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      Thanks a lot! It took me a little bit of time to find the correct translation in my Dutch version of Windows, but I have now gotten rid of that unwanted annoyance. Thanks!

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      We will never know for certain what the culprit was. But after clearing out the softwaredistribution\download folder the update installed without problem. So it would appear to be a one-off problem.

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      Problem solved! I reread the message, and it said an update could not be completed because a service wasn’t running. This means an update has been downloaded and an attempt was made to install it. Whatever was causing the problem had been downloaded. I quickly found how to delete unsuccesfull updates, by clearing out the softwaredistribution\download folder. I then ran Windows Update and the update that had previously failed installed with no problem. Restarted the system and verified the WU is working correctly. The culprit was:

      2020-07 Preview-versie van cumulatieve update voor .NET Framework 3.5 en 4.8 voor Windows 10 Version 2004 voor x64 (KB4562899)

      Thanks for all the help and good advice!

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      Thanks to all so far, but the problem is still there. I ran the troubleshooter, and at each step it came back with “Problem not present.” The BITS service was already running, but I stopped and restarted it just to be sure, no change. The  Update Orchestrator Service (service name UsoSvc) was running, but I changed the way it starts from Automatic ( delayed) to Automatic.

      If I read the message correctly, it says that an installation of an update could not be completed because a service has been stopped. If I look at the list of installed updates, Then I find that on August 7, 8 and 9 the system tried to install “Preview version of cumulative update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 (KB4562899). There must be a way to clear out updates that didn’t succesfully complete.



      What else can I check?

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      That is the main Home tab, so I don’t understand what you can’t access.

      Get to know File Explorer’s Ribbon toolbar in Windows 10
      Get to know File Explorer’s Contextual tabs in Windows 10

      It’s most embarassing, but I strongly suspect you are quite right. After my last post I went to my wife’s pc and got the same menu’s. Let’s just sat I was having a very early “senior moment”. Thnaks for your patience and help (said with a very embarassed look on my face.)

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      Thanks, I tried this but it does not do what I need to have done. If I use the scroll on my mouse, I can see two different lints. One shows the clipboard-organisation-new-open-select and the other only has send and share groups. The options menu that I can get to is not the one that will allow me to edit the lint. It’s almost as if I have somehow deleted certain groups from the lint, including the group that I need in order to edit the lint.

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      Location, Network and System are shown under Computer on the ribbon when you have This PC selected. If you select a folder or file, the main Home section of the ribbon should be automatically redisplayed.

      I wish! When I open a folder or file, I still see only the ribbon for Clipbord, Organisation, New, Open, Select. How do I get to the main Home section of the ribbon? If I go to the ribbon for the screen I still do not see any way to get this back. Under the File menu there used to be a menu called Options, and from there I could modify the ribbon. But now that too is gone.

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      To expand the ribbon, click the small down-arrow next to the “?” help icon at top-right. Or press Ctrl+F1.

      Thank you for your prompt reply. Pressing the small Arrow only hides the lint which is there. This lint contains 3 groups, Location, Network and System. I am looking for the lint that shows all of the normal functions used regularly. Does this explain my problem more clearly?

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      It took a little while, but I found this very excellent link that did exactly what I needed.




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      What a relief! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It will take a little bit of playing around to get it just right, but for sure I am on the right track.

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      Well, I tried following the link, but got the same result. Even worse, when I format a line with the style Header 1, the numbering disappears and the following paragraphs continue on with their numbering from the last known outline number.

      If I look into the style (and I’m no expert in this area) I don’t see anything that indicates that the outline number should be included. Is there a way that I can format the headings, and then copy that information, including the outline numbering, to a style?

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      SUPER!! Thanks a lot.

      Thread closed.

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      Thanks for all help and suggestions. Due to family circumstances, it was better for me to just use the newer hardware for Win8. Still running my Original install of Win7 without problems, even after a couple of years.

      Thread closed.

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      Thanks to all. I’ve just tried TeamViewer here in my own home network, and I think this is exactly what I have been looking for. This thread may now be considered closed.

      kind regards,


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      Thanks for the suggestions, but I am still not sure how the OS will respond when it finds itself on a completely different hardware platform than when it was installed. Is it that easy to just move the system disk from one motherboard to another without any major issues? I thought Microsoft had some kind of way to make a sort of hardware fingerprint of your system configuration at the time of installation, and that afterward you could only change something like four of the system components without having licensing issues. Has this changed?

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