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      Thank you. I am embarrassed to say that I thought today was the 27th. Doh!

      I am up to date on my updates. Appreciate the prompt reply and will keep the recommended site in mind in case of future problems.

      Best Regards,


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      Update: I have to take a break now. Will let you all know how things progess. I am very hopeful! Sorry about spelling your name incorrectly, bbearren.

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      PaulK and PKCano: –winver worked!

      Microsoft Windows 2004 (OS build 19041-508) copyright 2020

      bbearran: I am on a different computer to post and reply. I will see about downloading  Macrium Reflect to a usb drive and uploading onto the Windows 10 computer.  I don’t know anything about imaging programs so I will use the one you suggest. Thanks!


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      (It would also be helpful if you can give us the specs on the computer (CPU. RAM, Graphics, drive size, etc)

      Here are the specs on the computer: (BTW I am almost positive it was a Windows 7 computer with a changed-out OS).

      Lenovo ThinkPad x201 Release Year 2010

      CPU: 2.13 GHz
      Processor: Intel i5
      Ram: 4GB
      HD: 500GB
      Graphics Processing Type: Integrated/On-Board Graphics
      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

      Not sure what  a drive size is. Happy to provide more info if needed.

      Thank you,

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      to zaphyrus: Thank you for your thoughts. The updates I mentioned were installed before I bought the machine. I don’t know if there is a problem with them or not. I will leave them as they until I know more.

      to bbearren: Thank you. In order to download an imaging program I think I would have to connect to the internet. I am afraid that my computer will continue to update as soon as I connect. Perhaps I will just have to do it anyway and take my chances. Is there any way to make a backup without having to connect to the internet? Even for a temporary backup?

      to PKCano: Thank you too. I will just ignore OneDrive or turn it off.  I typed in winvir and unfortunately I am told that I must connect to the internet. I looked at system information, which says Windows 10 Pro copyright 2020 Microsoft Corporation. I just sent a message to the person I bought it from and perhaps he can figure out. Let me know if you have any other thoughts. I will also let you know if I hear anything from the person I bought it from.

      Thank you again,





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      addendum: Thanks, Bob99, for your extensive reply. For now I plan to use the built-in Windows antivirus and Firewall. Later I may go to third party options, as I have done with Windows 7 (of course).


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      Update: Connected to web. Updated fine. Forget all the questions about how to update Defender Antivirus.

      On to Windows Update. I note that AskWoody is currently at Defcon 4 and will be changing tomorrow. Would it be okay to just click on Windows Update? If I do that, is there a particular order for updating the various sections?  Below is the current status list:

      Features:  version 2004 installed 5/27/2004.  (maybe skip this?)

      Quality Updates (3)

      2020-09 Cumulative .NET framework 3.5 and 4.8 Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64(KB457648) successfully installed 9/12/2020

      2020-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 based Systems(KB4571756) successfully installed 9/12/2020

      2020-06 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 based Systems (KB4561600) Successfully installed on 9/12/2020

      then 10  driver updates all done successfully on 9/12/2020

      then 3 Defender updates which are listed here as 9/12 and 9/13 but over in security where I just updated, it has the current date

      then Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64-v5.83 (KB890830) successfully installed on 9/12/2020

      Any and all help appreciated. Thank you.




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      Update. When I tried Alex5723 suggestion for finding my OS version, I got a notice that not connected to the web. Doh! that is probably why things aren’t updating. So next I will learn now to connect to the web.

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      Thank you Microfix. I read the recommended entry here.Looks excellent and very thorough but a bit overwhelming, to be honest. So I will ask a simpler question. I clicked on Security and everything has a green check next to it. However, though it says up to date, the last update is 9/13/2020. I tried a manual update and then read: Security intelligence version 1.323.1086.0 Version created on 9/13/2020 4:45AM. SO I think this might be an outdated version.

      The next line says last update 9/13/2020 10:28 AM. Thus, only a few hours after new (old) version.

      Any thoughts as to how get the latest  Security intelligence version and then see if it is updating?

      I know this is sounding very Group A at the moment, and I may just have to do that until I understand things better.

      Thank you!

      hff (found my username–been awhile since I’ve posted)

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      Very clear answers. Thank you!

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      update: was able to go back down to .net 4.7.2 using standalone files from Microsoft. Quite simple as it turned out. Problem resolved!



      2 computers, windows 7 64bit Grp B

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      Jumped on the DEFCON 4 rating and did some significant updating. All has gone well. No doubt there are still things I should have done in the past but it feels good to be making progress.

      Grateful to Woody, PKCano, and everyone here!


      Windows 7 64bit Group B

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      Well, I spoke too soon. I had .NET 4.8 on both my machines and was feeling pretty good! Then today I tried to log into a google hangout meeting, one I attend every week, and got a BSOD! I was just thinking about how I had never had one on any of my Windows 7 machines. I recovered from it, did a lot of virus scans, with AVAST and MSE, found nothing, cleaned things up. But I do need to be able to do these google hangout meetings. So now I wish to return to 4.7.2. (I have already successfully downgraded Nord to the prior version. Nags are better than crashes any day). I should have listened to PKCano. I have learned my lesson. I found a standalone offline downoad for 4.7.2. But I decided I should get some help before I try to downgrade my .NET framework. Advice much appreciated, humbly.


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      Update: well, mostly good news, which is that I now have the latest version of NordVPN installed with no problem. The odd thing is that instead of what I downloaded, .NET4.7.2, the computer installed .NET 4.8. If it doesn’t turn out to have any problems then I am okay with it. We shall see. Possibly one reason it installed 4.8 is that I had started to download it before I changed my mind and contacted AskWoody. I had stopped it and unchecked it, etc. But possibly if there is a more current .NET download in recent times, even a partial one, unless totally uninstalled, it will do that one instead.

      Never a dull moment with Microsoft. Thank you again for the help.

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      Thank you, PKCano. Should I download the updates to 4.7.2 at the same time or start with the basic frame and then add the updates>


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