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      Tangentially-related from the other side of the table (i.e. Web site provider as opposed to user)…

      I tried using Cloudflare a while back on several of my Web sites.  Who doesn’t love the idea of enhanced security and threat prevention?

      Everything became so hard — so much extra time spent solving problems that were sometimes caused by Cloudflare and sometimes not — something to confirm after disabling Cloudflare to rule it out as the cause.

      If I ever experience a DDOS, I’ll have to reconsider.  Absent a compelling reason to use Cloudflare, though, I certainly won’t.

      I feel your pain.

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      My iPhone 14 Plus is running fine on 16.4.1.

      Thanks for making sure we saw this update, Susan!

    • I use my 15″ Alienware laptop’s screen as monitor #2 along side a 32″ widescreen as monitor #1.  I also use an external keyboard and trackball — so I use my laptop like a desktop when I’m at home.  I split my time between two houses equipped the same way — so I just have to toss my laptop and trackball into my computer backpack and I’m done.

      Interesting thread.  Thanks, Susan and all — I enjoyed the cool pics!

    • Google Voice requires mobile only — so I had no choice but to port my FiOS “landline” (also VOIP over fiber) to a mobile carrier first!

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      I don’t think I can help the original poster, but I wonder if there is a place on the Forums I can post my how-to for converting a FiOS (but probably any provider, e.g. Xfinity/Comcast) landline into a free Google Voice (but probably any provider, e.g. Ooma) number?  Nothing jumped out at me as a good place to post.

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      Thanks, Joe!  I’m all-in on Google Workspace, so I don’t have any tracking concerns that aren’t assuaged by the occasional use of an incognito window.  I’m solely interested in Chrome malware protection practices on this thread.

      I guess I should have mentioned that I’m also using DoH and Google’s DNS servers.

      As a Web developer, I also need to use what my visitors use.  Safari, Edge and Firefox at least appear on market share reports.  Brave and other browsers are just hobbyist tools right now.  Maybe that will change!

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      Tangentially-related: link color and decoration are vitally important for people w/ visual challenges (and anyone w/ challenges that uses screen reading technology)!


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      Doesn’t fix my share sheet problem mentioned below, but it’s a handy tool for my toolbox.  Thanks!

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      I reboot my SE 2020 every 2-5ish days to fix an original iOS 14 bug that causes Facebook and Evernote to randomly disappear from the share sheet.  [According to Apple Support Forum posts, the apps that disappear depend on the user’s specific phone setup.]

      I close all tasks using the task manager several times per day b/c iOS still does a bad job of multitasking and memory management.  I’ll have to try out Rick’s RAM clear method and see if that does anything for my phone’s performance.

      If I ever get hold of iOS source code, I’m going to replace the multitasking and memory management code w/ stuff I wrote in undergrad in the early 80’s…  :-\

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      The way forum software works under the hood, OscarCP:

      –Your profile db record holds your sig.

      –The post records hold the content of your posts.

      –When it’s time to paint your post on the screen, the post box is drawn from your current profile and the post text is dropped into the box.  So, your sig does not actually live in the post record (where it would waste bytes).

      I guess mixing the old and the new can make for an interesting dichotomy in some cases!


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      I guess your con vote and my pro vote cancel each other out, OscarCP.  We cast our votes — now we’ll see how the election turns out…

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      Been on forums since Usenet and CompuServe in the early 80’s.  I am frequently responsible for topic drift…  🙂

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      ‘Tis true. It’s never wrong to go with the early 90’s-era Mosaic standard from a usability perspective!

      But, people who are good w/ color palettes like to mix things up.  Depending on what they select for the rest of the theme, standard blue/purple may not look great…

      The underline becomes critical if a close-to-standard blue/purple isn’t used.

      You’re def on the right track here with the changes  — thank you.

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      I assumed it is OK to be all over the place on this thread — since Susan is participating all over the place on it?

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      “Worked” is a subjective term.

      This forum needs a bunch of tweaks to get the template up to current design standards.  Def count me as a vote for change and the opinion that it was broke and needs fixin’ to make it more usable.

      It’s a fail for visually impaired users, too — though it does better than I would have guessed:


      Custom templates are very difficult to work with — there will be some hits and misses along the way.

      As a fellow non-standard browser user, I feel your pain every day when stuff gets changed and doesn’t work right for me. That’s the price we pay for not using vanilla Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.  It’s unreasonable to expect site designers to code around a few fringe users.   As a site designer myself, I certainly don’t.

      I’m glad the AskWoody tech folks are looking for ways to make things better.  I’m sure I won’t like every single change, either…

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