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    • in reply to: AskWoody turns 14 years old #203500

      Many happy returns of the day! That is quite a feat…… not many in your genre!! LT.

      “I used to think the years would go by in order, that you get older one year at a time … but it’s not like that. It happens overnight.” Haruki Murakami

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    • in reply to: The Thai kids are all safe #202791

      This has re-enforced our hope and belief in humanity. Nice………. LT.

      “When you come out of a storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is about.” – Haruki Murakami

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    • Eight !!!!    that’s brilliant……  my heart goes out to them all…… it’s incredible what they have achieved.     so resilient and steadfast.    When you think of what the boys and the divers who are working with them have to do – it’s absolutely mind blowing.  LT

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    • Well like others I too have been privy to the Norton warning but it seems to be spasmodic –happens sometimes and not others.    Today I haven’t had that warning come up – so am presuming that it has been fixed – or maybe not.   But and although it’s a nuisance and possibly affecting Woody’s good name – it’s not the end of the world surely…..

      Take a look around – Has anyone been watching the news about the boys trapped in Northern Thailand ??   Now that’s mega!   The way those boys have survived and kept their morale up -2weeks they’ve been underground.   The way the rescue mission has been going about how to rescue and putting it in practice and slowly but surely getting them out.  The way people from other parts of the world have put their hands up and come forward to help with their expertise.   That’s mega…..  That’s what living is about – helping each other!

      I know we all get lost in our little world and lose sight of some great acts of courage and endurance – I know I do quite often – in fact very often – so I am posting this to remind us all and in particular ME that we need to sometimes lift our heads and look up and see the real world.   LT

      .”If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”  Haruki Murakami

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    • in reply to: Drumroll, maestro! Introducing our new MVPs #173123

      I would like to add my congratulations to one and all in their new roles, and wish you all the
      best for the years ahead. As in life, in the cyber world the future holds the unknown – and as we
      face these events that befall us we find ourselves strengthened by the fact that here in Woody’s Lounge we have all these brilliant minds helping us ‘soldier on’ Thank you!! LT

      “Ideologies separate us, dreams and anguish bring us together.” unknown

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    • in reply to: Patch Lady Posts – Master patch listing #171192

      Elly, my Win7 machine has Sandy Bridge and I updated the January patches after doing images for both our computers, Win7 and Win8.1 – both in Group B ……… so that meant the Security and IE Patches….and so far so good……… just thought to let you know. If you remember also I wasn’t able to install the July patch I think it was – it bricked my Win7 machine and I had to uninstall via safe mode…… and although I meant to try again after the next months patches (Aug) situations in the real world side tracked me and I didn’t at the time….. Know this probably sounds bizarre and some would roll their eyes……….. but there you go….. seems ok for now….. but should something happen …. well it will make me leap over to a MacbookPro tout suit! There is so much that one can take …. and well the real world has shown me that we don’t need all this mayhem that’s been created by MS and other players. Life is too short! We need Peace, Love and Team work, and I for one am so grateful to have people like Woody, Susan, PK Cano et al around to show us the way! LT

      “No matter what people tell you – Words and Ideas can change the world” Robin Williams

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    • in reply to: Breaking: Susan Bradley to contribute to the AskWoody site #169426

      Great to have you with us on Woody’s Lounge, Susan……. as others have said your reputation precedes you and I for one really look forward to reading your posts. LT

      “The quickest way to make a traffic light turn green is to look for something in the
      glove compartment.” Billy Connolly

    • Many thanks PK and GoneToPlaid for your quick replies. And yes…… it’s disappeared now!
      Also meant to say earlier I’ve updated both our machines – thats Win7 SP1 and Win8.1 in Group B with the Security and IE Updates, plus the Net Security and Roll up in Win7 that was ticked in Important, and Office 2007………… and all seems to be well so far! LT

      “We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community,
      but people wouldn’t obey the rules.” Alan Bennet

    • I’ve hidden KB2952664 – and something I noticed which seems different to before, although possibly didn’t pay too much attention before, but even when hiding this – it hasn’t disappeared merely become fainter and when highlighting speaks of ‘restoring’ so it appears to be definitely hidden. Is this a new strategy on MS’s part.
      I’m sure that before when hiding – the respective patch was no more to be seen! I haven’t hidden patches for a long time – mainly because the ‘iffy’ ones were in optional and weren’t ticked! But I must admit I do not like to see this sort of patch ticked and in with the Important updates! LT

      “What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.” – Pearl Bailey

    • Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction………… oh to have Bill Gates at the helm again….
      those early days alas have been forgotten have they not ……. LT

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    • One could say (tongue in cheek) that yes, if the patch has bricked your system – it is protecting it from Spectre! LT

      “It is seldom at the frontier that discoveries are made but more often in the dustbin.” Alan Bennett

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    • Well been watching this mess both here and other places……. and also the continual updating/upgrading of Win10 and all the bruhaha it causes, and quite frankly you’ve got to ask yourself: “Is this what you bought a computer for? To continually troubleshoot and fix the problems.” It doesn’t leave much time for you to do the things you originally intended to do on your computers – plus all the things you do in real life.

