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      Mentioned this earlier, if I right click on the Firefox shortcut and scroll up to the run sandboxed link it works.  I do have to OK that items are place in the default sandbox.  I cannot make that a desktop shortcut.

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      The full target is listed in the properties screenshot I posted on 4/8 @ 6:33AM.  I already mentioned in my 1st post that I completely uninstalled SB 5.36 including configuration and then installed version 5.49.  I get the same errors with either version of start.exe.  This all started after I installed Chrome and it took over what SB decided was the default browser.  This was with SB 5.36.  When I uninstalled Chrome, the link to run the browser sandboxed started giving me the screens pictured above instead of just launching the browser.

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      I have made a user account because that is supposed to be more secure than having only 1 account where you are the admin person.  I made the admin account for installing software and other admin tasks not allowed in a user account.  I rarely use the browser in the admin account so the association with chrome and sandboxie did not happen there.

      Drive K is a separate partition where I install all of the non windows software that does not insist on installing to the windows drive.  I can run all of my programs as user form the K drive.  It is not a drive issue, it is something chrome did.  I only use sandboxie for the internet so any browsing is outside of the OS.

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      The link is on my desktop in my admin account and works as expected.  I deleted the link on my desktop in my user account as it had been broken by Chrome.  I placed a copy of the properly working link in My Documents so I could see it in either account.  If I try to use it in my user account I get the previously listed errors.  There was also a run web browser sandboxed link that was placed in your start menu when you install the program.  That creates the desktop icon shortcut.  Here are the properties of that shortcut.

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      I only see 1 of the 3 attachments I submitted, here are the other 2, I hope.

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      I was using Pamda Dome for awhile, but with my system, (possibly not yours) I needed a special registry update or a new version would not install.  I got tired of having to beg their support for this update nearly everytime so I switched to Kaspersky.  It was OK for awhile, but then would popup scare warnings that X number of sites were collecting data on you and you would need to upgrade to a paid version to stop this  .  This happens with every start up and could only be removed by task manager.  There is no setting I know of to disable this without attenuating the program.  The question is, what website does not try to collect data on you?  I finally went with Tencent PC Manager.  It uses both its own and Bitdefenders engine.  No nags, runs on Vista.  My only complaint is lack of support and virus database updates are only done when in administrator mode.  I run my PC in user mode most of the time.

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      My ISP Spectrum provides its customers with a free modem for usage while you are a paying customer.  Everyone knows that nothing is free.  Do they have a loophole with this new law?

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      If you already have Malwarebytes on file in on demand mode, do you still need the other Malwarebytes Ads cleaner?  Seems like there should be nothing that Malwarebytes Ads cleaner finds rhat Malwarebytes does not find.

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      I already mentioned that I had turned off all notifications.  Thanks for all of the reply’s.  I searched the internet for this and found it to have occurred to many other people.  One of the suggestions was to reinstall the program.  As this program forced itself to convert from Kaspersky Free Antivirus which I had, to Kaspersky Security Cloud.  I decided to do the uninstall  and reinstall.  I then turned off all notifications.  This seems to have fixed the issue so far.  It still would have been proper of Kaspersky to include a close button.  I feel that having notifications turned off is a less desirable solution.

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      I decided to put Task Manager in my startup group so I do not have to go through the key  strokes every time.

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      Issue was fixed by changing to a different firewall.

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      Here is the popup I originally spoke of that I got today.

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      A closer look at this popup I posted shows it s not quite the same warning I described earlier, but still I have notifications turned off.

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      After updating Windows to June updates, I seem to be getting better numbers now, knock on wood.  I seem to do a little better while in admin mode.  There have been several reboots and log offs since I disabled QoS.  No malware was found except a couple PUP’s which I had quarantined.  I also defragged my drives after the WU update.

      I got 143 while in admin mode and 103 while in user mode.  Better, but still not as good as Ubuntu.  Knock on wood again.

      Thanks for all of the help up until now

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      I found the QoS setting where you said it would be and disabled it and rebooted.  No change or possibly even worse.  I was looking for that setting in the NIC properties ad it was not there.

      BETBIOS was already disabled.

      I do not think I have any malware, but will run some scans.  I do have Kasperski security cloud AV set to check for update at log on.

      I also run EMET and Zone Alarm free firewall.  I tried a speed test with Zone Alarm temp disabled and no real difference.

      Going to update the June MS security patch now.

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