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      What Firefox extension do you use?

      I found one called Regex Search, but it does not position the screen to what it finds.

      Thanks for the help, JC

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      Thank you for the info on how to find the First new Reply chronologically.

      However, the very fact that you do this proves my point that the forum software is not very good at finding new replies, because of the threading design.

      Susan’s suggestion of using the “X minutes ago” link only finds the reply of the member listed below it, NOT the “First new Reply”.  I verified that this morning in a different topic.

      It would be nice if there was a “Next new Reply” button (or key stroke) when reading the posts for a given topic.

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      I would like the “New Reply” box to find the first new reply closest to the start of the post as opposed to the current method based on the time of the reply.

      I probably should have said, I would like to see the “Show first new reply” function locate the first “Unread” reply which is closest to the top of the thread, so I could scroll down and find other “Unread” posts.

      Currently, the term “First” refers to the earliest date/time of an “Unread” post and has little to do with reading them from top to bottom of the thread.

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      Hover your mouse over the “X minutes ago part” and see what the pop-up help says.

      I would have to try it on a long thread with many replies to see if it finds the “First new reply” or the reply of the last person posting.

      But in either case, it could miss a post closer to the top of the thread.


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      I assume you mean in the list of posts, the column header “Last Post” is not clickable and the time and author info next to the post with a new reply will either give the profile of the last author or start a reply to the post. So, no that will not work for me.

      The small box that takes you to the “First new reply” should find the first reply closest to the start of the thread, not the one with the earliest date/time.

      I understand that the replies are meant to be threaded, but that is why this problem occurs.


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      does anyone know if Windows Update would delay the Windows restart until all installations reached 100% completion, or could someone actually damage their OS if they clicked “Restart Now” while an update was partially installed?

      I had a similar experience a few months ago and it completely screwed Windows when I clicked “Restart Now” too soon. Good thing I made an image backup first.

      My original post is HERE

      Now I use WUMgr to install updates one at a time.

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      To find the results of the MRT scan go to:


      and look for the file named  mrt.log

      Open the file with notepad and go to the bottom to see the results of the last malicious software scan.


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    • Have you tried Right Click to paste the text using the “Paste without formatting” option?

    • in reply to: Turbo Tax and Windows 11 issues #2426329

      My experience with TTax 2021 is exactly the same as yours.

      Folder name: Individual 2021

      State name shown in box before download of state files (taken from last year I presume)

      Win 10 21H2, 1920 x 1080 Video resolution, Intel onboard graphics 530


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      To continue my story, after I restored the image and all was working as before, I used WUMGR to hide the .net update and allowed the Cumulative update to install by clicking “Check for Updates” in the Windows Update page. That one updated without any problem.

      Then I selected to un-hide the .net update and it installed without any problem.

      Windows Update used to work much better than this. Too bad we have to turn to other programs to fix the problems created by Microsoft.


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    • in reply to: How to change .tmp extension back to no app association #2422898

      How to Undo the “Open With” default program association for a file type:

      Google Search: “undo default open with”

      Try this:

      Open regedit

      Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\

      Find the entry for the extension needed (e.g. .tmp)

      Edit the OpenWithList key and remove any unwanted programs (Fix the MRU list as well)

      Check the OpenWithProgids key to be sure it is correct

      Make sure there is no subkey/subfolder named UserChoice
      (If you see it, right click on the UserChoice and click Delete)

      I found that the above worked fine, no restart required.

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      I have never heard of Keyring. I looked it up and it appears to be an add-on function for a browser.

      If this is true, why don’t you just remove it – if it is causing so much irritation?

    • I made a Disk Image with Macrium Reflect Free version 7.3 just before upgrading my laptop with the January 2022 updates.

      When I started the updates both the .NET (KB5008876) and Cum Update (KB5009543) were shown by Windows Update as ready to install, so I started both.

      Part way into the update, the .NET wanted to restart, but the Cum Update was not ready. I got the box asking for a restart, so I clicked Restart Now.

      Then it all went bad. I got the “Restarting” message followed by “Getting Windows Ready”, but that is as far as it went. After 45 minutes I powered off and tried rebooting. NO GO.

      So I put in my Macrium Reflect Rescue USB drive and followed the prompts to restore the image I made earlier.

      Macrium Reflect saved my laptop. This is the first time I have ever had to restore an image and it worked flawlessly.


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      I just tried comparing Brave and FF 90.02.

      The colors were EXACTLY the same.


    • in reply to: Converting MBR to GPT for Win11 (Multiple drives) #2399361

      I did run the whynotw11 app.

      If I fix the SSD to go from MBR to GPT, I can set the boot from legacy to UEFI and the secure boot will be recognized (I set both secure boot and TPM but only TPM is recognized by the app at this point).

      My CPU is Intel Quad Core i7-6700K 64 bit and the app is complaining about it, even though it should run Win 11 just fine.

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