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      Let me add that I am experiencing the same problem. However, my symptoms do not occur as often, maybe every 10 to 20 minutes. I just mouse click the title bar to get focus back to my page.

      It started is the past few weeks, so I suspect that it is associated with some software upgrade. My startup apps have not changed over the past several months, so I do not think this is the problem.

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      I had a similar problem with a Logitech Lx6 wireless mouse a few months ago. I moved the receiver to another USB port and the problem disappeared.
      I did not try to see if the old port had totally failed, just moved on.

    • in reply to: Problem with the “Print Complete” sound #1322380

      Thank you both for providing this confirming feedback. Now I can stop spending time looking for a fix that doesn’t exist.

      My Windows XP system was SP3 by the way and it worked just fine. I guess that Microsoft can’t seem to keep a fix once they have released it.

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      I have definitions for a network printer and a PDF Print to file virtual printer. Both have drivers which are Windows 7 64-bit updates. I have similar drivers on my Windows XP laptop. Printing to both printer definitions give a Pop-Up notification and no sound under Windows 7, but give a sound under Windows XP.

      The Pop-Up Notification of print completion is controlled by the Print Server (Spooler). There are check boxes under the “Print Server Properties” > Advanced tab to set notifications for both local and network printers. I have both boxes checked.

      I tested this under Windows XP and the same boxes controlled the Pop-Up Notification and the “Print Complete” sound. I would expect Windows 7 to work the same.

      Can anyone verify that the “Print Complete” sound ever plays under any Windows 7 configuration (Home, Pro, Ultimate)?

      I would appreciate any feedback that would help me understand why this is not working. So far the lack of any reply suggests this does not work on Windows 7 at all.

    • in reply to: duplicate file and file sync freeware? #1322053

      I have found this program full featured, flexible, accurate, and fast for file synchronization. It works locally and across the network. I have not tried it for Cloud operation. You can even create batch operations.

      Free File Sync

    • in reply to: Four free hard-drive maintenance tools #1280193

      DANGER. I was a beta tester for the first two versions of this program. It drove me crazy. Every third feature did not work. The worst one was that it could not make a recovery CD. I tried it on an older XP (service pack 3), vista and Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).

      The Full Paid version of Easeus does make a Rescue CD and it works on Windows 7 Pro x64 hardware. The main partitioning function works great without needing a rescue CD. It all runs from within the Windows system and it works great! I used the free version for an XP system and had to upgrade to the Pro version (6.5.1) for Windows 7 x64. I have not yet upgraded to the latest version as I don’t need to change partition settings very often.

      Easeus lets you resize partitions, even the Boot Partition. I made my C: Drive partition too small and was able to adjust other partitions to give space to expand the C: drive easily. This is a great program.

    • in reply to: Trouble with Rescue CD from Macrim Reflect #1279814


      I can make image backups just fine and MR is installed in the default location on my single boot Windows 7 x64 system.

      However, I decided to explore the BIOS possibility some more. My motherboard supports SATA3 and USB 3.0 and I thought that these might be beyond the Linux capability. When I disabled these features (which I don’t use right now), the same CD that got hung up before now completed its boot and I got into the rescue screen of Macrium Reflect.

      I am sorry I jumped to the conclusion that it was the program’s fault. They just cannot deal with the newer hardware, whether it is used or not. If I use the SATA3 and USB 3.0 ports in the future, I will have to remember that they are not compatible with the Linux environment of MR 4.2.

      Thanks for your help in proving that the Linux environment does in fact work and that I should keep looking for a problem on my end.

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      OK Fred & Deadeye,

      I am open to further investigation. I am running the latest Macrium Reflect 4.2 build 3141 (free) – Linux image is up to date according to program. I am using both the compatibility mode and the debug mode when the CD’s are created.

      I created a Linux rescue CD from Macrium Reflect doing a direct burn and I also tried an ISO image and used imgburn successfully. So I think my CD’s are fine.

      When I attempt to boot from CD using any of these disks, I see the following Linux messages on the screen and then the screen goes blank.

      ISO Linux 4.2 2010-04-21….

      Loading Linux26….

      Loading intrd.bin…

      It is clearly attempting to start the Linux boot image. So now, could there be a BIOS setting for the video that is not correct? Does it take a long time to complete a Linux boot sequence – like 3 to 10 minutes – and I did not wait long enough?

