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      Even though Windows 1909 update would not download the 2004 version for me, I just went to the Win10 Upgrade Tool web page and ran an update from there. There were no prompts about any incompatibilities. It installed 2004 and rebooted without any problems.

      This is a new PC sitting on my test bench, so I don’t mind taking a chance that something isn’t working properly. I don’t seem to have any of the known 2004 problems listed by MS, but I do have Intel Thunderbird3 hardware and my test PC uses an old Nvidia GTX 240 card with really old drivers.

      Also, on another PC, I ran the Media Creator 2004 tool to download a 2004 ISO. I used that to update another 1909 PC without any trouble. That one was an AMD X399 ThreadRipper system with Intel Wi-Fi but it does not have Intel Thunderbird. No problems have been observed, yet.

      These are TEST PC’s — I’m not suggesting everyone upgrade using my methods.

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      I have now intentionally upgraded 3 Win10 Pro PC’s from 1909 to 2004.  Another PC where I asked to upgrade came up with Susan’s message.  It did not tell me why it refused to upgrade.  This was an AMD Ryzen X570 mobo but it uses Intel Thunderbolt, Intel Wi-Fi, and Intel Bluetooth.  If I had to guess, I’d say it was the Thunderbolt that was causing the upgrade refusal.

      I have come back every few hours for the last two days and tried to upgrade, but still get the same message.  Curiously, sometimes it shows the PC graphic along with the message and sometimes it just shows the message text but not the graphic.

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