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      I still use my ORIGINAL printer from 1999 when I bought my first computer from Dell and an HP Deskjet printer from Dell to go with it. It works fine for my needs (now on Windows 10 21H1). Sure, it lost all the fancy “extras” it had with Windows 98/98 SE but so what? I’m not a business and I didn’t really need those extras. I only missed the ability to print on both sides of the paper and only missed that briefly. I do wish it had one thing: separate cartridges for color rather than the one Tri-color cartridge. I just stopped printing in color because of the cost of that color cartridge and only one color going dry but having to replace the whole cartridge.

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      Way back 22 years ago when I got my first computer, I worshiped Steve Gibson but I guess I have gotten a bit sloppy/forgetful as I have aged into elder-hood and it looks like I never used that little UPnP utility on this computer so it was ON…ugh. Off on the router but my router is rather old now and I might need, one day, to connect directly to the internet while I waited for a new router to arrive and what if I didn’t remember to check GRC and this sort of thing then?

      So, this just illustrates one of many good reasons why a site like this is so valuable. Mahalo! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Edit: I think it a bit sad that Microsoft tried to scare me into not installing that little utility simply because it did not come from the Microsoft Store. I do have “warn me” when installing apps, etc from outside Microsoft Store checked but still…. ๐Ÿ™

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      Uhhh…why does clicking on that take me to a “browser reload suppressed” page at GRC?

      That page complains and tells me to press my back button on the browser, but, of course, I cannot do that as I did not get to the page from somewhere within the GRC site but directly from the link in your post here.

      (I don’t need to check as I know all ports GRC checks are closed but someone new to all this might get very confused with a bad link like that one).

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      I see often in my mailbox, every day, two or three announcements, about, but not sent by Medicare, Social Security or some other part of the US government, offering help me learn and use all those benefits and changes of benefits floating around these days.

      Really? I have NEVER gotten anything like that. I guess I have been so extremely careful with my numerous email addresses since 1999 that the spammers don’t have my addresses. Maybe because I have never joined Facebook, etc. I don’t do “social media”.

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      You would like posts on the forum to be stamped with posters location time stamp ?

      No. I want it to be as it has always been until suddenly recently here. I haven’t done anything that would change the time stamp for me yet it has shown in my Hawaii Standard Time until very recently.

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      Thanks for the heads up!

      Ths site is really messed up currently for me. It claims you posted the above IN THE FUTURE.

      It’s about 9PM on Oct 12 here in Hawaii but this site shows your post dated Oct 13!

      Edit:I just posted this and it too shows the time of my post about 5 hours in the future. Ugh.

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      Last screenshot (default site colors):

      Actually, this shows this site’s default unvisited link color (the garish Microsoft blue) but also shows my visited link color choice….it’s very messed up currently.

      Appears this site honors my visited link color but NOT univisted…that’s really messed up!

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      This site looks very different today in DIFFERENT browsers. It seems to hate Edge ;). That’s ok but it sadly also hates Firefox.

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      For me, this is just an utterly weird site now. If I use the link to the test site to see how it looks, sadly, I get a DIFFERENT LOOK ON EACH BROWSER. Plus, a different look when not logged in as opposed to logged in. ๐Ÿ™

      The site was ok as it was. Why did it need changes (other than the one change that is really needed and we will never enjoy – the ability to preview our posts)?

      I see different link colors now based on the browser I am on (if using the new site). For a tech site it seems embarrassing. I don’t use Accessibility Microsoft Windows features as those just make every site utterly hideous and take away the ability to have a nice desktop theme. (So, that is not the reason for the differences I see here on different browsers). What is happening at this site, I might have expected twenty years ago…but now?

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      I’m in my late 70’s and got my first and second Pfizer shots in February as part of the first group (Medical Professional group 1a) because of my age being over 75. I’ve been closely following the situation in the USA so I was aware a few minutes after the FDA authorized a third booster for those over 75 (and certain other groups). I knew the CDC was expected to authorize a third booster for those 65 and older the next day. This was on a Wednesday and I immediately accessed my account at VAMS where I had registered originally to get the first and second shots.

      VAMS offered me the third shot and I scheduled it for the next available appointment (two days away). I was a little perturbed when by the next morning I had not received the required questionnaire as that has to be completed before you can access your QR code to be printed or saved on your cell phone. I still had not received it by the next morning (day of the appointment). VAMS assured me though that I still had the appointment for that afternoon and that it was for the third shot at our local hospital and I was able to access my QR code.

