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      Never rely on a USB stick to safely store your password database.

      I agree completely that the only copy of the password database should not be on a USB Stick. This database is too important to chance it getting stolen or lost.

      I was using the USB Stick reference to describe how portable the program and data can be. This can be useful if you have to access your passwords on a foreign computer.

      Personally, I backup my database to four different computers and keep history copies of all changes over the past year or more.


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      I have been using the open-source KeePass password manager for 20 years.

      It is well supported, free and has both an installed version and a portable version.

      All the program files and data files live on your own computer or USB Stick.


    • in reply to: Windows update #2539496

      I have a Brother MFC-8460N attached with a network CAT-5 cable.

      It occasionally will fail to respond to a “Print” request from the print-spooler.

      I simply power cycle the printer and all is well for a few weeks or months.


    • in reply to: KeePass : Warning KeePass vulnerability #2533154

      This makes no sense the way it was implemented.

      I just exported my KeePass database with Version 2.53.1 and it did ask for my password as stated.

      Then I used KeePass Version 2.52 and exported the SAME database and I was not blocked from the export.

      So if I want to bypass the new password rule, all I have to do is use an older version. This is not very secure!


    • in reply to: “Install date” #2524695

      This had me intrigued, so I brought up Revo Uninstaller version 2.1.1 portable and it showed most of the installed programs with a date of 1/30/2021. This was the date I installed Windows 10 v-2004. There were later dates, but none earlier.

      Looking at the control panel, Programs and Features applet, I see some of the programs with the install date of 1/30/21 but not all of the programs that Revo showed with that date. There were some earlier and some later than that date.

      Looking at the folders in “C:\Program files” or “C:\Program files (x86)”, none of modified dates I checked had the date of 1/30/2021.

      This is not associated with 32 bit or 64 bit programs only. It is just weird.

    • The system I was using in my post above #2513630 is a desktop with an ASRock Z170 Extreme 7+ motherboard installed in 2015.

      I am running Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.2364

      My PowerShell version is 5.1.19041.2364

      I see all the CVE entries that Rick has shown.



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    • I get the same error message (using the power shell command above).

      What is interesting is that I use a small utility (neutron.exe) to 1- get the time from “time-a.nist.gov” and 2- store the time in the system. When I just get the time, no error message is recorded. It is only when I store the time (synchronize) that I get 2 identical CVE error messages as Rick reported.

      I hope this adds some useful information to this discussion.

    • in reply to: Modem/Router Query #2503394

      I also have a Comcast/Xfinity Modem/Router. I do NOT use bridge mode and run 2 routers attached to the modem and do not have any conflicts.

      Using bridge mode disables one of the 2 ethernet ports, which would prevent me from using 2 routers.

      I like 2 routers so that the 2 networks cannot talk to each other. One network for guests and other devices and one network for my local computer network (private).


    • in reply to: 6000002 Guide to using WUMGR for Windows 10 updates #2475357

      It can be unzipped on either or both drives.

      As long as you can see the wumgr.exe file in Windows Explorer, you can run the program. Best to run as an administrator.


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    • in reply to: 6000002 Guide to using WUMGR for Windows 10 updates #2475352

      The download of WuMgr is already portable. Just  unzip and run.

      I am using version 1.1b.


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    • in reply to: Internet On Off Software Switch #2475301

      This may be relevant to the command line in the BAT file.

      Looking at the command arguments in the usage help (see below), the last element is either enabled (not enable) or disabled (not disable).

      f:\>netsh interface set interface /?

      Usage set interface [name = ] IfName
      [ [admin = ] ENABLED|DISABLED
      [newname = ] NewName ]

      Sets interface parameters.

      IfName – the name of the interface
      admin – whether the interface should be enabled
      connect – whether to connect the interface (non-LAN only).
      newname – new name for the interface (LAN only).

      – At least one option other than the name must be specified.
      – If connect = CONNECTED is specified, then the interface
      is automatically enabled even if the admin = DISABLED
      option is specified.


      set interface name=”Wired Ethernet Connection” admin=DISABLED

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    • in reply to: God Mode has finally disappeared #2467836

      It is still there for me as well after the July updates.


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    • in reply to: Getting Firefox to always open a link in a new tab #2467283

      I just right click the link and get a pop-up menu with “Open in new tab” as the top choice.

      This removes any guesswork.


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    • in reply to: Strange behaviour in gpedit #2455642

      I think all the options under “Store” are for the Microsoft Store.

      The “Windows Update” entry is used to control updates.


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    • in reply to: Problem finding new replies in a post #2443125


      What Firefox extension do you use?

      I found one called Regex Search, but it does not position the screen to what it finds.

      Thanks for the help, JC

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