      My system was built in December of 2010, the specs are in the first post. I am now suspecting a hardware issue, but there are no specifications that I could find at the MR website as to what is needed by the Linux environment.

    • in reply to: Trouble with Rescue CD from Macrim Reflect #1279752

      I created a Linux Boot disk from EASEUS Partition manager and was able to successfully boot into the EASEUS program. Therefore, any issue of the BIOS’s ability to boot to a CD can be laid to rest.

      My motherboard has an onboard SATA controller which I am using.

      I went to the Macrium Reflect website and looked through (Searched) the forum postings, but found little help. They will only allow people who have PURCHASED the full product to post a question, so I could not ask the question from my original post. The only thing I found was a comment by one of the moderators which stated that the hardware support in the Linux environment was very limited (what ever that means). Other posters said that the Linux Rescue CD did not work, The Bart PE environment will not work with Windows 7 file systems, thus leaving the Windows PE environment the only option, but that is only available with the PAID version.

      My conclusion is that they HYPE Linux support for the free version, but it does not work; they are trying to LURE people into purchasing the full version; and the free version is useless if a bootable Rescue CD cannot be created.

      I am now very dissapointed with Macrium Reflect. Can anyone show that there is something wrong with my conclusion?

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      Thanks Deadeye,

      I have not tried the debug mode, yet. I assumed with the blank screen that there would be no messages to see.

      I am using version 4.2 build 3141 (Free edition). Check for updates in the Macrium program says this is the latest. I have not looked for a separate update to the CD Image, but I will.

    • in reply to: Yahoo Beta #1278012

      In the upper Left corner of the mail display, there is a dropdown list near your login ID. The way back is there.

    • in reply to: April brings showers of browser patches #1276241

      Every month, Microsoft publishes a description of all the fixes they release for that month:


      This is the release description for January 2011. To see the other release bulletins for 2011, just edit the URL and change the 3 char month ID.

      In this release bulletin, they have a section describing the affected software versions in a big table sorted by MS11-0xx across the top. There should be no reason to ask if a KB# applies to your Windows Version or Office Version if you read this bulletin.

      There should also be no reason to miss a KB# which applies to Win 7 SP1 instead of SP0 because this is clearly described in the bulletin.

    • in reply to: April brings showers of browser patches #1276240

      Bobprimark Post #21 It would be nice if you mentioned which patch you were talking about!

    • in reply to: Some installation woes with Windows 7 SP1 #1270100

      In the article, Susan Bradley mentioned installing KB2502285 before installing Win 7 SP1.

      I went to that page at Microsoft and it did not show a download button for my system. Also, Windows Update did not show that update as available.

      I am running Windows 7 Pro x64.

      Does anyone know if KB2502285 is only for x86 (32 bit) systems?

      BTW: SP1 is shown as Important and available on WSUS as of Feb 28, but it is *not* checked for download.

    • in reply to: Two great security tools get free updates #1263072

      This is a quick note to let people know that there is a problem with the Secunia PSI which I reported to them last November, before the PSI version 2.0 was released.
      I have since tested PSI 2.0 and it still overwrites the Explorer Start Navigation sound definition.

      As far as I know, this is the only system problem with PSI. It is otherwise a great tool.

      ============= This is my email to Secunia ===============

      Running PSI under Win XP SP3

      I have been looking for the process that destroys the definition of my Explorer Start Navigation sound definition. I have that sound defined as “Start.wav” and after each reboot it gets set to “Sta”.

      If I disable PSI at startup, the sound definition remains as I set it.

      I ran the Sysinternals ProcessMonitor program filtered for registry accesses to
      and I found when starting PSI manually that PSI executes a RegSetValue on that registry Key 4 times during startup. The data is garbage and the type is changed from REG_SZ to REG_EXPAND_SZ.

      So my question is why does PSI have to change my sound definitions at all?

      I would also like to submit this as a bug report.

      ============= Response from Secunia ======================

      Subject: PSI Overwrites Sound Definition
      From: Secunia Support
      Date: Thu, December 2, 2010 3:14:37 AM


      Thank you for contacting Secunia Support.

      We are aware of the issue and are currently working to fix it.

      If you have any further questions, please let me know.

      Kind regards,

      Emil Jeppesen
      Secunia PSI Support

      Secunia PSI

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