      So I don’t think it behoves people to bear that responsiblity of double checking things……… why should they…… I know it’s probably for their own good……… but it was not written in the mandate when they bought their computers. People don’t expect to have to do this. This is something by way of extra effort that needs to be put in to keep their computers running efficiently……… and to my mind they should not be made to be as though they aren’t up to it. And I would humbly suggest that they are not the problem. LT

      May your choices reflect your hopes – not your fears! Nelson Mandela

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    • in reply to: Reaffirming that we’re still at MS-DEFCON 2 #156847

      We’re Group B (and of course we are NOT updating until Woody says) but the January patches are
      not showing in WU – the December roll ups are still there- as we had installed the Security only
      manually for December. We run Norton Security and have just updated – but it is on Live Update automatically… My question/request is. When the time comes to update would someone very kindly run through the steps of being able to check the Registry to see if the AV has the correct setting please before one goes ahead and install the security patches manually. Have just changed the settings in WU to NEVER and then reverted back to Check but let me decide to download etc. and the
      same ones have been offered again, that is the December ones…… mind you I didn’t reboot and that might have triggered the new batch should our computers have passed muster.
      Once more we owe a great big vote of thanks to Woody and all those who’ve chimed in to help.
      Many thanks! LT

      There’s an indeterminate sized
      not quite full
      shining like an arrow,
      through an
      undefined gap of
      ancient Persian elegance,
      in an old and endangered Deodar Tree.

      The little red monkeys are squeaking
      and grizzling as
      and cold
      come on.
      (Can’t say I blame them.
      Would I like dark and cold, sleeping in a tree?)

      I enjoy the moon
      and the dark redbrown
      fearful colour of the mountains
      immediately post

      T’wasn’t sweet and pink tonight,
      our winter alpenglow.
      The world is trembling,
      and all life’s balance is
      nervewrackingly precarious.

      I know the feeling.

      So hell, reach out to the world
      reach out to your friends and their friends
      and create ripples
      of caring
      and let us all
      hunker down,
      legs spread and feet planted firmly
      for balance
      and see if we can just, together, save the world.

      Happy New Year.

      love joy peace freedom to all and impeachment where needed….
      (Courtesy of the Guardian UK – quote by FerenjiNan )

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    • in reply to: Official AskWoody Festivus Airing of Grievances #154632

      Ever wondered how the world would be
      Should there be no more egos to face,
      No supposed glory to chase,
      And no desire to win that ‘race’?

      Who said it’s to help us build and grow?
      Not God,
      Twas said by man to explain away,
      The mess we find ourselves in today.

      Ever wondered how the world would be
      If we all felt as He?
      Loving, helping, playing, laughing,
      Living as we were meant to be.

      Its up to us to make a choice,
      To air our thoughts,
      And give voice,
      To silence all the gloom and doom
      And let the positive have room.

      Ever wondered why
      Our lord and master uses many ways
      To draw us closer to him through our days?
      Using our strengths and weaknesses,
      He allows us to be witnesses
      Of his truth and love.

      So in our search of our quest for right,
      No matter how the other feels they might,
      It’s important to believe we all
      Are answering his loving call.

      Lizzytish© 2002

      Something I wrote a few years ago after I came to wonder how this world of ours would be if we didn’t have this perpetual slacking and waffle that went on in business and the world at large and where people just worked to the best of their ability and of course this would include those
      at the top of the ladder especially. People in general have got so used to slacking off and just working to that minimum level, when if we all put that extra bit in it would be to everyone’s advantage. When a disaster or calamity occurs it becomes second nature for people to plough in and help those in need etc. It would be magic to harness that energy in everyday life for then it would create a world where we wouldn’t have to second guess the other, but we would all benefit so greatly from the wealth it created………. and I don’t just mean money, I mean experience, creativity, knowledge and love.

      As @AlexEiffel wondered one feels sometimes that the next generation have bypassed us with their ideas but hopefully they will still hold dear the attributes we consider to be important, like integrity, dependability, truthfulness, loyalty and love amongst others.

      I hope I am not asking for too much! LT

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    • Just wanted to wish you, Woody and the rest of the gang a Very Happy Christmas may it be a time
      for Peace on Earth for ALL. Also to say have updated both our Win7 and Win8.1 computers in Group B, and all is well! Many thanks for all the help you have given us! LT


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