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    • Consider yourself lucky!  To be fair, we only encountered issues with the Dymo’s if we used their software directly.  That or, in our case, a custom program using the Dymo SDK that prints a label by essentially running it through said software.  In those cases, a blank label was produced.  If we printed direct via Windows via the Dymo printer driver, it was fine.  Unfortunately, everything relied on that custom program so we were hurting pretty badly until Dymo released 8.7.4.x.

      The problem we are facing now is that our ERP is suffering a massive speed drop after the February patches were released.  The Epicor community was patiently waiting for the March updates to **hopefully** address that problem.  WRONG!  Just added BSOD and printing issues to the mix.

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      KB50000808 breaks printing from Dymo label software (v8 and latest version).  Labels come out blank.  Removing KB restores functionality.

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