      I drove into town and up to the hospital that afternoon to the designated location for all Covid vaccinations. I presented my QR code but the workers then asked me an odd question – whether I was there for my first or second shot. I replied “For my third booster”. The replies were puzzled looks and “huh”? The upshot of it was that they were not even close to being ready to give the third shot to anyone! The reason being the paperwork…in particular the changes the hospital would need to make and the “information sheets” given to the patients would need to be made up and printed. I was told I was the TENTH PERSON to be turned away that day because the hospital was not ready to give out the third boosters! Also, evidently the tech side was not ready either as they didn’t realize that VAMS was taking appointments reservations for the third shot starting immediately after FDA approval two days earlier.

      I was turned away not because they did not have sufficient supply of the vaccine to give out third shots to those seeking them who met the criteria to get them, but because they were not prepared with the paperwork! Geez…..I was advised to make another appointment via VAMS for no earlier than Oct 4 (ten days later) to give them enough time to get the paperwork together. I have an appointment for Oct 7. Given the high risk of death if I were to get Covid 19 (simply because of my age), I have always intended to get the vaccination and any boosters. I don’t see that we elders have a choice and I no longer (did earlier in the pandemic though) see that younger groups have a choice either because of the risk of breakthroughs for the elderly if the younger groups refuse this booster. The privileged nations futzed around earlier and waited too long and now there is no hope of “herd immunity” so we all need to get vaccinated and keep up with any boosters offered.

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      Okay take a look at the colors now please?

      If you intend to force such a GARISH look on us….well, I guess I won’t be coming here anymore. Currently, on Basilisk browser your regular site honors MY choice of link colors but your link just now to the new site showed up in horrible neon blue links! Perfect way to cause a migraine headache. ๐Ÿ™

    • #2392202

      I already got hit with this about a week or so ago by Microsoft when I tried to login. But I use a LOCAL ACCOUNT and seldom need to login to one of my three Microsoft accounts (thank goodness).

      I don’t think Microsoft knows much about iPhones as it complains on my phone’s screen (when accessing Microsoft Authenticator) that I need to do a backup as mine is outdated. The phone backs up every day so I don’t know how I could back it up more often!

      You have to have Microsoft Authenticator on your phone. I already had it. I have three separate Microsoft accounts and I haven’t been prompted except on one to move to passwordless and I don’t know why.

      The glaring problem with this method of authentication is that you might have a sick phone that you have sent for repair. How do you login? I’d rather just use passwords. I have a huge folder that goes back to when I got my first computer in 1999 full of passwords. Luckily, I use desktops, not laptops, and see no need to use the internet when away from home (except on my iPhone maybe to, for instance, notify Target I am present so they can bring my purchases to the car). I avoid using the internet on my iPhone as that is a tiny, cramped screen which is very unpleasant compared to my 24″ wide screen Dell Ultra Sharp monitor.

      Plus, I don’t think ANY method when it involves Microsoft is secure. Microsoft now plasters your email address for one of your accounts in HUGE BOLDED BLACK FONT across the top of the page when you click on Settings in Windows 10 20H2 (and I assume this probably happens in Windows 11 also). You cannot get rid of this or change the account Microsoft picked to list there. If you were in a coffee shop your Microsoft account address could be seen by others passing by if you are on the Settings page. This doesn’t happen on earlier versions of Windows 10 just 20H2. I would not have upgraded if I had known about this in advance (even though I use a desktop in the privacy of my home).

      Plus, Microsoft is so inept that they plaster a DEAD EMAIL ACCOUNT address across the top of the screen when on the Settings page on Windows 10 20H2. I got rid of the account six months ago but I cannot figure out how to get Microsoft to use one of my other accounts by default (this is one of many reasons why I am completely opposed to this awful trend of using email account addresses for logins instead of passwords and user names). I’ve spent many hours last week trying to get Microsoft to use one of my current email addresses instead of a dead one and I have not been able to get this fixed. To me, it is absurd to use email addresses as authentication and login because I change email addresses fairly often while Microsoft seems to think users NEVER get rid of an email address. The irony here is that Microsoft doesn’t care if the email address it wants to use for authentication even exists currently. They do not check to see if you still have that address and sparse help if you do get rid of it and want to use a different address. Maybe I shouldn’t try to fix it because I don’t want others (if nearby) seeing a real email address that I use plastered across the top of the Settings screen.

