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      Thanks! That looks like it fixed the time, but that test email is now stuck in the outbox, and wasn’t sent. I’ve been having trouble getting the settings right for my ISP and thought I had it, but now it isn’t working again.

      Thanks for the help – guess I need some more figuring out with the correct settings. Right now it also appears that sending through a gmail account that is set up on Mail isn’t working either.

      Maybe I’ll just start over – but thanks for the time/date tip!

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      Hmmm…well, that is something I never even gave another thought to. Guess I have some thinking to do. Thanks for bringing that possibility to my attention!

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      those measures should together provide good protection for your Windows 7 laptop.

      Thanks so much! I will read through the thread you sent as well. I really don’t plan on using it much, but there’s a lot still on it that I may want to access, and just wanted to have a little peace of mind that it still might be safe given the things I’ve done to “protect” it.

      Firefox, Chrome, and some other browsers are supposedly not going to be supported on Win7 and Win8.1 in the near future. You will need to find a browser that is still supported to be secure.

      Seems that the browser is going to be the main sticking point, but again, I do have other options with the 2 Win 10 laptops that I have, so that should be manageable as well.

      Thanks again for the reply – much appreciated!

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      Yes, they will. The big question is who will alert 0Patch to new Windows 7 bugs. Maybe 0Patch will rely of Windows 7 enterprise security announced bugs and fixes.

      Good question! Hope they have that figured out!

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      And just to confirm – Mitja from 0Patch emailed to say this:

      Yes, our support for Windows 7 continues for two more years.


      So 0Patch is definitely going to continue Win 7 support through 2025.

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      Thanks PKCano! I think that I have most of that sorted. 0Patch will continue to support Win 7 for 2 years according to their blog:

      We have decided to keep providing security patches for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 for critical vulnerabilities that are likely to get exploited…

      Q: How long do you plan to provide critical security patches for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 after January 2023?

      <i>A: For at least two more years – until January 2025. Depending on the demand, we’ll consider a further extension.</i>

      ESET has full support till October 2023 and limited support till Oct. 2024.

      I believe 0Patch is going to support Edge for Win 7 as well. I also think that Firefox hasn’t given a definitive  date, so it may continue to work, or I may use Opera, which may also be an option.

      I’m not really planning in using the Win 7 laptop very much, and it seems that it may be mostly secure, so I guess I will go ahead with renewing my 0Patch Pro on that laptop for another year. Maybe they’ll adopt Firefox or Chrome for Win 7 as well.

      Thanks for the reply. Helped me to focus on what might be needed and check into the possibilities.


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      It does only if your Windows 7 is patched up to date Jan 14 2020 .

      Yes, mine is – and I’ve had 0Patch since then. So it should all work as before. I was just wondering if I should renew my license for another year given that Win 7 is now completely EOL.

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      0Patch Pro require fully patched Windows 7 to function.

      So are you saying that 0Patch isn’t really protective? I’ve used 0Patch for several years since the first Win 7 EOL, and had always thought that it did take on the patching needs that MS was no longer offering. WHen I first started with 0Patch, I did get whatever was the last Win 7 update, and that met their requirements for what patches I needed from MS before 0Patch “took over.”

      Thehn, maybe my question should have been, does having 0Patch Pro and getting their patches as often as they send them give me some protection for the Win 7 laptop?



    • in reply to: January’s patching cyclone #2528727

      In the full text of January’s Patching Cyclone, Susan said:

      For those still wanting to run Windows 7 after its end of life, heed my warning: treat the Web as suspect and potentially malicious. Use anything other than an unpatched operating system to surf the Web.

      I had a question about that. First off, I do have two Windows 10 laptops – fully patched and running with no issues. I also have an older Windows 7 Thinkpad that I’ve not used much since getting the new Win 10, but I do like to turn it on and let it run occasionally.

      My question – my Win 7 laptop has the Pro version of 0Patch on it, but that subscription expires in February.  Does having and updated version of 0Patch count as “fully patched”?

      I am wondering if paying for another year of 0Patch, plus using updated versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, along with prudent web use, might be enough to protect that laptop for limited use. I also have ESET Internet Security on it, along with Malwarebytes AE.

      I know that MS support for any type of patching for Win 7 has ended, and I don’t use it often now, but was in somewhat of a quandary as to whether another year of 0Patch might give me some security for occasional use.

      I do understand the risks, and would not do any type of financial, commercial or sensitive web activity, but hoped I could keep it running occasionally just a bit longer.

      Thanks for any advice or suggestions.



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      Great – thanks so much!

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      I’m trying to get some information about KB5021089 which is on the Patch List as Install. I was just wondering what this KB is and if it is safe to install now, or should I just hide it and wait till the end of January?

      I’m not sure I understand this part: “Parent KB – The Windows update will show the parent KB but you will see the “sub” KBs in update history”

      When I follow the link to that KB, the MS info does seem to indicate that there may be an issue with that one. I’m not sure that applies in my situation, so is there any drawback to just hiding it and waiting till the end of January?

      I have two Win 10 Pro laptops, both v 22H2, and this is offered on both through WuMgr.

      I already hid KB5021233 and KB5012170 on both laptops.


    • Thanks! I do have the free version of MBAE running and also occasionally run Emsisoft Toolkit, so maybe along with Defender, that’s enough for now till I figure out if I need something else.

    • What must be done to prevent these attacks? I cannot ask the staff to stop searching for phone numbers.

      Install a proper a/v software
      Windows Defender is a basic A/V and not good enough.

      I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a good AV/Internet Security program to purchase. I am running Win 10 Pro v 22H2 on a new Thinkpad. So far I have only used Defender but, on two older laptops – one Win 10 and one Win 7, I have used ESET for several years.

      Should I purchase a single license of ESET for this new laptop – they are having a sale for New Year’s – and just renew my other two when they come due? Or is there something else that might work better? Newegg has a 1 year, 1 computer license for AVG Internet Security for $9.99 today – might that be an alternative to try?

      Or something else?


    • in reply to: It’s time to install Windows 10 22H2 #2503624

      Yep – just checked WuMgr and it was there – downloaded and installed on one laptop in a very short amount of time – a minute or so maybe? But after the restart, I checked WuMgr again and it offered me KB4023057 – which I’ll just hide.

      So far so good – I’ll leave the target version at Win 10 V22H2 in GP.

      Off to do the other laptop!


    • in reply to: It’s time to install Windows 10 22H2 #2503616

      Does anyone know if 22H2 will also show up in WuMgr and can be downloaded through that as well?


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