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      I’ve disabled Device Setup Manager service because it’s junk and doesn’t work. The device metadata service URLs are all broken, so I think this whole thing has been deprecated by Microsoft. All the warnings stopped after I did that. I was getting 40+ warnings every boot with this service.

      There was also an error called Event 2, Kernel Event-Tracing

      Session “Microsoft.Windows.Remediation” failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035

      I solved that by uninstalling Windows Update Health Tools, and downloading the updated version of the health tools offline installer here:

      Once that’s run, go to Windows Update and check for updates. Restart and now the error is gone.

      I hope that helps others who are getting hundreds of warnings in their error logs and being told there is nothing that can be done about it.

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      The event viewer is not always a good indicator that something is actually wrong. Sometimes issues are merely transitory and get fixed later.

      I hope that’s the case here. I’ve seen there are a lot of people with this issue going way back to 2019.

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      Hi b,

      Thanks for your reply. No my internet connection is not set to metered, and I’m not using any tools to block windows updates. I have Windows Updates paused until Defcon changes, and the following Update Group Policies:

      Notify to download updates

      Set Automatic Update options

      Target release version for feature updates

      Target product version for feature updates

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      That happened to me on my old ASUS gaming laptop. I found it was most likely an incompatible old driver. A clean install is probably your best solution in that case.

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      My custom PC was purchased in August 2013, and I see many other users with computers that old. It still holds up and passes VR stress tests and other performance benchmarks. It’s a sturdy, reliable beast.

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