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  • itstudent2015uk



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      Figureout hoe to attach a file!delme1

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      Hope all are safe and well.

      Is there a “/p” in PowerShell – to pause it?

      Can we pipe to a text file, eg “>”?



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      Sorry was offline a bit; amazin replies; thankyou. I am using the PowerShell and other tips as well. Appreciate them.

      Another funny observation; if I remove my external drive, then plug it back in & retry; it works! Sometimes I have to do it 6 or 7 times; then it works.

      Is there something like MOUNT and UNMOUNT kind of thing. As removal can damage the drive permanently.


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      Looking for the closest option the “beast”!!

      The nearest we can get. Take care.

    Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)