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      Came across my post while searching for the same thing. Commenting for posterity; had a user come to me with a laptop he hasn’t used in a while (but it stays plugged in and updated) and wanted his Outlook set up so he could work remotely for a few days due to *gestures broadly*.

      Same symptoms, kept looping on the email screen. Repaired Office, checked Credential Manager (empty), checked Susan’s suggestion (empty), tried our previous workaround (press Enter a bunch of times and maybe you can trick it)… nothin’. Grabbed another laptop, signed into the network as him, same issue with Outlook.

      The fix? Unplug from the domain network and join the guest wifi.
      It didn’t auto-fill his email address (since it couldn’t pull from AD) so I put in his name and email, skipped password, hit Next, and Modern Auth appeared and let me put in his password.

      So it either was our firewall blocking something (odd) or since it was technically a manual setup maybe it tried calling MA differently?

      In a year when this happens again and I come across this thread again maybe I’ll have a better explanation.

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      If you’re in for a good ol’ scammer-time-wasting time, I highly recommend Kitboga! He’s on Twitch and YouTube.

      Great way to see some of the phone scams currently in play, his improv is top-notch, and the situations are frustrating enough that I need to turn them off after a couple hours.

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      I mean, look what they did to popular streaming platform Beam/Mixer. Acquired Beam which objectively was a better product than Twitch, rebranded it to Mixer, and then what two or three years later shut it down pretty suddenly, forcing streamers who built a pretty good community there to go to either Facebook Gaming or Twitch.

      So they had all that consumer data right there and then fumbled the ball.

      Or maybe that’s not how it really happened, but what I observed as a consumer on Mixer.

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      AAH! IT’S YOU! Big fan.

      There were some saved creds in there for a returning user, so I blew them away and was able to get her profile fixed on that machine.

      I haven’t had a chance yet with a new user, so I’ll give that a shot and report back.



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