    • #2391858

      What changes is the darkness of the (to me at least) brown name of the topic on the left column, from dark to light brown, of any thread I have recently accessed.

      It is definitely clear that some of us are not seeing the same things in the new pages, or in the old ones, for that matter, at all

      I meant to ask you earlier what “brown” name of the topic on the left column? The name of the thread topic is not on the left column but ACROSS the page at the top. It is in Black BOLDED FONT. It’s always been this way since I joined here (and I have not tried to alter its look). I have an Apple watch and iPhone but my computers are still (and always have been) Dell XPS (and its predecessor) ones and a Dell Ultra Sharp 24″ widescreen monitor since 2013. So, maybe what you describe is a Mac thing?

      As for link colors, you had versions of Windows that allowed you to change default Windows link colors to whatever you wanted but Microsoft warns that the colors YOU choose may not be honored if you are not ALSO using Microsoft high contrast themes. I have had Dell computers since 1999 and Windows 98 and have ALWAYS been able to change link colors in Mozilla Suite, then Firebird, then Firefox and some other browsers WITHOUT needing to use a Microsoft ugly, garish looking, high contrast theme. I have run into only a handful of sites through out all these years that did not honor my link colors even though I have never used a Microsoft high contrast theme.

      Recently though I have been seeing more sites NOT honor my link colors. I have not tried to change my theme to a Microsoft high contrast one to see if then the link colors would be honored. The high contrast themes are extremely garish…just like the bright garish blue link used here by default if you don’t change it in your browser. Interestingly though, IE never honored my link color changes but Edge does! In fact, Edge is turning into a very decent browser to my surprise. (I’m still a Mozilla person though and my default browser Basilisk is forked off Fx 52 ESR and it is the best browser I’ve ever used).

      I suspect some of these differences in how this website looks to different users may be due to video card settings. I’ve always had nVidia cards (except for my first computer) and I set digital vibrance to about 60%. That definitely affects colors. My first computer with Windows 98 came with an ATI Radeon card and a Sony Trinitron monitor. Being new to computers, I didn’t attempt to change anything regarding link colors. The next computer though I knew I wanted an nVidia card (same Trinitron monitor). The difference in the colors PARTICULARLY RED AND SHADES THEREOF between the two video cards using the same monitor and a newer Dell Dimension XPS computer three years after I got my first computer was astounding. (I don’t think moving to XP Pro from 98SE on the second computer had anything to do with how different red in particular was between the two computers one with an ATI Radeon card and one with an nVidia card. The RED SHADES were far more vibrant with the nVidia card and playing with the setting for digital vibrance that came on the nVidia card but not the ATI Radeon (it may have a similar setting now, I don’t know) made colors especially rich and vibrant but not garish with the one exception of the Microsoft default unvisited link color which was always an extremely garish bright neon like blue that is extremely harsh and makes my eyes water, burn and sting quickly.

      So, I think a lot of the color differences we see and feel sort of puzzled because others see the colors differently is due to the video card we have (and the Intel one that comes with most Windows computers these days is very weak on colors) and then the ATI Radeon one is different from the geForce Nvidia one and then all the changes one can make in how colors display with these cards…well, no wonder we don’t see the same things even though we may be on the same site.

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      Ugh. On Fx 78.14.0ESR, I see the horrible blue here now for unvisited links. Oddly, Fx 78x honors my VISITED link color but not UNvisited on all my tabbed sites.

      I am seriously considering (after 22 years now of having the internet in my home) of giving up the internet next year when Charter starts charging $100 a month!! just for internet access at base speed. The price just went up two months ago from the several years price of $63.95 to $75 a month. I can barely afford that. I can’t afford $100 a month just for internet next year. Charter is the ONLY broadband provider here (except for a few small areas that have fast dsl).

      I fear that the Pale Moon dev might change link colors in the next Basilisk. I don’t want to have that happen shortly after I make a major purchase next year of a new desktop computer, so I may very well have to access the internet (only when absolutely necessary) on my iPhone 10r) and not purchase a new computer next year.

      Edit: I might be able to use Stylus to change the unvisited link color in Fx 78 but I don’t know how to write the style.

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      On the list to be changed to traditional blue.ย  Hang loose (see why we do testing ๐Ÿ™‚

      What blue? I HATE blue (as it is the harshest color to read). I like most other colors. So, I am grateful that this site lets me change link colors in my default browser (Basilisk), and most other browsers also, to the colors I prefer AND this site HONORS those changes.

    Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 299 total)