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      Hi –

      Thanks, Fred, for clarifying Microsoft’s obfuscations.

      I’m with Dan in St. Louis: my right-click menu doesn’t have the options you’re working with. Please see attached screenshot.

      Also – please note: I don’t get the icons, either.

      Thanks again.

      Right-click menu and no icons

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      No, I did NOT know that about M.2 80mm SSD drives, Zig. Thank you very much!

      I don’t know what you mean by a drive holder, but I think I do see the problem (maybe). I don’t have any data on the Windows drive, aside from AppData. I was planning to just reinstall Windows and all my apps and programs, not clone the drive. Cloning would involve having both drives connected at the same time, wouldn’t it, and I don’t know if the motherboard has the connections for an additional drive.

      (I think I’m beginning to reveal how much I don’t know about this.)

      And yes, I’ve seen the YouTube on how to get the case open (whew!).

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      Thanks, Bundabura and PKCano. 4 GB for Windows Update cleanup.

      This is just a holding action. It’s going to be a new system drive for this baby.

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      I was afraid someone would say that. The fact is, although I have replaced a drive before, I have a lot less confidence in my hardware skills than in my software skills.

      At this point frankly, I wouldn’t know how to find and identify a larger capacity drive that would be a replacement for mine.

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      Thanks very much, anonymous. Very useful post.

      I think I will look into moving my Windows installation to another drive.

    • As a follow-up — since this post is mentioned in the most recent AskWoody Plus Newsletter —

      For unexplained reasons, she decided to leave bad enough alone. She does not want to upgrade either memory or drive.

      BUT she has said she is going to abandon this machine and will consult with me before she buys the next one.  🙂

      Probably later in the pandemic.  🙁

      Thank you all for your help and suggestions.


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      OScarCP – I think you are missing the point.

      I’m aware of all that. I’m not talking about my personal preferences or about a document I created. I’m not talking about my personal preferences when I write.

      The real issue is — How does Windows the operating system, over which I have limited control, decide how to spell a word? Or how does it decide to display a particular word with one permissible spelling as opposed to another? One would think that, whatever the spelling, the operating system would be consistent across different machines. Given the limited control Microsoft gives me over the OS, is there something I can do to make these two spellings the same, or to influence the spellings in any way? Well, yes there is, and I explained above what the solution was.

      I was questioning the lack of consistency in my two computers running the same operating system, not asking why there happen to be two different spellings of a word. I now understand why, as I explained above.

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      Sorry. No, that’s not it.

      This really changed it: in the “Region” module, I changed “Current format” from “Recommended English (Canada)” to “English Canada”.  Notice the difference.

      Now everything is the same on both machines: Colours and Optimisation.

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      The previous post was by me. I forget to log in.

      Yup. That’s it. The display language in one is English (United States) and in the other English (Canada).


    • Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!

      I must admit that my post was posited on what I now see was a false assumption: that I couldn’t add memory to a (any) laptop. Obviously wrong.

      I will relay these suggestions to the owner. I estimate roughly $175 in Canadian, which is better than laying out for a new machine in my estimation. I see that there are various YouTube videos to show me what to do if she wants to go ahead with the upgrades.

      Thanks very much to all.

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      From original poster: I fixed this with a reinstall of Windows (factory reset PC: non-destructive, leave user files, remove apps and settings). Had to reinstall Office as a result.

      Like anonymous on January 23 at 4:13 pm – but I am still only in my second day 🙂

      I consider this issue resolved.


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      Elly, b
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      Thanks, access-mdb. This is a step forward.

      Now what? I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten what to do next.But below is what I did. I think it’s right.

      I created a new PST the way you suggested. Then I went to File> Account settings> Account settings and made the new PST the default data file.

      Then I went into File > Account settings> Manage profiles> Show profiles. Then I selected my current profile and selected Properties> Data files. Then I selected the “old” PST and removed it. Then I restarted Outlook. All the folders are empty.

      Then I tried to create a recurring task and Outlook crashed. (Three times, actually. I couldn’t believe that it was still happening and kept hoping against hope that it would work!)  🙁

    • in reply to: How to sort desktop wallpaper slideshow? #330736

      Thanks for the tips. Hadn’t thought of that. I sorted them the way I wanted (by Date Taken) and then just renamed them. Issue closed.

    • [Personal message to Elly – ] I thought this was the W10 support forum. Where is it and how do I post there? Be only too happy to. The link in the right panel takes me here.


    • I’ve been stuck on Version 1709 Build 16299.579 since August 2018 and don’t know what to do.

      The two entries in my update history that seem relevant are:

      1. Feature update to version 1803 (14) – Last failed install attempt Feb. 1, 2019 error 0x800704c7

      2. 2018-12 Update to Windows 10 version 1709 for x-64 based systems (KB4023057) (2) – Last failed install attempt on December 10 2018 – 0x80246013

      The computer keeps trying to update, thinks it has updated, fails, and then instantly starts trying to download and install again, and constantly wants me to restart. Repeat, repeat.

      Is there a fix for this? I’m desperate. I’ve tried a clean install from an ISO file, clearing my corrupted update file, run the troubleshooter, renamed files, waited for Intel to install a new type of display driver — in short, all the suggestions that are out there. Nothing works.

      Please help. Thanks

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