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    • Professionalism and sense of humor will never be at odds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBbRTRBY4D4

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    • In several countries, Brazil among them, they will celebrate Carnival this year after Easter and not before Lent as is tradition because of the pandemic. And as it approaches let me add this beautiful contribution to carnivals in classical music. Greetings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qrKjywjo7Q

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      Lars, If you find the way of moving the widget position please share it with us. I’m still trying to move my desktop widget to top middle position, but just editing the conky.config file and changing alignement from top_right to top_middle didn’t work.

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      Very useful and recommended info. Thank you all.Captura-de-pantalla-de-2022-04-07-03-52-20

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      Chris, make sure those sudden shutdowns aren´t due to overheating issues. Monitor the CPU temperature using Core Temp or a similar app.

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      I apologize Oscar. English is not my native language and since I don’t trust online translators much, I rely on my limited knowledge of the language which is not always optimal.

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      Although in a technology forum, off-topic and out-of-the-box comments may seem or be considered irrelevant, they are not: in a technology forum, aimed at both IT professionals and home users, it will always be interesting to know HOW and WHAT use the user makes of this technology, beyond the purely technical, referential or specific aspects regarding hardware and software. Without ceasing to be exciting, the world of technology is sometimes a bit dry. A little “eye drop”, a dose of “off topic” or “out of the box” amenity, nobody hurts. Kind regards.-

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      As is common, the rating of “best” will always be subject to the personal appreciation and taste of each viewer and may even differ with respect to the various disciplines that the star faces. Thus, a good singer can be, simultaneously, a good actress, or not.

      The foregoing led me to think of the work carried out by three people who should be candidates for the qualification of best contemporary star in both disciplines, and I propose them for the consideration of the forum (not necessarily in order of preference):

      1.- Cher (Films: “Chastity”, “Tea with Mussolini”, “The witches of Eastwick”, “Moonstruck”, etc.)
      2.- Dolly Parton (Films: “Nine to five”, “Steel magnolias”, “Rhinestone”, etc.)
      3.- Barbra Streisand (Films: “Hello Dolly”, “Yentl”, “A star is born”, “The Prince of Tides”, etc.)

      Finally, and with respect, allow me an irony to exemplify the case of good singers with good shows who, unfortunately, have not succeeded as good actresses: Mrs. Madonna Louise Ciccone.

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      I agree with you @OscarCP Definitely, after having tried Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3, I doubt someone may be interested in Windows 11. Linux is the most robust, stable, efficient and customizable operating system you have known. So I am, happily, another exclaiming “goodbye, Microsoft!”. But as a rookie in it, only the opinion of those who say that an antivirus is not necessary in Linux is restless. Being Linux – as it is also Windows– a highly dependent operating system of the Internet, Intuyo that the risks will not be less. So, what antivirus do you recommend me for Mint Cinnamon? Thanks in advance.

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      The only reason I would have quit Windows 11 and went back to Windows 10 was the memory leak error in explorer.exe. It was extremely annoying to continually restart the explorer process in the task manager to reclaim memory, but this seems to have been corrected with the installation of the new patch which was offered to me through Windows Update on my unsupported system.

      Beyond the nice and beautiful cosmetic makeup that Windows 11 brought to Windows 10, I perceive Windows 11 slightly more stable and with a better response speed than what I got with Windows 10.

      Just for this small but significant advantage in the “underlying platform”, it would have already been worthwhile to privilege Windows 11 over Windows 10. I admit that the judgment, given the recent release of Windows 11, may be premature, but SO FAR and in my experience it was worth it.


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      Windows Update is working fine on my unsupported system too. Not only MS Defender defintiions was offered but also MSRT and .Net 3.5 and 4.8 updates too.

      Various forums agree, so far, that unsupported systems, which will not receive updates via Windows Update, will be able to download and install manually. A method that, on the other hand, a considerable number of users of this forum have been doing since Windows 7, following the MS-DEFCON system.



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