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      Woody published a blog warning about disclosing personal info into Gravatar in October 2020:

      If you have an avatar (a picture) here on AskWoody, make sure Gravatar doesn’t have any personal data

      ‘Da Boss’ with finger on the pulse as usual..

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      With regards to privacy, I’m surprised there is no mention of the “Global Privacy Control” (GPC), which sends a ‘Do Not Sell’ (do not sell my data to third parties without my consent) to websites, considering it is under the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
      Brave has that facility in-built and Mozilla is still experimenting /nightly’s although available via EFF Privacy Badger or Disconnect extensions for Firefox and various other browsers.
      As far as I’m led to believe, this is also a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy right tool.
      Whether websites adhere to the request is another matter akin to the DNT – Do Not Track.

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      Links are on the blogpage for non members also, time to get eyes tested me thinks..

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      Accreditation to dickvl – here is the original thread:
      with formatting as intended:

      /* about:home - about:newtab */
        url-prefix(about:home) {
         .top-site-outer .tile .icon-wrapper {
           height: 100% !important;
           width: 100% !important;
         .top-site-outer .default-icon,
         .top-site-outer .search-topsite {
           background-size: 100% !important;
           height: 100% !important;
           width: 100% !important;
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    • #2403312

      Waterfox: recommended – no OUCH!
      Shame they sold out, classic default browser was good for the padawan’s out there…then they married to an ad company that caused a browser divorce here.

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    • #2403309

      Altogether a very personal and subjective request…
      Anything with a low false+ and high detection rate in the AV-comparitives
      previously linked by by Sky
      Variable and statistical test results fluctuate over time periods along with the offending methods of intrusion so, it’s your choice.
      We’ve had good clean experiences with Bitdefender Free on older windows and the integrated MSFT Defender on a W10

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    • #2402981

      There are also KDE/ Plasma versions of linux if you like eye-candy on your desktop,
      I’m sure @Ascaris or others would be able to chime in and recommend.

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    • #2402977

      yeah, newest p7zip currently at 16.02+dfsg-8 via debian/ubuntu.
      There will no doubt be dependancy changes and testing involved, so expect a wait…

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    • #2402871

      Suppose it all depends on how comfortable you are using linux and what hardware it’s being installed on.
      Zorin, in my experience is ok aesthetically although if you fancy
      the different General User interface (GUI) a donation/fee is required.

      If I were to suggest any Linux distro for simplicity and security, it would have to be Linux Mint which comes in various GUI flavours in xfce, mate, cinnamon and cinnamon sans ubuntu (LMDE4)
      Lower end devices would benefit from xfce or mate with cinnamon being slightly heavier on system resources albeit a more familiar interface for current/ ex-windows users.
      Linux Mint homepage

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    • #2402868

      ScotchJohn, your OP was clear enough here.
      Thanks for marking the thread as resolved.

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    • #2402834

      I rather fear that I have no confidence in this drive, and would not now use it for anything mission-critical.

      seems you’ve answered your own question, why would you trust it to work thereafter? Me, I’d smash and dispose of it in the electronics recycling and get a replacement, they’re cheap enough nowadays YMMV

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    • #2402831

      Firstly image backup the device using your preferred method before making any changes!
      Norton can be a rabbit-hole if things go wrong (typing from past experience)

      Ensure you have the Norton AV setup program or CD/DVD then you may wish to peruse over the Norton RnR utility that provides instructions on usage.

      What was your last MSFT patch installed if using ESU? When was it applied?

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    • #2402575

      Still no GAC in GP on 21H2 win10 pro ver 19044.1348, SAC still there.
      oh Ghack!

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    • #2402570

      Testbed 21H2 Win10 got it two days ago..


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    • #2402335

      Had nothing but problems with a direct upgrade from 78.15 to 93.1ESR, so I took the long route and started every single tweak from scratch (all tested and checked over via different secuity sites) from a default build.
      A long while later….93.1 is working fine here with incremental saves of prefs.js at certain stages i.e default/tweaked/added extensions all saved for future builds, what a pain!

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