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    • Thanks! I wouldn’t know how to do the script, but the manual steps were very clear and easy. Much appreciated!

    • Just curious. Did you also skip the July Security only Windows 7 update?

    • PKCano, No ASUS motherboard. So sorry you repeated earlier post I’d read. Wanted to double-check I’d not missed something else. Will install Sept WU then, IE 11 KB4516046, and follow notes on telemetry. And move from .NET v4.7 to v.4.8, as it’s the only one offered by Windows update? Were so many opinions on that. You have the patience of a saint! Thanks kindly, Lori

    • Thanks Paul! Health problems, got behind. So many issues to catch up on before patching. Wanted to double-check first. Backup done. Guess I “fret” as I’ve only done/needed pc restores, not installs. Here’s to no pear shapes.

      So do the July/Sept patches; but with the anti-telemetry recommendations? Hid GWX in May. Not reappeared.

      And, move up from .NET Frame v.4.7 to v.4.8, as it’s in the only .NET update offered thru Windows update? Read many opinions on both sides, didn’t need v 4.8; so asked. Can I uninstall it if problems? Getting to work now. Cheers back, Lori

    • Hi. I haven’t updated my Windows 7×64 and Windows 8.1×64 computers since the May Security patches, (installed early as recommended here). I do the monthly security only updates, and am trying to catch up.

      On my W7 pc, I did the Service Stack update (KB4499175), the May 2019 pciclearstalecache and the first SHA-2 KB4474419 update, and the August IE 11 Cumulative update (KB4511872). I turned off remote access.

      To catch up on my W7 pc, do I:
      1. install the June Security update
      2. skip the July one
      3. install SSU KB4490628 from the MS catalog
      4. install SHA-2 KB4474419 (the most recent updated version?)
      5. install KB3133977 (2016 Bitlocker patch), from MS Catalog
      5. install August security update
      6. Wait on the September Security update with telemetry?
      7. OK to wait on Sept. IE 11 update, even though Norton sent a notice about the out-of-band patch?

      The only .NET update I’m offered thru Windows Update is KB4514602, which has version 4.8. Some here said not to install v4.8. I wasn’t sure what’s best?

      Sorry for the long request. Thanks to anyone who can help!

    • Thanks! I have Home and Student 2013 (non-subscription), not Office 365. When I bought it, it didn’t use CTR; but back then, I let things auto-update and CTR installed. Now, I keep updates disabled. The MS Catalog has individual security updates, but says they’re for MSI products only. (I don’t care about “improvements”.)

      My apologies! I’d read the semi-annual channel update info, but forgot it as it didn’t directly apply to me. But I see your point. If others only update semi-annually; unless I see something urgent here, I’m ok updating my product a few times a year too.

    • I wanted to ask about Office Updates on Windows 8.1 with CTR. I haven’t installed any Office updates in 2019. Either by the time the Defcon rating is ok to install monthly updates, or I “catch” the official ok and do my system image (my fault!); quite often the new non-security Office updates for the next month are already out. As the new updates aren’t approved yet; and I can’t pick and choose Office updates with CTR, as I do on my Windows 7 pc… I don’t update Office at all. Are Office updates ever so critical that I can’t wait on them? Is there a way to update Office without using CTR? Thanks.

      Windows 8.1|64-bit|Home Ed|Office Home and Student 2013 (standalone)|Current Office version is 15.0.5041.1001.

    • Hi anonymous,
      I can’t thank you enough for your help! And the many links, which I’ve bookmarked. When Yahoo d/c email access with IE 11 this past January (Yes, I know I shouldn’t use IE); I put Firefox on one computer and Chrome on the other to see which I liked better. I was leaning towards Firefox as it allows ad-blocking, seems more private and customizable, and doesn’t auto-update. (Thus, the question on when I can ditch scientific studies.) Chrome seems to boost my CPU a lot. But, it’s been a learning curve!

      I don’t know what to make of this recent “mess.” But, I think I could eventually move to Firefox, away from IE. I’ll miss my tool bars, SmartPrint, and I like IE’s format for bookmarks and printing better. I need a “works like IE 11” add in.

