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    • Just for clarification on my point (That Win 10 reinstalled and rebooted on its own) I’m running Windows 10 Enterprise (I am in IT) and do usually try to update fairly fast just to be aware of issues. Thankfully I usually avoid them. In this case for the initial installation I did the “Check for Updates” and then “Download and install now” for KB4512941. It installed fine and seemed to run fine for a day or so until the weird issues started, so I uninstalled it through control panel. I rebooted the computer, verified things worked as expected, and left it alone to do other things. (I did lock it)

      I came back and some of the windows I had left open were in weird places, and some were gone. The start menu/search wasn’t working and when I went to Update History, it showed that KB4512941 had been installed today and the machine had done a restart in the time I was gone.

      This doesn’t seem like the normal “Expected” behavior in any way. I did not click “Check for Updates” at any point after uninstalling KB4512941 because I did not want to wake the (I presumed) sleeping giant.

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    • Wow, I uninstalled KB4512941 after having some issues (no search, Start Menu lost all customizations) and deciding to wait until they’re fixed to try it again. Since it wasn’t a “required” patch I didn’t think anything of it. Walked away from the computer for an hour or so, came back, and Windows 10 helpfully re-installed it for me without my permission or acknowledgement!

      Thanks, Microsoft, that’s exactly what I wanted it to do when I uninstalled it manually. 😛


    • in reply to: Patch Lady – if you do have 1803 #191620

      I went to 1803 willingly and it’s been pretty smooth on almost all of my computers. However, on my main desktop (running Win 10 Enterprise) I’ve seen that since 1803, or maybe just 4103721, I can’t run VirtualBox anymore– it’s saying my processor’s (i7-2600k) VT-X capabilities are disabled. But they’re not disabled in the BIOS. From what I’ve read it means something else– likely some security setting– has quietly enabled Hyper-V in the background. But it isn’t shown as enabled in Windows Features, and the tricks I’ve used to override everything and force-disable it (using dism.exe) aren’t changing anything.

      I have a feeling something somewhere got changed to use some security setting that uses Hyper-V but I can’t find it, and it’s driving me crazy! VirtualBox worked fine on my computer until the last week at some point, I just wish I could remember the last time I successfully booted a VM before I start uninstalling updates to track down the culprit… (it looks to be something with DeviceGuard or Application Guard, but I didn’t enable those intentionally, so I have to do more reading…)

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      So far so good with 1803 on my work Dell Precision with i7-7700. I figured it’d be ok given it’s pretty new hardware. Keeping my fingers crossed for other machines…

    • in reply to: March 2018 Patch Tuesday #175351

      Another glutton for punishment with no obvious issues with the 1709 update on either my work computer (i7-7700, Win 10 64-bit Enterprise) or Surface Pro 4.

      Maybe this will give me the nerve to install it on my home machines. 😉

    • This title seems a bit unclear– it’s fixing the version of 7-zip that is integrated within Malwarebytes, but if you’re not using Malwarebytes software, it doesn’t affect you (or 7-zip) at all. It’s not fixing 7-zip’s vulnerabilities outside of Malwarebytes.

      It’s not like you need to install this to mitigate 7-Zip’s issues if you’re not already using Malwarebytes. But if you are using Malwarebytes, you should upgrade it. (after reading and taking proper precautions, such as backup).

      (not trying to be too pedantic, when I saw this link I thought Malwarebytes was doing something special for extra protection given the ongoing controversies about 7-zip and the author’s decisions being made in the light of these security issues)

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