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      I read this agreement 5 years ago when win10 came out, and decided I was having none of it. I “borrow” the OS as part of my employment, and support others that do the same, as I have  my entire career, which is fortunately winding down. I started learning and installing Linux for friends when win10 came out. I’ve still got two win7 machines at home, no updates installed since the great get win X debacle. Bought a new laptop for home use recently, installed Linux Mint and am thrilled with it.

      In a a year or two, I’ll be saying goodby to windows for good. Except for helping the occasional unfortunate friend still borrowing Microsoft’s property. And hacking the registry of MY dual boot win10 play PC at home, come get me M$.

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      yes, consent if forfeited. but advisement used to be common sense.  how’s an admin or user to know if it’s malware hijacking the OS, or just windows doing what windows does these days? one of the many reasons i’ll never “consent”.

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    • I’ve installed the May updates to 50+ Win7 Pro 64 PC’s and 4 2008R2 Production Servers and all is well so far. I’m not one to jump the gun on updates, but when MS releases a fix for XP, it gets my attention.

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      Me too. I’ll quit using it when the software I run stops working on Win7, or the hardware fails. I’ve had updates shut off for around 3 years. If i get hit with something, I’ll reformat and install Linux Mint.

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      I’m running Win7 on 10 year old hardware at home – PC and laptop (laptop dual boots to Mint) with updates shutoff since 2015, without issues. I understand the need for patching, in most cases. When Woody gives the green light (every three months or so), i approve them on WSUS at work.

      I’ve gotten a hold of a decent 3 year old PC, originally sold with Win 8 but downgraded to 7. I was going to set it up with 7, and ride the “no patch” train as long as the hardware lasted. But now i’m considering running 8.1 on it, the annoying tile display and all.

      Win7/8? Never-10, learning Linux group.

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