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      For me, the solution is to eschew use of Chredge entirely wherever feasible.

    • If so (and I were you), I would set those to manual or disable them entirely.

      With updates disabled how would you know of a new security update for ChrEdge ?
      ChrEdge updates don’t use WU but update in the background.
      I would recommend enabling auto updates for any browser just like auto updating any security/anti virus app.

      I monitor new releases on Major Geeks, and have no interest in any of the beta- or early-release versions of anything.  I have little interest in the Chredge telemetry with its mother ship.

    • It comes as a recommended update, but unchecked. I got both it and the Microsoft Security or Intelligence update (virus definitions for MSE) yesterday on one machine and today on another, with Chredge unchecked but the virus definition update checked and both identified as recommended (both Windows 7 Home Premium x64 sp1). I installed it on one machine yesterday to play with and hid it on the other machine today. It’s almost identical to the latest Chrome browser in the settings menus. It also comes automatically with Windows 10 Home version 2004.


      On the machine where you installed Chredge, does Windows Services now present several “MicrosoftEdge” entries for its automatic updating?  If so (and I were you), I would set those to manual or disable them entirely.

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      Okay, Microsoft is up to something with this effort to procure account login.  While the Settings page continues to have those features presented in the above images, I’ve now received a direct e-mail at my regular and well-monitored address which purports to come from Microsoft Account Protection with a password reset code for the Outlook account e-mail (which is legitimate, but rarely used), and a link to “remove your email address from that account”.

      So, this might be a legitimate 2FA effort since there was no response to the notifications on the Settings page…or not.  Will explore further.

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      I’ve got these as well — started a different thread on it (“Account Login Request on Settings page in v1909”) earlier in this subforum.

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      Here are screenshots of the System/Notifications and Privacy pages — there’s nothing I can find in the Personalization set which involves notifications.





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      Well, I have no explanation for why I’m seeing this stuff on my two machines, thus my query posted here earlier — as I said, I haven’t joined the Insider program (nor will I), and the only two updates which were offered and installed in last week’s Patch Tuesday were the cumulative update (KB4560960) and one for Adobe Flash (KB4561600).  I don’t recall the new features appearing until yesterday, and thought it was an odd feature from some MS “push” to gain more opportunities for linking account information for some commercial or intel purpose.

      One machine is apparently being offered the “opportunity” to download and install 2004 (not something I’m eager to do), but the other (a 32GB eMMC tablet) is not — and probably won’t ever be due to the lack of available space.  Each new release since 1709 has required me to reinstall the original 1511 image, de-crapify it and then install the newer OS version from a USB drive prepped with the MS tool for doing so.  I gather that upgrade path option is no longer available for 2004, so I suspect that tablet OS has reached EOL.

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      I think these are what you want to see, but if not, clarify and I’ll provide.




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      No, I stay out of the “Insider” program entirely — the OS build for both machines is 18363.900, and I’ve attached a screenshot of what is presented.


    • So…I should also untoggle the “Microsoft Edge Elevation Service” as well as the others?  I had not done so previously, as I thought it might be required to establish a valid secure (e.g. https://) webpage.

    • MSCONFIG/Services — untoggled the two entries associated with “Microsoft Edge Updating Service” (edgeupdate + edgeupdatem)

      Both services had been stopped earlier, but now I’ll see if that untoggling actually sticks, or if some MS process next Patch Tuesday (or earlier) changes it back.

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    • Firefox is the default browser by choice on my primary laptop, though I installed Chredge on both of my W10Hx64 laptops to replace the extant versions of Edge when it became available a few months back (it’s the default and only browser on a 32Gb eMMC laptop).

      In general, I turn off auto-updating for any app installed on all of my machines where that user-selectable option is available in its settings, with few exceptions.  Chredge does not have a high-level setting option for that feature, so it must be buried within the deeper structure — both machines apparently auto-updated to the latest version without any notification or user involvement.  There is no entry within the WU list which reflects such an update was processed, unless it was something slyly and covertly wrapped into a malware definitions update in the past day.

      I’m not at all pleased with this sort of behavior, so today I’ll be digging for the technical details and the information required to toggle that deeper setting to “off”.

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      The very first step I’ve always taken with a new PC after the user account setup is a de-crapification process to uninstall and remove lingering traces of most (though maybe not all) of the pre-loaded 3rd party applications.

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      No issues on my space-constrained (32 Gb eMMC) Toshiba laptop running W10H_1909x64 which processed everything offered (W10 CU, MSRT, .NET CU) without trouble in one go.

      My Win7Ux64-ESU desktop took 3 steps, as I untoggled the .NET offering as usual for the first go (Rolllup, MSRT, Excel 2010 security update), rebooted and then installed the .NET update next.  Following the 2nd reboot and WU check, the new SSU was offered and was digested without problems.

      My other W10Hx64 laptop with plenty of storage is in waiting until I re-enable the WU process after feedback from Woody & Susan.

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      My Win7U-ESU desktop has had the “Teredo Tunneling Adapter” glitch on a number of occasions over the past 5-6 years, and the Wintips article was such a straightforward (and valid) fix that fully resolved it.  The 2nd time the yellow icon appeared in Device Manager, I printed the article for reference — have had to execute its steps several more times since then.  Rather than simply go back to an earlier restore point each time, I prefer to use that Wintips approach between full system backups.

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