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      You might like to consider XBMC/Kodi as a replacement for Windows Media Center in Windows 10.  It’s been said that Kodi will do everything Windows Media Center could to, only better.  This page describes several alternatives to WMC, with Kodi at the top of the list.  https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-alternatives-windows-media-center-windows-10/

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      I would try disconnecting one of the monitors from the computer, and see if the other one will then display the video adapter’s output. If still no response, swap and see if the other monitor will work on its own. If still no video, chances are the video adapter has died and needs replacement.

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      Process Hacker is a tool available at the Sourceforge website that allows a user to kill stubborn processes that are resistant to normal methods such as via Windows’ built-in Task Manager.  I have it installed on my Windows system and find it quite useful on occasion.  Here are a couple of links that may help you better understand its operation, and instructions for its removal if you wish to do so.




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      Do you use it? The latest version is Oct 2013. The last beta (2) version 1.4.0 is Nov, 2020. I’ve run across it in web searches, but in recommending it, do you actually use it?

      I have used Explorer++, and I highly recommend it.  I think you will be quite pleased with its ease of use, as well as its similarity to Windows File Explorer.  I’m currently using the beta version 1.4.0

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      Read the comments at : https://news.softpedia.com/news/how-to-fix-the-nvidia-driver-bug-on-windows-10-version-2004-530725.shtml

      I followed the link, downloaded the latest driver package, and began the install.  After checking system compatibility, it wouldn’t proceed any further and showed a message saying the drivers were incompatible with my version of Windows.  Running Windows 10 v 1909 on an Acer desktop AX 5810 using nVidia GeForce G210.  Current graphics driver version is 342.01, which is too old and not compatible with Win10 v2004, so I guess I’m stuck with 1909 for now, unless someone has a suggestion for a fix that might work with my hardware.

    • I read all of the above, and I have a different reason for sticking with Windows 7. I upgraded this computer to Windows 10, and it developed a “glitch” in the sound that I could not get rid of. It affected every program that used sound–from Windows startup to Youtube. It was so annoying that I had to revert to Windows 7. I suspect that this computer is too old to run Windows 10 (as I am), so I am just stuck until I get a newer machine. But this one works for me, so I feel no urgency to replace it.

      You don’t mention just how old your old computer is.  I’m running Windows 10 Pro version 20H2 on an eleven year old Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop, and it works just fine.  I do have open-shell installed to give it the look and feel of Windows 7, because I don’t care for Windows 10’s desktop, but other than that I have no issues with the OS.  I must admit, though, that I was really slow to bite the bullet and do the upgrade from Windows 7, which was one of the best versions ever.  I’ve used and serviced every version of Windows going all the way back to Windows 3.11.

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      I often have the same issue on my Windows 10 Pro.  When the “in use” message pops up, there is usually also a ‘Try again” button. More often than not if I click on that button, the system then releases and ejects the USB stick, allowing removal.

      All of my machines are Win 10 Pro and I have never seen a “Try again” button anywhere. The only option is to close the message.

      Here it is…see for yourself.  🙂 Try_Again

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      I often have the same issue on my Windows 10 Pro.  When the “in use” message pops up, there is usually also a ‘Try again” button. More often than not if I click on that button, the system then releases and ejects the USB stick, allowing removal.

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      What you may need to do is move the install executable to the C drive, then do a custom install and select the F drive as the destination drive for installing the program.  I don’t know for sure that will help, but worth a try.

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      I have that same Windows update message on my  old Acer desktop system running version 1909.  I read recently of a bug in version 2004 on systems with nVidea display adapters, which is what my system has.  I suspect Microsoft is still trying to fix that bug, thus the reason my update is delayed.

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      Your writeup about the Keysmart Cleankey makes this statement: “Surprisingly, a quick search on Etsy will show dozens of lower-priced knockoffs. Most use brass or some other material that probably doesn’t have the anti-microbial properties of the copper-zinc alloy — nor do they typically include the retractable cable.”

      In case you’re not aware, brass IS a copper-zinc alloy, so I would think it should have the same anti-microbial properties as a copper-zinc alloy.

      It is nice to know that such a product exists.  I may try it!  Thanks for the informative article.

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      You say a significant number of users are annoyed at the blocking.  Do you know that for a fact?  You are the first one I’m aware of who has complained.  I really do not think any of us have missed the point.  I understand your frustration and not trying in any way to downplay it, but are you willing to try any of the suggestions offered?

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      If you haven’t yet given it a try, you might download and install the latest version of Opera browser, which comes with a built-in VPN.  I’m using it now to access this page to post this comment.  I moved to Australia three years ago, and had to start using a VPN last July to access my bank account in Texas for online transactions, after the national telco here began blocking my access last year.  I discovered Opera with built-in VPN and began using it exclusively to access my stateside bank account, and it works wonderfully for that purpose.  No cost security.

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      I’ve been trying out various Linux distros for the past 10 years.  First one I tried was a Mandriva distro in early 2010.  It showed much promise as a viable Windows alternative but still seemed a bit clunky for an average Windows user to adapt to.  I tried a few other distros over the years, including Knoppix and Ubuntu.  I discovered Linux Mint Cinnamon a couple of years ago, and set up my new Acer laptop to dual boot Windows 10 and Mint 19.  Worked nicely until Windows 10 updated to version 1809, which blew away my dual boot capability.  So now my Acer is running only Windows 10, again updated, to v1909.  I took my 10 year old Toshiba Satellite Pro, wiped the hard drive, and installed Linux Mint 19.2, which has now been updated to 19.3 Cinnamon.  Runs well on the old Centrino processor and 3GB of RAM.  I find Linux has made great progress in the past 10 years in the area of user friendliness.  Still a little clunky in some areas, but definitely a viable alternative to Windows now.  Since Windows 10 doesn’t like to play very nice alongside Linux, I decided not to attempt another dual boot arrangement on my Acer, opting instead to install Virtualbox and run several Linux distros side by side in virtual machines.   Great way to test various distros to compare features as well as shortcomings.

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      I tried Cliqz for a day or two based on your recommendation, and almost immediately noticed an issue on my computer.  I’m running an older Acer that supports a maximum of 4GB RAM, which is maxed out.  Running Windows 10 Pro ver 1909.  Newer hardware may not be as seriously affected, but with my limited RAM, a noticeable memory leak can be debilitating  rather quickly.  With a few other programs already running, when I initially open Cliqz the memory usage is around 65% and the computer functions normally.  It climbs fairly soon to over 95% and the computer becomes very sluggish almost to the point of freezing up.  I close Cliqz then reopen, and the memory usage drops back to the 65% range, then quickly climbs again.  To be fair, Waterfox also leaks memory, but at a considerably slower rate.

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