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      I have one question: Can it enter credentials into a remote UAC secure desktop?

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      Didn’t the feds go after them once for this sort of thing?

    • This is just not cool with everyone using VPN to work from home. I’m sure glad I haven’t approved the March cumulative updates yet, and I don’t dare do it now, especially with the “fix” in doubt. If VPN breaks on someone who is at home, it will be a major pain to do anything to fix it.

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    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Get the February patches installed #2174817

      A good drive image will negate, in a matter of minutes, any negative consequences an update/upgrade might potentially have.

      Assuming you notice the negative consequences pretty quickly.

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    • in reply to: Windows 10X: Future fireworks or another dud? #2170390

      Ah, so that’s why they aren’t fixing this month’s patches.

      Windows has supported dual screens since at least XP.

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    • in reply to: February 2020 Patch Tuesday foibles #2140823

      Microsoft has released patches for every version of Win10 (except version 1511), back to the original 1507, whether they’re supported or not.

      I have to wonder whether this is really true. Every version except 1511 has an edition or application where it is still supported. 1507 and 1607 have LTSBs. 1703 is still supported on Surface Hub and 1709 hasn’t expired for Enterprise yet. So can anyone confirm that a non-Hub 1703 or a Home/Pro 1709 gets patched?

    • I believe Microsoft pulled KB4528069 just today.

      No doubt because it was being used to test ESU hacks.

    • in reply to: Patch Lady – Windows 7 ESU last minute requirement #2139306

      Has anyone confirmed they will not update without this patch?

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    • What I refer to as “click eating” where mouse functions don’t work unless a window has the focus, has gotten worse and worse over the last few years, even on older Windows versions. I can’t even scroll windows without clicking them first. All the extra clicking is giving me RSI. It’s almost like they want to sell more mice.

    • What’s to keep them from issuing an old-fashioned “Update for Windows 7” that shows up for everyone? I assume they will eventually do this a time or two with a “Security update” for widespread worms, etc., like they did with XP.

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      Surf’s UP!!!

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      Yes, the diabolical Windows by the Month plan has been moving forward for at least 5 years. They’ve only been impatiently waiting for Windows 7 to die. Expect to start paying for your “free” Windows 10 next year or your existing version will expire in a matter of months.

      Only the domains are safe (for now), because they’re already paying by the year, but expect those to go up, too. And they really, REALLY want them all on Azure, that’s why it’s every other word out of their mouths, so that will be the next compulsion.

      It’s a shame Linux isn’t more standardized …

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    • in reply to: It’s all happening here #1944914

      Might get funny at some point, but I had to kill it to stop the horror as soon as he started singing that awful lyric writing. It makes Vogon poetry seem great by comparison. Why would you inflict this on us?

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      And at that point, the only option will be to upgrade to a current version. Microsoft will not patch older versions of 10 for security flaws or anything else.

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      I’m hopeful it will be the one we all soon settle on.

      Interesting that you use the phrase “settle on” when that has not been Microsoft’s plan for Windows 10. By the time 1903 is stable, Pro and Home will have 1 year left, not much time to settle. Even more interesting, Microsoft’s Lifecycle page currently shows the same date for Ent/Edu. Hope for change?

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