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    • On my Toshiba Satellite Windows 10 Version 1909, it took over an hour to install KB4565351, with no known issues after rebooting. It also installed the Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework (KB4570723). which was not optional.  Since this is a preview  would it be better to delete it, in the history section, or just let it remain as is?  Thanks

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      I started using the free version of Macrium Reflect software sometime back earlier in the year on both my laptops.  I scheduled a full backup monthly and a differential backup weekly on each laptop. I thought it may be complicated to use, but I haven’t found that to be the case,  and it seems to work fine for me.

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    • I have the Windows 1909 Home Version on both my older Toshiba Satellite and also on my Lenovo Yoga C740-14. I have my phone set to notify me the Monday before Patch Tuesday that I need to pause windows’ updates. I then go to advanced settings on the Windows’ Settings (Update) App, and click on the latest date. So far this has worked well for me and both laptops’ updates are currently paused until September 14.

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      Thank you for the great article. I have had the RadarScope Pro Tier 1 App for over two years now, and I wouldn’t want to be without it.  When we had those EF4 Easter tornadoes, I could very distinctly see the tornado debris ball with the mode set to Super- Res Velocity Tilt 1 on both tornadoes.  That is a sight I hope I don’t ever see again.

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      Great info Susan. but I can currently pause updates for up to to 35 days (Advanced Options without the 7 day pause )  on my two machines with 1909 and 1903 builds.

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      I still have windows 7 pro on my computer. How do I upgrade to win 10 pro for free?

      Seff had a really good link on upgrading. I think it’s very important too that you activate your W7 version prior to starting the W10 process (if you hadn’t already done so ),  because Microsoft should then recognize your Windows7 product key, and that should make the upgrade procedure go more smoothly (JMO).  Good luck if you pursue the upgrade.

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      There’s a useful guide to the upgrade process here:-


      I believe that the free upgrade is available to both Home and Pro (but not Enterprise) with the proviso that you’ll get the same version of W10 as you have with W7.

      That is correct and it should upgrade W7 to Build 1909 ( I had no choice between 1903 and 1909).



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      I upgraded from W7 to W10 yesterday (x64 Home) on my main desktop (AMD Phenom II X4 955 with 8GB Ram, theoretically it’s over 10 years old but in practice there’s not much apart from the case that hasn’t been replaced at some point), also in a fraction over 2 hours and without any issues……

      I got a lifetime paid subscription way back when to MBAM, and it was working with Bitdefender pretty well until a Bitdefender update, and then the two didn’t get along. I’m now using MBAM as a scan only on the Toshiba.  I never had any issues with MBAM Pro in live mode when I had Norton, which I had used prior to even getting the paid version of MBAM.  Some highly recommend that you not use the two together. So it may be a good thing the update caused that issue.

    • I saw a similar pattern. The optional update was offered on my 1909 machine, but not on 1903.

      Same thing happened last month. I believe it’s intentional.

      Maybe it’s a planned strategy to get those of us who are using 1903 to switch to 1909.

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      The only other issues I incurred, after posting this, on the upgrade from W7 to W10 was that I had to uninstall Bitdefender and reinstall it for it to function properly. Also I could not play videos when using Firefox. I unchecked the hardware accelerator box and that solved the problem. Video on Firefox had previously worked on W7 with the box checked.  For some reason, boot up and start up is a lot faster on build 1909 than it was on W7.  If I had known the Toshiba Satellite was going to transition this well over to W10, I would probably not have purchased a new pc. It does have only 6 GB of ram but that has not been a problem so far.  Now the Lenovo Yoga C-740-14 ( build 1903) is lighting fast on boot up and startup. Only a few seconds using the fingerprint reader. The Yoga has 16 GB of Ram and a 1 TB, SSD NVMe storage drive.

      Thanks anonymous and JimT777 for your responses and info.



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    • On my W10 build 1909 pc,  this is given as an optional update (I didn’t download or install it),  but on my pc with build 1903, it wasn’t listed as an optional update , but as a required update. Is there any way on 1903 to specify optional updates from required updates? I’m still relatively new to W10 coming from W7.   Thanks!

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      Maybe I’m missing something but it looks to me like you’re complaint, according to Mitja Kolsek,  with the Opatch requirements (for full protection) if you install the Windows 7 January monthly rollover.  So if somebody wants to try Opatch, then unless they are afraid of installing the January monthly rollover KB,  then I don’t see what the problem is as far as the prerequisite requirements on updates for Opatch to function fully on micro patching as it’s intent is. Now if somebody is afraid to install a monthly rollover then that’s a different story.

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      Thanks  Paul. I had some out of town family health issues after I posted this and this past weekend was when I was finally able to get my computer set up.  Everything went fine, with no hiccups. The build date on the laptop was September 2019, and it had v1903. The only updates I had available were the December updates and some Intel updates.  Updating went very quickly and smoothly.  I was considering getting the windows update blocker, but I saw where I can now pause updates for up to 35 days.  So I did pause for 35 days. Hopefully Microsoft won’t over ride that?  Thanks again.

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      After, I had installed all the prerequisites to KB4512506, I finally got it installed, with assistance from a Norton tech. I let the tech remotely access my computer and he checked my computer, and then changed some of the Norton firewall settings, but told me that Norton was not blocking the update. He went through the update procedure, and it was still initializing after about an hour or so after it had been started (I have 125 Mbps internet speed) . He then told me that this was a Microsoft issue and I needed to contact Microsoft, and that Norton had expertise in Norton products only, but that he was glad in doing what he could to assist me. Right after that conversation, and I was fixing to disconnect and contact Microsoft, the update began to show that it was searching for a restore point, and then the update finally successfully installed. I believe that Microsoft just wants to make me purchase a Windows 10 device, which I plan to do prior to January, but I’m not ready yet to do that.

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      I’m in Group A now. I was in Group B about a year or so ago, but it got a little too complicated. I have a 64 bit W7 laptop  with Norton Security. When I try to download the KB4512506 update,  it shows 0 in the file like it doesn’t even exist, and it keeps going through the motion like it it is trying to download.  Earlier when I downloaded the other updates successfully, it showed a fail.  I have the current updated version on my Norton Security. So I wouldn’t think that would  be an issue, as that update was supposed to have eliminated any Norton/Windows update issues. Has anybody else experienced this. or have any recommendations on what to do?

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