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      As happened with the September updates, The October updates (Susan gave a conditional go-ahead), My desktop icon text again has shadow font and once again I have tried all the ways that I can find through a google search. The “Visual Effects Performance Options” for drop shadows is unchecked, the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced DWORD ListviewShadow is set to zero. I looked in group policy editor on the desktop, desktop and there is no longer a switch to disable the shadows.

      My solution again was to roll back the updates which resolved the font shadows issue.

      I did not receive any helpful suggestions to the last post so I am hoping someone can offer a true solution.

      I am out of update pauses (will happen November 1st).

      I am positioning myself to do a full rebuild of my “C” drive but would prefer not to do that.

      Again, any suggestions?

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      Thank You

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      I use StartAllBack.  There’s more to it than is listed in their documentation.  Toolbars?


      Yeah, it’s got toolbars.

      Wow! Great thanks for this. If you use tool bars, could you shoot me a screen shot of your taskbar?


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      My latest computer build hardware supports all Win 11 requirements but the number one reason I will not upgrade(?) to Win 11 is that the taskbar no longer appears to support toolbars. I have not seen a workaround for this or a different way to accomplish the same functionality. No third-party software seems to return this functionality.



      If anyone can address this issue, I would be happy to hear from you.

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      Well I recovered the recycle file. Apparently the recycle bin had been previously selected when I grabbed a different file and dragged it to a folder on my desktop. The recycle bin went along for the ride.

      I found the recycle bin in that folder and have put it back on my desktop.

      Wasted time for doing something that was my own fault.

      Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.



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      I use WIN 7 and on my desktop are 30+ shortcuts and folders arranged and grouped based upon how they are used. When I install WIN 10, what will happen to my desktop and will I have any control?

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