force me to wear a leash to my cell phone!!!

      And oh by the way, what happens if you have lost your phone or IT has been stolen?  Are you then locked out of everything???

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      I have to repeat: Thanks for the decades of wonderful information.  I honestly cannot remember when I started reading Langa List, but it had to be about 2000, and I have followed you faithfully ever since.  I never wanted to spend the time to acquire the depth of knowledge you not only acquired, but passed on to the rest of us.  But I have sincerely appreciated what you passed on!!!

      I sincerely hope you will thoroughly enjoy the next segment of your life in different ways!!!

      Best Wishes

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      You did not answer my major questions about switching from Quicken.
      1) Will any/all of theses “download” directly from all of my financial institutions as Quicken does? I download almost daily to avoid having to do manual data entry, so that is a biggy.
      2) Will any/all of them open my OLD Quicken files which go back to 2000!!!!??

      Many thanks!
      Louise Smith

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      Many thanks for this. However, just have to say I found it difficult/confusing to figure out HOW to create my “standard”/”limited” account when setting up a new machine within the last year. Windows 10 seems to ASSUME that you want to use the admin account!!!
      I won’t tell you my age, but I began using PC’s with DOS 2.1!! So maybe I am not as flexible as I used to be. But I did feel like I had to “hunt around” a bit to do that!!

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      Attach screen shot.  Where is link?Screenshot-2020-09-22-103259

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