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      Back in 2004, Quicken used a set of files for its data with extensions like .QDF .QEL .QSD .QPH and .IDX

      If you try to restore part of the set you will get an error. They have to all be in sync to open and all in the same folder.

      A possible way to finesse the program is to create a new account in a separate folder with the name you want to use. This will cause Quicken to create the correct set of files. Then copy over this set with your old files and try Quicken again to see if it will open the replaced file set.

      I don’t know what you meant when you said you ” tried using SendTo without avail”. I have always just copied the files using a file manager.

      Also, if your test of Quicken 2010 converted your HD resident copies of the account files, the conversion would not be compatible with the 2004 version. That may be why you got the initial “Can’t open this file” and “Unable to open the selected file” error messages.

      I hope this helps.

    • in reply to: Validation rejection in Firefox #1351694

      My post #9 states that OSI returned an error message about an unverified source. Actually, it was the same exact message that the OP showed in the original post. That is why I told him about the rollback, which worked for him.

      If this was just an OSI issue, why would the Oracle “Verify Java Version” page time out. If anyone should be up to date it would be Oracle.

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      The facts as I see them are:

      The Secunia OSI works for Win XP 32 bit with Java 6u35 and 7u7

      The Secunia OSI works for Win 7 32 bit with Java 6u35 and 7u7

      The Secunia OSI works for Win 7 64 bit and Vista 64 bit with Java 6u35

      The Secunia OSI FAILS for Win 7 64 bit and Vista 64 bit with Java 7u7

      If this were a SSL Certificate issue, OSI would fail with Java 6u35 as well. The only thing that was changed was the Java version.

      So I can only conclude that there is a problem with Java7 and 64 bit Win 7 and Vista, since Jerry said it worked with 64 bit Win 8.

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      Thank you Geroge, it may help some in that all failures I have seen so far involve 64 bit versions of Windows and Java 7.

      If you Google ClassNotFoundException / jreVerification.class (the error reported by verify Java Version), you will find a few others who have experienced this problem, but no one has found a cure except to rollback the Java version.

      All attempts to uninstall all references to Java and start over seem to fail with 64 bit systems.

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      Actually George, it would be helpful in solving this problem if you could tell us what versions of Windows, Firefox and Java you were using that caused the trouble.

      Even the hardware you are using might be useful.

    • in reply to: Validation rejection in Firefox #1351396

      I fixed this by going back to the previous version of Java (Java 6 update 35)
      You can find it on FileHippo and look for the Java updates.

      I encountered the same problem with both Firefox and IE 9 when using the Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI) after installing any version of Java 7.
      Also, Java 7 will NOT verify if I go to the Verify Java page.

      I don’t know how to solve the problem with Java 7, but Java 6u35 does make everything work.
      I am running Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Firefox 15.01 and IE 9 with latest patches.

      PS: When I installed Java 7u7 on my laptop running Win XP SP3, Both Firefox 15.01 and IE 8 were able to run the Secunia OSI without a problem. Therefore, the downloaded program from Secunia will work with Java 7u7, just not on my Win 7 x64 machine.

    • in reply to: Fix for the most recent IE zero-day threat #1350526

      Is there a reason that you brought back 5 patches that were removed from the previous list (Feb to Apr)?

      And as Chris noted, no mention of the patches from 2 weeks ago, or the one you recommended in this article.

      I hope this is just an oops that will not be repeated in the future, we do pay attention to the list.

    • in reply to: Thunderbird Fonts #1341163

      There are icons above the message window in the write mail window that allow the font size to be adjusted. Just mouse-over the icons and the popup help will tell you what each one will do.

    • in reply to: Current window loses focus #1337829

      OK, More investigating has pointed to Firefox. See my post “Firefox – Possible source of windows losing focus” posted under the Third Party Browsers forum category.

      Thanks to all for their suggestions.

    • in reply to: Current window loses focus #1337808

      Actually, Revo Uninstaller did a great job of uninstalling it.

    • in reply to: Current window loses focus #1337803

      Thank you for the info, but you missed the point – as I said “stuff it forced on me”. I was aware that CutePDF would try to offer the Ask.com toolbar, so I carefully “unchecked” all of the boxes shown in your image. BUT, the toolbar was installed anyway!!

      When I next ran my browsers, each said that Ask.com wanted to enable the toolbar. I said NO – to each of them. The Add-on manager of each browser showed that the toolbar was not enabled.

      I uninstalled CutePDF because I wanted to be sure that it was not doing something else behind my back to cause the lost focus problem.

      Today, I opened Firefox and the Wall Street Journal – Market Watch page. Immediately after doing a refresh of the page, Firefox lost focus. I don’t know if this was web page specific of just a problem with Firefox 13.0.1 – but that was the only app I had open at the time.

      Still investigating…..

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      Last Friday, I uninstalled the app “CutePDF” and the Ask.com toolbar and stuff it forced on me during install (about 1-2 weeks ago). I have not had the problem for the past 2 days. It will be interesting to see if the problem comes back next week when Firefox is displaying some web pages that do auto-updates.

    • in reply to: Current window loses focus #1337563

      I agree that resetting the mouse does not work. I have a desktop system with no other wireless devices than the mouse, so I can’t turn off anything.

      My last mouse software upgrade was March 9 and this problem appeared over a month later.

    • in reply to: “Post-it” like notes for Desktop #1337509

      After re-reading your initial post, it sounds like you are looking for a note to either stay on top or be visible on the desktop only. The stickies program has a button on each sticky (upper left corner) which lets you toggle On-Top status. Maybe that is what you were after.

    • in reply to: Current window loses focus #1337508

      I also tried the registry fix, setting it to 16 seconds, but it did not solve the problem.

      Since Allowe mentioned a bluetooth connection, I am trying a reset of my wireless mouse. Keep your fingers crossed.

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