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      Figured this out. I had to assign a drive letter to the device in Drive Management.

      But WHY?

      I assigned it the letter “I” in this case.

      But why doesn’t Explorer just assign it an unused letter when it is mounted?

      And why did it work on my laptop, where this device has NEVER been plugged in, and where I did not assign a drive letter to it?

      I have been using this device for years on the desktop system (last used prior to today was 12/25/2022). I don’t remember if it had a drive letter assigned but I assume it must have because the device was recognized and worked. So what changed in between then and now to cause it to lose the drive letter than Explorer seems to need so badly?

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      In the last newsletter “AskWoody Plus – 20.12.0 – 2023-03-20 – Making Windows 11 on Arm less obnoxious”, all the story forum links seem to be broken.

      Join the conversation! Your questions, comments, and feedback
      about this topic are always welcome in our forums!

      The hot link sends me to:


      Which obviously is wrong.  I suspect this has something to do with this topic.

      Can you issue an update for that newsletter with the links working?


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      I have a simple request:  Check ON by default “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”.

      I regularly forget to check this box and then don’t get the replies I might be expecting.

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      Too many people ar eused to leaving their phone sitting on a desk/table in front of them so they can see as msgs come across.  This is one reason why many manufacturers have replaced the read FP sensor with the in-display FP sensor on the front – that way you don’t even have to lift the phone to unlock.  Just press your finger on the face of the phone sitting there.

      IMO, this leads to people being sloppy and not paying full attention to the situation around them as their phone sits on the bar/table in a commercial environment.

      Making things too easy often leads to unintended consequences.

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      I’ve wondered about this question for some time.

      I use a 6 digit logon code for restarting the phone.  That’s 1 million possible combinations.

      How fast would a thief with a crack program be able to run through and enter 1 million codes on a phone?

      How is this done mechanically?

    • in reply to: How you can use generative AI images — legally #2536065

      Exactly my thoughts.

      Every artist/writer is influenced to some degree by previous works they have encountered throughout their lives.

      I hope the judges who hear they cases bring this point forward in their questioning.

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      I’ve used Comodo firewall and AV for years w/o issues or problems (that I know about [lol]).

      Comodo updates the AV signatures regularly but is very slow to update their firewall products.

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      For example, I prefer vendors that don’t set up automatic renewals — because those that do make it darned-near impossible to figure out how to unsubscribe. Some years back, I had a recurring subscription to an antivirus bundle that made strong claims about protecting the operating systems. I wasn’t satisfied with it, but I had a hard time finding a way to drop the subscription. Worse, I’d try on the website and think I’d bailed, only to discover I’d been charged again the following year. That particular situation was so bad that the subscription was canceled only after the credit card had expired.

      Use PayPal for recurring subscriptions.  They have a section on their website that lets you cancel such subscriptions directly since the charge goes through PayPal.  I’ve had cause to use this and it works perfectly.

      The only trick with this is not to cancel until the day before the subscription will renew because some vendors will cancel your existing service immediately when they get posted that you have canceled the recurring subscription.

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      I highly value silence as I still have excellent hearing.  That is why I went with water cooling and large, low-rpm fans on my server case desktop years back.

      I also look for quiet keyboards.  I don’t understand the gaming people who opt for those newer mechanical keyboards where every keypress makes a noticeable click.

      Right now I am using some Dell keyboard that I picked up at Goodwill that is very quiet but has good key response.

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      Wait until deep brain scans become available.  I will bet that the vast majority (if not all) artists & writers, in whatever medium, copied. borrowed or were influenced by works and artists that came before them.  Should they be prosecuted or do they get an exemption because they are human?

      AI’s need not be treated any different.

      Now, the copyright/registration introduces more legal ground to stand on but as with all things legal, patents being a prime example, the question will be: CAN YOU AFFORD TO PROSCECUTE?   And then will the costs to do so prove worth the potential awards, should you win?

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      EAC works.  I was just using it tonight.  Releases are few and far between.  Complex options that can take a while and some experimenting to get setup in a way that works for you.  For instance, how you want to construct the name for the songs you rip.  It can be really, really slow also.

      Another similar program you might want to look at is Freac, which is a lot faster.


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      XTree would be the one DOS program I would consider running in modern Windows.

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      Why?  Are you memory limited?  I have had 16GB on my desktop system for 7 years now.  I keep two or three browsers windows open with many multiple tabs and it looks like over 100 processes running w/o any noticeable slowdowns or issues.

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      I second Text Extractor.  Great tool!

      Not only useful for things that are [foolishly] non-copyable, like some error messages (looking at you Quicken & Comcast!).

      Another use is that sometimes I will have a text file with multiple columns and I only want to copy a single column.  There isn’t any easy way to do this in windows that I know of other than dump the text file into Excel and then copy the column.  With TE, this task becomes a lot easier.

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      I have an old Epson 4870 photo scanner.  It doesn’t look like it compares too badly to the V600 and seems to be available.


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