      I don’t use the Firefox Password Manager; but I set up a Firefox account for the Sync feature, in case I wanted Firefox on my other pc and Android tablet. I did a backup of the bookmarks and my Profile. I didn’t know about creating a recovery key. So, if I can’t get in to the account, and before I get more invested in Firefox, I’ll make a key.

    • I’ve only been using Firefox since January. I didn’t get the problems as early as others did.

      I applied the fix using the scientific studies, which returned my add ins to functionality several hours later. When I installed the Update 66.0.4, which I thought was a permanent fix; the version updated but said it was unable to install the patch. Is Update 66.0.5 supposed to fix the systems that 66.0.4 did not fix? When is it ok to turn off the scientific studies?

      Also, the password I made for my Firefox account doesn’t work. Does this have anything to do with this current problem? I was going to re-set it; but got a warning that the re-set would lose my bookmarks, add ins, settings, etc. Is this so? Thanks!

    • I like the Weather app, and the Mail app, which I suppose will be the next to go. (My two favorites.) MS had already stopped NBC sports and other Win 8/8.1 apps, which are now exclusively for Win 10.

      They took away the original Calendar app years ago; and forced me to Outlook.com calendar (to save my data). Recently, MS destroyed… I mean “upgraded”… the Outlook.com calendar.

      Took away–without warning–some 10 year old calendars, lost my data, undid my notifications and re-set them to their choice, eliminated most of the personalization settings, and the format is awful. They put 1 year expiration dates on events, even those without end.

      MS says the Android calendar app will now receive monthly updates. Large ones! One recent large update was simply to change the Calendar icon. It’s now eating space, doesn’t work, and is battery draining. And, MS wants me to update it monthly? This isn’t Windows update… or is it?

      I’ve moved to Google Calendar, which has all the settings that Outlook’s calendar used to have. Shouldn’t surprise me they’re taking the Win 8 apps; yet it does. Why should we ever be left alone….


    • Mine re-configured twice; then rebooted. Then, reconfigured once, and rebooted. Surprised me too, and gave me some “anxious” moments. All is working fine. Win7 Home x64. SP1.

    • Hi Elly, I can’t thank you enough for advice! Solves my problem! 🙂

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    • Thanks! I thought when I read about the download, MS said it configured to the particular computer on which it was done. Also, thought MS said the download could only be installed on the computer on which the download was done.

      Not that I really want W10 on my W8.1 pc, or any pc for that matter–but thought it’d be wise to make a copy, if it’s free.

      Is this MS advice only applicable if download is saved to the computer, and not to a USB FD? Would it be a better to save it to the pc? Especially as the smaller FD I ordered hasn’t yet arrived, and I currently only have 64GB one. I didn’t know if there was a cut off date to get the download?

    • For those less experienced, do I need to format the USB Flash Drive before downloading Windows 10 on it? To NTFS? I use SanDisk flash drives for file backup; but don’t format them. SanDisk article (https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/289) says files bigger than 4GB need formatted. Correct for this download?

      Would I need to store a Windows 10 copy for both my Windows 7 desktop and my Windows 8.1 laptop? (Just in case?) If so, is it better to put copies on a separate flash drives, and not use the drive for anything else? Currently, the only spare FD I have with space is a SanDisk Ultra 3.0, 64GB drive. Thanks!

      Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Home premium|AMD Athlon II x4; Propus 45nm Technology|6GB
      Windows 8.1  64-bit|Intel Core i5 4200U|Haswell ULT 22nm|8GB

    • in reply to: An update on the Windows Secrets/AskWoody transformation #244930

      I’m just a “little” non-tech person who has been coming to this site for years. I come for info on Windows Update safety, when/how to install updates, to learn through the forum articles, and have also received guidance from forum members when having computer problems. Do these upcoming changes mean the site is going to be only for technical people now? I don’t know what Windows Secret is.

      I learn a lot here; and appreciate greatly the advice on updates, software and all things computer. I never update until there is an all-clear here, but I don’t visit the site daily (due to health issues); so sometimes, I miss the Defcon change and have to wait till the next month. I firmly believe my Windows 7/8.1 computers are safe and functioning due to this great site and the wonderful people who contribute to it. Will people like me still be able to use the site after the changes? Is it going to be through subscription, and how do we do that?

      Congratulations on the upcoming “merger”! Thanks, Woody, the MVP’s and all the fine people who contribute to this site!

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