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      Thank you, PKCano. Should I download the updates to 4.7.2 at the same time or start with the basic frame and then add the updates>


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      Many thanks to PKCano for the quick and useful response and the link to OscarCP’s utterly clear instructions–thanks also to OscarCP. I checked and all is well with reg edit. Onward to the next step, backing up.

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      Windows 7 intel Centrino vPro group B. Novice and grateful AskWoody reader. I have Avast antivirus. How can I make sure that the reg key is allowed? I have looked over my Avast options and don’t see any mention of this function.  Thanks!

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      Thank you PKCano! Installed, disabled, scanned. No glitches!

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      I am still somewhat confused. I currently have no malwarebytes on my machine. I have just downloaded the installation file for the “free” version, which apparently now must be a free trial of the premium version. It is If I run this and install, will I be okay? If I need to update will the update be the new improved update? Thanks.

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      I have had a questionable “security warning” screen pop up twice in the last few weeks. Each time I ran and Avast boot-time scan that found nothing. Today I decided to run MWB. A notice said that my premium program had expired and I should download a new program. I had accidentally downloaded the premium free trial last time, and then shut off all the bells and whistles. I only use MWB to scan from time to time. So I downloaded the free trial. It took much longer to download than usual and was 79MB which seemed to be a larger file than usual. I scanned the exe with Avast and it found no viruses. I started to run the exe but it was going so slowly I stopped it and looked online to see if there were any problems, and thus discovered what is written above. Rather than installing a faulty program and then fixing it, I would prefer to simply install a program that has the bugs figured out. Will this be forthcoming? Thanks!

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      Thanks. I just joined both AskWoody and Group B.

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