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      I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing these challenges. Most of my IT career was outside of Microsoft, and I can sympathize.

      I can confirm that M365 Services are much easier to set up at this time than they were in the past. But I can also agree that improvements are still needed, and many are on the way.

      There are MFA/2FA alternatives to cell phone MFA, and MFA is not required for tenants unless the tenant admin requires it (although it is recommended.)

      Bandwidth is a challenge for any cloud service, but for the desktop apps, we have ways to run those in low/no bandwidth scenarios. Docs.microsoft.com is a good place to find this documentation.

      Please note you can use the Need Help widget in the lower right corner of the Admin Center to open a support ticket, interact with the chat bot, or search for useful guidance to drill deeper into these topics.

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      Hi RandomPherret, thanks for this feedback.

      We used to open a guide in the current tab rather than a new tab, and we got a lot of feedback that people preferred a new tab, so that they would not lose their place in their current tab, in case they still had something in progress in the current tab. So this is now behavior by design based on that feedback.

      The guides are a guidance walkthrough, in some cases with automation, and in some cases they are content only. The guides may cover many features for a given service, so while you may click through on an initial run to explore or enable a single feature, you may want to return at a later time to run through and enable a different feature. So we don’t mark the entire guide as complete, because we don’t want to dissuade you from using again as needed. In cases where we have automation and telemetry for a given feature, you may notice in a step in a guide that the specific feature is enabled/complete. Teams external guest access is an example of this in the Teams guide. There is not yet a dashboard, so you would see this in the specific guide. As we add more such automation, we will look to provide an at-a-glance dashboard.

      I’m glad to hear you have used these in some of the tenants you manage! We’ve improved the performance a great deal this calendar year as we pivoted to React code and a cleaner UI, so hopefully you have felt these improvements.

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      Thank you for this feedback, Susan. We did used to have more screenshots, but we struggled to keep screenshots updated as UI changed, and also localization of screenshots into non-English was a challenge. As a result, we’ve tended to use a lot less screenshots across the Admin Center and docs.microsoft.com. If we come up with a way to deal with the screenshot challenges, we will revisit this.

      We have two factor/ multi factor auth guidance in place, but I think your feedback is that we should more strongly encourage folks to set up MFA. We are working on ways to better communicate this to tenant admins, and to make it easier to set up. As of now we have Security Defaults, Conditional Access, and per-user MFA. This can be confusing for admins to decide which method of MFA setup they want. We will likely have some changes regarding MFA in our Setup Guidance landing in the Jan-Mar timeframe.


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      Please do feel free to share as broadly as you desire.

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