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      @PaulK: Yes, both OSes were bought in the box with all papers and can be transferred from PC to PC. They are not OEMs.

      So, to answer your specific question: Yes, you may move your Windows 7 to the XP machine, but you then must remove it from the current machine. Realistically, there could be a short period during transfer and checkout when 7 is on both machines; but not for productive use.

      “remove” = like OS needs to be fully deinstalled or just deactivated?

      EDIT: It seems Adobe is doing that “more user-friendly” than Microsoft in that case – they allow to install their software on two PCs with condition to use on only one. ๐Ÿ™

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      You need volume license to run the same OS/license on more then 1 PC.

      Even in my case when only one PC is on at the same time?

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      Ad 3. I was not sure about this and that’s why I asked my question.

      Ad 5. I was going to try it on new system installation, without any other firewall.

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      Do you know any good guides for Windows 7’s FW or if any specific Windows Updates need to be installed to get the most out of this FW?

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      @Canadian Tech: So you do not recommend MS AV solution but their FW seems to be a good one? Well, personally I couldn’t get used to the FW which is the part of Windows 7. Do you know any good guides for it? Does it need any specific Windows Updates to be installed to have the most current level of control?

      I always preferred firewalls with a lot of decisions from user’s side. Every time any program will try to connect to some new place (or to the same place but by different port) I would like to be notified by FW about this and asked for any permissions with some options (like “allow one time”, “set a rule”, “add the app to some group of rules”). I couldn’t find the right options to use build-in FW in such way – it seemed to be a lot more complicated / less user-friendly to get the right effect.

      My the best ever FW was Kerio Personal Firewall, but it’s not available for Windows 7. I got used to Jetico Personal Firewall but if I could master build-in FW with similar high level of control then I could drop Jetico.

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      As of this date, I have not updated that page. It is still good to go and I used it just today.

      I will add:
      When you see the Win updates listed, do NOT install any of those 2019/20 “security” updates.There are several at the beginning of the list.

      Do NOT install any of MS so-called security software. You must install a top-notch AV software product. The product I and all my clients use is Bit Defender Antivirus+. After 4 years using that product (not their security product) on 120 + machines, not a single instance of an infection.

      Also I recommend you discontinue use of IE, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java.

      Yes, I’m going to use 3rd party (not from MS) AV software.

      Do you recommend any firewall as well? I’m using Jetico Personal Firewall on Windows 7 machine right now – I like to have “high level of control” of all internet connections my programs do.

    • Is that normal for free newsletters that I’m not receiving all of them, just selected ones?

    • That drive is able to read other CD/DVD.

    • I have my own complete boxed retail versions of Windows/Office XP – both Professional,ย  English and 2002 versions (without any Service Packs) – sadly CDs are unreadable. ๐Ÿ™

    • I wanted to check the site you mentioned (Heidoc) as it was new to me and I found something interesting: https://www.heidoc.net/php/myvsdump_details.php?id=P56F13836Ax86Len – how come the only version of Office XP download, offered by Microsoft, is from 2007 year?

      The version I have is from 2001 – what is this 2007 one? There is no mention about any Service Pack in the name. What was included here? Is it some updated official re-release of Office XP?

    • Oh, wow. I’m so sad now. I do not understand why Adobe can share their old, already bought software via their support and MS can not.

      Is there any list of files/checksums/hashes available somewhere at least? That would be very helpful to find out the proper ISO somewhere else.

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    • I’ve already asked my friends, it’s “too old” software for them to keep. ๐Ÿ™

    • I know about torrents but I do not use them and I would prefer to not download any Microsoft software from them as it can be packed together with some malware.

      By starting this topic I was hoping that Microsoft has own official archive like Adobe – Adobe’s support has no problem to share ISO images of older version of their software as the legality is always confirmed by the user key.

    • I have some doubts about archive.org link. I’ve checked this site and the link you gave me is not the only one version of Office XP image on this site… :/

    • Multi-arch ISO files that include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows should have \x86\sources\ and \x64\sources\ paths – my directly downloaded ISO (version 418), has only \sources\ path.

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