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      Hate to break it to Richard Hay but I’ve bought many legit Windows 10 keys on ebay and they all worked. Article is misleading. Just go on youtube and see countless video of people’s experiences buying cheap legit Windows 10 keys that do indeed work. The worse thing that could happen is a key didn’t activate, and then all that is needed is to call Microsoft and you will be given a code to activate. Microsoft is way too busy to get involved dealing with keys that may or may not activate. They are not even going to question you about it, it’s way easier and cheaper for them to just activate it. That article to me was a scare tactic and it wasn’t accurate. Sorry author but I’ve activated enough Windows systems to know what’s up.

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      I found windows 10 product keys on dilmir.com site. Really all product keys work. I recommend it to you too.

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      Sorry I don’t have the “recent” on this, but should it help..

      Your prospect of a genuine license seem slim unless you can recover a key the system previously used and get Windows installed to a near condition it was when it was first activated. If it never had Windows 8 perhaps consider trying Windows 10 before that option closes? Even re-using a key stripped from another machine could be problematic.

      Windows 8 is near its end:


      Mainly enterprise licensing has download rights, so starting with Windows 10 (probably your best option – have you tried that while you can, just to see?) and going backwards isn’t going to be cheap or easy either:


      You might need to update Windows 8  a fair bit before it activates:


      Though if you need to get Windows installed (for example to retrieve your BIOS key with wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey) you can use a staging key (artile at bottom) to do that – Windows 8 keys will activate Windows 8.1 though you might actually need to phone Microsoft as a series of updates changed the way signing is handled – I had a battle to stay attentive long enough through the endless service announcements to get the right key to press to end up at the right place on Microsoft’s switchboard to activate Windows 7 last time.. (Coincidence or  could those updates have had an impact on older activation systems somehow? TBH I haven’t installed since then..)

      Suggest you get the OS installed and let it complain and update and see what you can do with the licensing once activation is its only issue.. the keys for “just installing” are here


      You can use slmgr to install your key once you have it, and activate on line hopefully..



      I have windows 8.1 product key. I couldn’t activate it either. Can anyone help?

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