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      I have Windows Home  10 21H2 installed , and I also have the InControl app. I changed the app to 10 22H2 and gave it about 24 hours and nothing happened. I have since tried the Check Updates on Windows several times and it says that I am up to date. Should I go ahead and download the ISO file?   Thanks !

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      I”m on IOS 15.7  (IPhone 13 Pro)   and it says I am update , but 16.0 is available. Do I need to stay with 15.7 for now?  Thanks

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      Don’t use Lenovo Vantage for updates

      Hi Alex ! Can you expand a little more on this?  Lenovo Vantage says I’m up to date, and the last Bios Update was installed on 10/5/2021. I’m not sure on the Intel Update? I guess I could download it manually and if it was already on my laptop, it would give notification that it was already installed? I thought Lenovo Vantage supposedly took care of everything. I’m glad you posted this. Thanks, John

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      Lenovo laptops aren’t Mac computers.  In the future can we stick to the topic at hand and the platform we are discussing please?  Thank you for understanding and for keeping on topic.

      Thanks Susan. I have a 2020 Yoga C740-14IML laptop, which is on the list and I could care less what Apple does or doesn’t do with their Mac computers.

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      Maximum defer in group policy for quality updates is 30 days, although there are ways to block more.  That is probably fine, but if you happen to visit this site and it has a ms-defcon of 4 before that, go ahead and install the update using your preferred method.

      Thank you, but I am aware of all that. Susan had been giving info on what pause date to use in the past, and that was what I was referring too.

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      Maybe I just missed it , but is there been a certain date we should use to defer WU too? I just went ahead and set mine to January 31 before the 11th. Also prior to that,  I had changed the registry value on both of my PCs from 21H1 to 21H2. After that, WU made 21H2 available to both, and it was downloaded and then I installed on both PCs.  No issues noted, on either, other than on the old Toshiba Satellite it took 2 hours or longer and on my Lenovo Yoga it took about 15 minutes or less. I guess that has something to do with the age and technology of the PCs’?  According to some back when I bought the Toshiba they said that Toshiba was not a good product and wouldn’t last like the better brands, but it’s getting close to 11 years old and still works OK. (lol).  Thanks, and  I appreciate everything ya’ll do on here to help keep us informed on applicable info, stay updated and be safe.

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      Run DISM and SFC to check for system integrity.

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

      DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

      SFC /scannow.

      The DSM scan showed no problems but the SFC scan showed that Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.

      Thanks again, Alex

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      If your PC working properly there is no need to uninstall. I have installed every KB…057 (every 2 months) with no ill effect and no changes to any of my settings.

      Alex, the only problem I have had is File Explorer quits responding sometimes and then Task Manager won’t respond either and it locks up my PC and I have to manually turn my PC off. This began a few weeks ago. So it was happening prior to installing KB4023057. File Explorer not responding has happened to me twice so far on my older Toshiba Satellite , so it hasn’t been a major issue, but I wish I knew what may be causing it?  On my Lenovo Yoga C740-14, I haven’t experienced this issue yet.

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      I have W10 Home Version 21H1. On the September updates, Windows installed KB4023057, but it only shows as Microsoft Update Health Tools under Apps and Features. Do I need to uninstall it? Thanks for your assistance.

    • But in the “Control Panel – Uninstall Program” it is listed as “Microsoft Update Health Tools”. It will not show KB4023057. It will have the date when it was installed will match up with the date your PC or Laptop was last updated.

      Thanks, but under “Uninstall Updates” it shows that “KB4023057 was installed on 4-2-2021 for Version 2004 and that date matches the “Control Panel – Uninstall Programs” for “Microsoft Update Health Tools” (Version2.77.0.0). The “Uninstall Updates” also shows it was installed on 4-8-2021 for Version 20H2, after I upgraded to that version, but “Microsoft Update Health Tools does not show any date after the 4-2 date in the “Control Panel – Uninstall Programs”.

    • I checked my older Toshiba PC (hadn’t check the Lenovo yet), and it showed KB4023057 in the “View update history”,but it was not in the “Uninstall updates” or the “Control Panel – Uninstall Programs.” So, I don’t know how I could uninstall it?  I thought it had been hidden through WuMgr, but apparently not. This kind of makes me think maybe it isn’t actually installed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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      I have used the AccuBattery app for about a year or so. It works well for me.  I charge my Galaxy S-10 phone to 80% with one exception. If we have severe weather potential and a good possibility of power outages then I will over ride the 80% and charge to 100%.  When you get the 80% notification, it will charge past that up to the 100% charge unless you unplug the charger.

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      Seems to be a great tool for Windows 10 Home users.

      Thanks,  Alex. Both of my machines are 2004 Home version. I just don’t see the need or justification currently to go to the Pro version. It seems like WAU Manager gives Home users something similar to Group Policy that the Pro version has.

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      this one seems simpler and more straightforward to use. Certainly the documentation is better than for WUMgr. There’s also a lot of other useful-looking software on Carifred’s website. Thanks for telling us about it!

      Seems like it to me too.  You’re welcome.



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      Move to Wumgr

      If you use Wumgr, then do you still need to set a date, in the Advanced Windows’ Update Settings ( to pause WU), and use metered WiFi or does Wumgr alleviate those needs?


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